Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tash's Pick: Batman and Robin #7

Simply Awesome
Batman and Robin #7
Written By Peter J. Tomasi
Penciled By Patrick Gleason
Inked By Mick Gray

This is the best Batman book out there right now. It's head and shoulders above the regular Batman book. I picked this for the fact that it was full of action and an ending that i could not have seen coming.
The story starts as Nobody has Robin at his mercy and Batman is using the security cameras around Gotham City to locate them.

My heart really went out to Batman as he can hear every vile thing that Nobody is doing to Robin. There was a really disturbing scene where Nobody was taking his time and breaking the fingers on Robins left hand. The excitement and tension builds when Batman comes face to face with Nobody.

I think the fights between Batman and Nobody are some of the best looking comic book pages I've seen so far this year. You get a get depth of emotion of them. You feel all the rage that Batman has inside of him for what Nobody has done to Robin. Who is in fact Batman's son. Batman takes one hell of a beating here and gives it right back to Nobody. The fight gets bloody and Batman beats Nobody by pushing his head (covered with mask) into a vat of acid.

The ending is what is the big twist. As the ship that holds Batman Robin and Nobody sinks, Batman looks for a way out. Nobody tells a bruised and broken Robin that he will never leave him and Batman in peace. The last page is stunning. Robin slams his two fingers into Nobody's brain killing him. The last words spoken are by Robin who tells Batman "Forgive me father for i have sinned."

This was a fast paced read that had action and a twist ending. The writing and art come together in that old school Marvel manner where the writer and the artist just gel. It really is a pleasure to read this book month in and month out.

-Tash Moore

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