Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Invincible #90

I know. I know. This is super duper late. The Verbal Mosh is prepping to go to C2E2 this upcoming weekend. Weather forecasts it's gonna be rainy... -_-

My pick for the latest book of the week is... Invincible #90.

Invincible #90
writer: Robert Kirkman
art: Ryan Ottley

The visual storytelling on this book is always top notch. I chose this book this week because I love the story that's been developing in regards to Oliver, Dinosaurus, and the Viltrumite leader, Thragg. I didn't care for Blincible.* He feels like a throw-away character, thrown into the story to give Eve something to do... though she didn't want to "do" him ;)

Oliver is a really interesting character. He seemed to care for his family but because he isn't attached to any other humans, like Mark is to Eve and all his other friends, he's been able to develop a big indifference to the race as a whole. Part of the indifference can be blamed on the alien side of him, that has such short life-spans, they don't have time to develop bonds. Though what I think it is is a mix between that and his growing adolescent human mind, adolescence already being prone to isolating oneself from others in order to develop one's own sense of self and independence, conflicting with each other. This internal development/struggle makes him less predictable to read than "good guy Mark" because time after time, Mark will always do what he thinks is right and moral even if he breaks a few rules along the way. He doesn't have as many slips, only those that may come from not thinking a situation through properly like what happened in Las Vegas, which now that I think about it, is just as dangerous than doing what is blatantly wrong. 

Dinosaurus is a sweet character and it was rough watching what happened to him in this issue. His head is torn open and I have no idea if he can heal from that. He's discovered that all isn't right with what Thragg is up to. One minute, the Viltrumite is trying to save Mark from dying, then he's trying to kill him. It seems that because Mark is part human, the Scourge Virus won't kill him like it would a pure Viltrumite. Seems like now, Allen had the right idea to infect the whole Earth in order to kill the remaining Viltrumites. It's not right, even though they are power-hungry and an extremely violent species. I think Mark would have still objected to the idea. 

Eve needs to lose weight. She needs to get her strength and confidence back and stop crying and worrying about what will happen to Mark. Her character is too emotionally weak right now. I guess she was always weak, after all she made herself bigger boobs instead of being proud of what she had. 

Eve needs to get it together and be strong for herself and her man. It would be healthy for her to develop a career outside of Invincible Inc., but then she wouldn't fit in with the rest of the book and there's enough going on with Oliver pulling away from everyone. She's a side character and needs to stay relevant to Mark's life. Right now, she just doesn't feel relevant.  

This book is always packed with action and human intrigue. A great read. My pick of the week.


*Blincible = Black Invincible 

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