Sunday, April 15, 2012

C2E2 Day 2 Saturday

So I went to two major panels yesterday. The Amazing Spider-Man panel and the Before Watchmen panel. Here are some of the takeaways from those two panels.

Amazing Spider-Man:
The Blizzard will return for a storyarc called No Turning Back.

The Kravens come for blood and Maine in the next few issues of Scarlet Spider.
Artist Ryan Stegman will be leaving Scarlet Spider with issue #6 being his last.
Artist Khoi Pharmacy takes over art chores with issue #7.
Speaking of Stegman, he'll be drawing Fantastic Four with issue #609.

At the Before Watchmen panel we got tons of non answers. But we did learn the following:

The Nite Owl mini series will feature the origin of the second Nite Owl.
The Comedian mini series is a story that will take place in 1960.
Adam Hughes really really really wanted to draw Nite Owl but got Dr. Manhattan.
Ananda Conner says that her Silk Spectre mini series will stick to the nine page grid layout from the original mini series.
The Rorschach tale takes place in 1977 and looks violent and awesome.

Well I'm off to buy more Batman comics and I'll have some info from Sunday posted later with a full review later next week by Olivia.

Tash Moore.

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