Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tash's Pick: Batman Incorporated #1

Demon Star
Written By Grant Morrison
Art By Chris Burnham

For those who are asking if this book is any good. It totally is. I went into this knowing that Morrison would write a great story. I mean that really seems to be his M.O. We get a handful of great issues then we get utter non sense that we can't make heads or tails of. I don't know about this book down the line but for now I'll enjoy the ride.

In the beginning (in the comic and not in the bible.) Batman and Robin are chasing some dudes wearing Goat masks on their heads into a slaughter house. Strange and creepy, yes I know. After stopping the gang Batman learns that the battle with the goat gang was nothing more than a ploy to lure Robin out into the open.

Looks like Talia put the hit out on her son for not taking her side in the war against Batman. I can't blame Robin, I mean Batman is his dad. Which now that I think about it is probably the coolest thing ever. Way better then having Aquaman as your dad. I mean, he can't even protect you. (Yeah Aquaman, Black Manta and your dead son are looking right at you.) Batman saves Robin's life and they rescue a cow in the slaughter house renaming him Bat Cow. I guess this one is the New 52 version. I think we all know what the real Bat Cow looks like. (He can be seen here.)

Also in this tale the whole crew from the original Batman Inc. are here and not dead. They were just hiding out. Hey, it's a Grant Morrison comic, deal with the plots holes. But the art makes up for any problem with the story. I mean the art is crisp and I can clearly tell what's going on in any panel. Which is a big plus in my book. Chirs Burnham has gone from a Frank Quiety clone to being his own man and that it totally not a bad thing. Burnham has found the right balance between real and cartoony with his work on Batman Inc.

I really enjoyed the cliffhanger where Batman gets shot in the face point blank and Robin is seemingly killed by an assassins bullets. I love all the drama. Fun for the whole family. Oh wait it's rated T for teens.

-Tash Moore

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Verbal Mosh Episode 168

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This week, the Verbal Mosh reviews: Amazing Spider-Man #686, Aquaman #9, Captain America #12, Chew #26, Fantastic Four #606, Flash #9, Mighty Thor #14, and Superman #9.
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Friday, May 25, 2012

Movie Review: Men in Black 3

Here come the men in black!

Starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin and others.

This was a fantastic, fun and funny movie. Boris the Animal escapes from the Lunar Max prison and is out to take revenge on Agent K for sending him to jail and blowing off his arm. He's going to go back in time to kill K when they first encounter and it's up to Agent J to go back to the past and save him.

This was a really fantastic movie because we got to see how intricate and close Agent K and J's relationship is to each other. They are such an oddball couple but they work so well together. We find out what happens to Agent K that makes him the surly man in the present. He keeps his emotions away from his work. It was so funny and such a treat to see Josh Brolin play the younger version of Agent K because he had the same idiosyncrasies as Tommy Lee Jones but was much more light hearted. The weight of the events of the future weren't there on his shoulders yet. Instead, he had fun eating pie. Apple with a piece of cheddar.

Jemaine Clement plays Boris the Animal. Upon meeting a couple of hippies at Coney Island, he adopts the most manic and hilarious laughter. He, also, did a great job playing the two versions of himself from the different time periods. Both, equally insane and a pleasure to watch.

This film took an interesting and very cool approach to time travel. You have to time jump off a very high platform, though when you land on your feet, it's not on the ground but the place from which you jumped.

Overall, I had such a good time watching this movie. There's even a T-Rex in it that made me jump out of my seat when I saw it (but then, I frighten easily.) I absolutely loved the back story to K and J's relationship. It had me tearing up, but I'm not gonna tell you why. You have to see the movie for yourself. It's so good. Now playing in theaters. Go see it. It gets two thumbs up from me.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Comics Review: Invincible Iron Man #516

Written By Matt Fraction
Art By Salvador Larroca
Night Of The Long Knives

So I'm late with my Iron Man reviews. Can you really blame me? Oh,you can,Can you? Well, i don't have to take this and nor does Tony Stark.  Tony has his own problems. He's got Uncle Sam breathing down his neck. That's just like the Government to sit up and shove it's nose in the day to day operations of a guy who without any one's authority pilot a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Hey, if Captain America can vouch for him then he's gotta be good. Right?

