Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tash's Pick: Invincible #89

Written By Robert Kirkman
Penciled By Ryan Ottley
Invincible looks a little off.
Inked By Cliff Rathburn

First I'm sorry this is so damn late. But i got it down and that counts for something, right? So this issue brings us to a whole new direction for Invincible. I remember seeing this cover in the Image Comics Solicits last year and i remember thinking "What the hell.?"  Yeah we get a kind of new Invincible and before you bitch i really liked this issue a lot. The back story is that sometime ago a young black man named  Zandale finds out that he has super powers. Which isn't given any great detail in this issue but I'm sure that's for later on.

After getting powers Zandale goes off to get a costume. He stumbles across the newly made Invincible costume only to learn it's for our hero and takes a weird yellow outfit with goggles. So Zandale has something of an origin.

Back on the dark side of the moon, Invincible has been hit with the Scourge Virus. As the Vultrimites work to save Invincible we the dear readers learn that this is a new and improved version of the virus. The Vultrimites don't know if Invincible will be able to pull out of his fever. Dinosaurus shows up to lend a helping hand. I liked the writing in this issue because it's fast paced and for once when needed it jumps to the point. The story had a very nice ebb and flow to it.

The leader of The Vultrimites tells all the heroes of earth to leave as there is nothing that they can do at this stage for Invincible. Zandale now as the hero Bulletproof heads back and gives moral support to Invincible's girlfriend Atom Eve. Back on earth Atom Eve gets a phone call because way back when Eve and Invincible had started a company to make money from being super heroes. Bulletproof decides that he'd like to help out and since he always did like Invincible outfit he'd make a try to pull off being Invincible.

The book ends with a really sweet two page spread of Zandale as Invincible flying high in the sky. The art is beautiful as always. I just never have enough good things to say about the artwork of Ryan Ottley. To be a little honest i always felt that he was a much stronger penciller then Invincible co creator Cory Walker. So if you already haven't read this i give it four thumbs up.

-Tash Moore


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