Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Wonder Woman #8

Wonder Woman #8
story by Brian Azzarello
Art by Cliff Chiang

Wonder Woman is a fantastic character to read. I think she's so tough and cool.

In issue 8, Wonder Woman has to go to Hell to get Zola back from Hades. Wonder Woman did make a deal with him, after all, to give him a queen, who he thought would be Hera. But now, he has his sights set on Zola's unborn child. WW dons some new armor, along with borrowing Eros' golden pistols (as seen on the cover above.) She doesn't do anything too out of the ordinary with her new look.

It's a different depiction of Hell in this book. It looks very barren, not filled with raining ash, smoke, fire and screaming souls, which you would normally imagine. It's always different every time Hermes has visited though. It's quite freaky. The entire landscape is built on the souls of the damned. We see them in the floors. As, WW's presence is felt, the statues crumble, exposing the muscle and nerves of the demons that will try to stand in WW's way.

When WW does find Zola, Zola looks full to bursting with child. It's disconcerting because of how much time has seemed to pass in Hell but also because Zola doesn't look much like a captive. She's not chained down or anything. The landscape is molded to look like her old farm. Hades steps out and notes that two came down to Hell, and only two can leave. WW decides to trade Eros' guns for the freedom of Zola. It's a really stupid mistake. When I read this part, I could remember Eros telling WW to make sure to take care and bring back his guns. Then, I think about how she didn't draw them out when fighting any of the demons. It all leads to this powerful moment when Hades pulls the trigger and fires at Wonder Woman.

It was all so well executed.

It was a stupid error on Wonder Woman's behalf, but those weren't her guns. She couldn't have known the full extent of their power. And, the more pressing matter was to make sure she rescued Zola. Making that dumb deal with Hades the first time should have made her wiser, though than to up and make another deal with him. I want to blame this all on her unfamiliarity with her "family."

I can't see how Wonder Woman is going to get out of this mess this time and eagerly anticipate the next issue. I love the art by Cliff Chiang. The one-shoulder armor looked strange on Wonder Woman. I like her better in her normal costume, but really... that's not much to complain about in this fantastic issue.


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