Anyway Iron Man is doing battle with a villain named Firebrand (it's a chick) in Charlotte, North Carolina. During the fight the U.S. Government gets all Liberal and shuts down Tony's Armor and has the Detroit Steel Corps come in and stop Firebrand. Tony is feeling like his has no control over his actions anymore. He should call up Robert Downy Jr. and get some of that Avengers movie money. He sure could use a pick me up.

A great scene in this book is where The Mandarin has Zeke Stane build him some sort of Iron Man killing robot.( really now? A big robot? The damn thing looks like ED 209 from Robocop.) When the damn thing stalls The Mandarin beats the crap out of Stane. A note to white people everywhere never ever piss off an Asian person. It might resolve in a savage people that will have you telling friends and loved ones that you walked into a "door".

We learns the identity of the spy in Starks company and that the gay couple working for Tony is not all the seem to be. In fact one of them is really the Spymaster! I don't know who this guy is but the big reveal floored me. And I'm a tall guy. I won't spoil it all for you, just go buy yourself a copy. The book ends with Tony telling the Government that he quits being Iron Man.

Lot's of twist and turns and it looks like the heat is really on for Tony Stark. But you know he has something up his sleeve and i wanna know how Matt (this can't be his real last name) Fraction wraps up this story. By the way this book is still $3.99. I'm still not happy with that.

-Tash Moore

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Avengers vs. X-Men #4

Avengers vs. X-Men #4
Script: Jonathan Hickman
Art: John Romita Jr.

I chose this as my Pick of the Week because I was surprised by how much I liked this issue. I think this book is starting to pick up steam.

Hope had run off and everyone's been looking for her from the multiple signals she cast from Cerebra. This issue opens up with what looks like a giant polar bear, but is Logan dressed in the skin of a dead polar bear following the trail of frozen beer. Obviously Hope wants Logan to find her. She needs help. She needs to find a larger ship that will take her to the moon, closer to the approaching Phoenix force. Why she thought she could trust Logan is beyond me considering he's the one who wants to run her through like a shish kebab. Logan betrays her but it's for naught as the Phoenix finally arrives.

I'm not interested in the long, drawn out fights showcasing individual characters from each team. Some of them are cool but there's too many characters for that to continue and the story would get boring. Here, they've shown sub-divisions of the teams fighting one another at the various locations Hope is thought to be at.

Hope's optimism for the Phoenix force comes across as a little naive. It's probably because of her age. We've yet to see what will happen now that the Phoenix has arrived. Hopefully the writers won't drag this story out too long as has been the case with other "big events." Fights get drawn out and the resolutions get rushed and suffer because of that. John Romita Jr.'s work is good. It's consistent.

Now, the story gets really interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Verbal Mosh Episode 167

Thanks for all the man butt, Jim Lee.
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This week, we review: Avengers #26, Conan the Barbarian #4, Daredevil #13, Hellblazer #291, Justice League #9, Nightwing #9, Saucer Country #3, Supergirl #9, Winter Soldier #5, and Wonder Woman #9.
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Tash's Pick Of The Week: Thief of Thieves #4

Plot By Robert Kirkman
Written By Nick Spencer
Art By Shawn Martinbrough

Hey it's an Image book that leaves the big two in the dust. Thief of Thieves is just a book i think everybody should be reading. This book is the effort of a plot by Robert Kirkman and a the full script from Nick Spencer, two Image Comics icons. ( Sorry Todd McFalane.) Maybe Spencer and Kirkman should take over Spawn. Then maybe i would care about that book.

Anyway this book Thief Of Thieves is about a master thief (don't act all surprised) names Redmond and how the Feds are trying to catch him. Redmond does a fantastic job of eluding them and amassing a large amount of money in the process. The FBI want this guy bad but know that they can't touch him. At all. No way in hell. But, and there always is a but, he has a goof of a son.

Redmond's son tries to follow in dear old dad's footsteps and becomes a master criminal. That plans goes all to hell because he gets caught in a raid and arrested. If any of our readers out there decided that they want to be a thief here is a tip. A really helpful tip. Don't get caught. It's really quite simple. But Redmond Jr. does get busted. The Feds know they got him by the short and curlys and want Redmond Jr. to contact his dad in hopes that this will somehow be the link they need to bring down Redmond.

