Monday, May 7, 2012

Olivia's Pick: Daredevil #12

Daredevil #12
writer: Mark Waid
artist: Chris Samnee

This issue is kinky!

In Daredevil #12, Matt Murdock goes on his first date with assistant D.A., Kirsten McDuffie. They have a very flirtatious relationship. The entire time McDuffie is trying to catch Matt off guard to reveal that he is Daredevil. There's a funny scene where she lifts up her shirt. Her bra has written across it 'You are Daredevil'. Matt is sweating profusely. Of course, he shouldn't be able to see that but since he is Daredevil, he can. I'm actually surprised by how bold McDuffie is. Considering they were in a work environment and should be acting professionally. When we were first introduced to this character, I felt like she took her job a little more seriously. You could say that this is just another layer to her personality.

The tale of Foggy and Matt's relationship is told. We see how they met, why Foggy is called "Foggy" (because of his foghorn like snoring) and how close the two of them became considering they hated each other at the start.

Matt is telling all of this to McDuffie as she is led blind-folded on their date at the carnival. Matt does have the common sense to get Spider-Man to follow the two of them as a safety pre-caution since they are pretty exposed, especially Matt. It isn't outright stated what happened to Spider-Man but we can assume he's letting half the world burn down as seen in Amazing Spider-Man #685. Instead, Black Spectre gets the jump on the two of them. Luckily, he doesn't really fight Matt. Otherwise there would be no way Matt could continue denying that he's Daredevil. Black Spectre takes off like a villain, in a puff of smoke leaving his laughter ringing behind.

It's nice to see "super heroes" do un-super hero-ish things because it makes the characters feel more realized and three-dimensional. You can try to put out every little burning fire but it's not plausible to keep going non-stop. This way, the readers have a chance to relate to the characters. I like the relationship between Matt and Kirsten. I'd be even more interested in seeing their professional practices clash with their personal relationship.

It's funny how these women in comics always flirt with the men. You don't usually see someone complaining about unwanted advances.

Some of my favorite moments in this comic had to do with the little details. For instance, when Matt and Kirsten sat eating ice cream or when Matt lies in bed with the face mask and noise-canceling headphones on and Foggy lies in filth next to him.

This was an enjoyable read.


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