The story is excellent and the art by Shawn Martinbrough is amazing. It comes across as simple to follow with the smooth layouts which fits the vibe of the comic. Some artist try to get way to innovative with the layouts and fuck the whole story up. Keep it simple folks. (If it's good enough for Jack Kirby it's good for every other artist out there.) The facial expressions are top notch too. The FBI agent talking to Redmond Jr.  had some super realistic looks on her face when she knew she had him by the balls.

Well this book made everything i read this week look bad. Must because i didn't read anything by Jeff Lemire. Go buy it and enjoy.

-Tash Moore

The Verbal Mosh Episode 166

Great head-twisting owls, BATMAN!
The Verbal Mosh is a comic book podcast.  You can hear Ep. 166 here or on our Facebook page.
Every week, we talk about and review our latest comic readings.
This week, we review: Batgirl #9, Batman #9, Captain America #11, Fairest #3, Green Lantern #9, Invincible #91, Morning Glories #18, Scarlet Spider #5, Superboy #9, and Wolverine and the X-Men #10.
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Comic Review: The Almighties #1

The Almighties #1
Plot: Sam Johnson
Script: Sam Johnson and Mike Gagnon
Art: Eleonora Kortsarz, Pablo Zambrano and D.C.White

On the heels of seeing the recent Avengers movie, I'm reviewing The Almighties #1, a spoof comic about  a set of super-heroes that need to work together as a team in order to stop evil forces.

 The set-ups and the storytelling in this book are nice. Three different artists take turns working on the pages and it's obvious but not wholly cumbersome considering they are separated by the three arcs of the story.

The Almighties are not your typical super heroes. The stand-out character, for me, was a guy named Stephanos. I liked him the most because he seemed the most fully realized character. He had strong leadership characteristics with an offbeat quirk. Ms F is supposed to be a scorned woman with super powers and it was a let down to see she was more sappy than angry, being the one to start the "no killing" rule for the team. Maxi-tron feels like he's just there to get it on with Ms. F. Mason and Nite Fang are two very macho guys who bring all the heavy muscle to the team balancing out some of the other characters. All of these guys are following their leader, a mysterious man named White Out, who seems like he's mentally not all there.

The story has a good resolution. It actually has a resolution which is great because not all books do that these days. Some of the sexual comments in the book were a little too over-the-top for my taste, but I take it with a grain of salt because it's over-the-top-meant-to-make-you-uncomfortable-kind-of-funny. As a spoof, I don't see much comparison to other books/characters/events, but this is only just the first issue. It could, also, be that the references are too subtle.

Overall, it wasn't a bad read. If you want to check out the Almighties for yourself, it's being published by Actuality Press and you can purchase your own copy through their website for $3.99 at: www.thealmighties.com   


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Movie Review: The Avengers

Jokingly, we at the Verbal Mosh had stated that the only reason to go see the Avengers was because the full and final Dark Knight Rises trailer was to be attached to it. Well, someone put the trailer online. As you may have heard us cover it in our podcast I won't go in to all of that again and my shenanigans with Catwoman... The trailer wasn't even shown, but quite honestly, after seeing the Avengers movie, I don't even care.

This movie was really awesome. 

More than awesome. It was a rip-roaring good time. 


Basically, nasty aliens are attempting to invade Earth with the aid of Loki and the cosmic cube he steals from S.H.I.E.L.D so Loki can rub it in Thor's face how much better he is than him. Loki should have been king of Asgard, etc. The Avenger Initiative is pulled in to action by Nick Fury against the wishes of this super secret council, but who cares about them, right? They don't even show their faces so they're not important. The Team includes: Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk, Hawkeye (who turns kind of evil at first but joins everyone in the end), Captain America, and Thor.  

Iron Man is my least favorite Avenger because he is an egomaniac. Cocky. Way too cocky. It's why my favorite moment with him is after he's let loose the giant bomb in outer space and is falling back down. It looks like he's going to die, and he hasn't been able to get in touch with Pepper Potts. The fact that it looked like the character was going to accept the outcome no matter what, if he made it back to Earth or not, made me empathize with the character.

Black Widow was cool when she wasn't playing hostess to all the other Avengers. I enjoyed the scene at the beginning where she's tied to a chair and knocks out the men who think they're interrogating her. 

The Hulk was fantastic. It may have taken them a couple of tries but they finally found the right actor to play him: Mark Ruffalo. The scene where he first transforms and is after the Black Widow was INTENSE. It was so terrifying. I loved the interaction with the old man in the abandoned building. The Hulk fell out of the sky all big, green, and buck naked. And I just loved seeing him smash everything. 

Captain America was cool whenever he was jumping around. Thor and Hawkeye were all right too. I liked Hawkeye more when he was a bad guy, oddly enough, because he was a wrench in the good guys' plans. My biggest gripe with the plot was how easily problems were resolved. The worst being the resolution to close down the portal in the sky. Oh what? All you need is Loki's staff? Oh, look. There it is... Yay!... How could the scientist have built in a fail-safe if he was being manipulated like a puppet? Another moment of strangely simple solutions was the one to get people out of Loki's mind control: just bop them on the head really hard. So simple and it allows for more time to be given to the action sequences. Oh, and how could I have almost forgot one of the coolest sequences where Loki is about to throw a giant temper tantrum and the Hulk whacks Loki about like a rag doll?! It was awesome! 

Loki is taken into custody by Thor to return to Asgard with the cosmic cube. The Avengers go their separate ways, but if given the call, they'll all return and fight side by side again if the world needs them. Looks like they will because who was that at the end of the credits... Thanos: setting up to be the villain for the next sequel. 

Loki was wonderfully twisted in this movie. I really like Tom Hiddleston's smile. It's so evil. You know, with a smile like that, he's up to no good. 

I had a lot of fun watching the Avengers movie. I'd give it 4.5 stars out of 5.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Comics Review: Invincible Iron Man #515

Invincible Iron Man #515
Written By Matt Fraction
Art By Salvador Larroca

This issue has death and betrayal. In the merry Marvel tradition. In the downtown area of Los Angeles War Machine goes one on one with The Melter. I know he's a really lame villain but thanks to The Mandarin, Melter gets a pretty sweet upgrade. War Machine has his hands full with The Melter but gains the upper hand after awhile.

And where is the hero of our book? Tony Stark is running around the Wilmington Oil Fields in LA in his underwear  because his Iron Man armor is shut down. The U.S. Government made him wear a device called The Governor(not that evil dude from The Walking Dead) that can keep him from becoming Iron Man. So with no Armor he huffs it to be picked up by his head of security Bethany Cabe.

In a really cool turn of events The Mandarin gets the old U.S. Pentagon contracts that Tony Stark used to get. Talk about us outsourcing to the Chinese. Pepper Potts decides to play dress up and put on her old rescue armor and goes out to lend a hand to War Machine who is about to beat that no good Melter. But at the last moment The Living Laser shows up and blast War Machine right in the heart. Seemingly killing War Machine.

I say seemingly because really, when do comic book deaths really matter. Oh wait go ask Uncle Ben and Gwen Stacy. But not Bucky or Jason Todd. War Machine is then taken away and pronounced dead. But it's good news because War Machine ain't dead and he and Iron Man have now got to work in secret to beat the new suit wearing Mandarin.

All in all not a bad story. I want to see how this comes to a head with Iron Man, War Machine, The Pentagon and The Mandarin. So I'll stick around until Matt Fraction ends his run.I think that's the only reason I'm still buying this book, or maybe it's just out of habit. You decide.

-Tash Moore

Monday, May 7, 2012

Olivia's Pick: Daredevil #12

Daredevil #12
writer: Mark Waid
artist: Chris Samnee

This issue is kinky!

In Daredevil #12, Matt Murdock goes on his first date with assistant D.A., Kirsten McDuffie. They have a very flirtatious relationship. The entire time McDuffie is trying to catch Matt off guard to reveal that he is Daredevil. There's a funny scene where she lifts up her shirt. Her bra has written across it 'You are Daredevil'. Matt is sweating profusely. Of course, he shouldn't be able to see that but since he is Daredevil, he can. I'm actually surprised by how bold McDuffie is. Considering they were in a work environment and should be acting professionally. When we were first introduced to this character, I felt like she took her job a little more seriously. You could say that this is just another layer to her personality.

The tale of Foggy and Matt's relationship is told. We see how they met, why Foggy is called "Foggy" (because of his foghorn like snoring) and how close the two of them became considering they hated each other at the start.

Matt is telling all of this to McDuffie as she is led blind-folded on their date at the carnival. Matt does have the common sense to get Spider-Man to follow the two of them as a safety pre-caution since they are pretty exposed, especially Matt. It isn't outright stated what happened to Spider-Man but we can assume he's letting half the world burn down as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #685. Instead, Black Spectre gets the jump on the two of them. Luckily, he doesn't really fight Matt. Otherwise there would be no way Matt could continue denying that he's Daredevil. Black Spectre takes off like a villain, in a puff of smoke leaving his laughter ringing behind.

It's nice to see "super heroes" do un-super hero-ish things because it makes the characters feel more realized and three-dimensional. You can try to put out every little burning fire but it's not plausible to keep going non-stop. This way, the readers have a chance to relate to the characters. I like the relationship between Matt and Kirsten. I'd be even more interested in seeing their professional practices clash with their personal relationship.

It's funny how these women in comics always flirt with the men. You don't usually see someone complaining about unwanted advances.

Some of my favorite moments in this comic had to do with the little details. For instance, when Matt and Kirsten sat eating ice cream or when Matt lies in bed with the face mask and noise-canceling headphones on and Foggy lies in filth next to him.

This was an enjoyable read.


Friday, May 4, 2012

The Verbal Mosh Episode 165

Catwoman and black people. What kind of craziness do we have in store for this episode?
You can hear The Verbal Mosh Ep. 165 here and on our Facebook page.
At least she isn't black.
Remember when Halle Berry was Catwoman? Me neither! I didn't see that film.
On this week's episode, The Verbal Mosh reviews: Action Comics #9, Amazing Spider-Man #685, Animal Man #9, Avengers vs. X-Men #3, Earth Two #1, Swamp Thing #9, and Sweet Tooth #33.
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Movie Review: The Pirates! Band of Misfits

Warning: Spoilers!

"The Pirates! Band of Misfits"... not band of thieves, like I incorrectly inquired about when purchasing movie tickets to see this film. *facepalm*

A stop-motion, animated film produced by Aardman Animations and directed by Peter Lord.
Starring Hugh Grant, Selma Hayek, and Jeremy Piven and more!

An all around enjoyable film. The Pirate Captain (Hugh Grant) is tired of being a failure in the pirating community and tired of losing the Pirate of the Year award each and every year. This year, he vows to make a statement. He comes across Charles Darwin on a boat the pirates try to plunder. He realizes the "parrot" he owns is really a rare dodo bird and that he can make a lot of money off of it from the royal science competition. 

Charles is really the shifty character, with his henchman/servant monkey in a monocle. He's constantly trying to steal Polly for his own glory and for his love, Queen Victoria (Imelda Staunton). We think the queen just wants the dodo for her zoo, but the terrible reality is that she wants to eat the dodo. And she doesn't care much for Charles, either. 

The Pirate Captain does something terrible and sells Polly to the queen, so that he can get a lot of booty and become Pirate of the Year. She, also, pardons him of all his crimes. This causes trouble for the Captain because though he has the most booty, he's no longer considered a pirate anymore. 

So now he has no Polly, and is cast out from the pirate society. It's ironic since pirates are already considered outcasts of society. What's a man to do? He needs to get Polly back, that's what. She was more than his "parrot," but the heart of his ship. 

He fights the queen in a pretty cool sword fight, saves Polly, regains the allegiance of his crew and makes a giant mess with baking soda and vinegar. All in a day's work. 

I loved the various disguises the pirates had. You have the "Suspiciously Curvaceous Pirate" who's already in disguise, but then on top of that, there are the girl scout disguises and the scientist disguises, too. How does nobody realize she's a girl?! Why would she even hide the fact that she's a girl, especially when there's Pirate Liz (Selma Hayek), swinging her hips and sword around? It doesn't make sense. 

The sequence on the pirate boat was a lot of fun when they're all going on about "Ham Night." The various plundering sequences was funny too on the leper ship and the ghost ship. 

I loved Queen Victoria riding her little pony. It was so ridiculous. 

I saw "The Pirates!..." the same day I saw "The Five Year Engagement." I'd recommend seeing the latter more, but The Pirates! is a great family type film. The film encourages you to be proud of who you are and to remember that awards and accolades mean nothing in comparison to the love of friends and family. 

Al Roker's credit as the "Pirate who likes Sunsets and Kittens" was pretty funny, too. 
I can't say I have a favorite character, but I like the group as a whole.

Thumbs... stars... grades... I'm constantly switching between what I use but for The Pirates! Band of Misfits, I give this film four stars.