Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tash's Pick: Batman Incorporated #1

Demon Star
Written By Grant Morrison
Art By Chris Burnham

For those who are asking if this book is any good. It totally is. I went into this knowing that Morrison would write a great story. I mean that really seems to be his M.O. We get a handful of great issues then we get utter non sense that we can't make heads or tails of. I don't know about this book down the line but for now I'll enjoy the ride.

In the beginning (in the comic and not in the bible.) Batman and Robin are chasing some dudes wearing Goat masks on their heads into a slaughter house. Strange and creepy, yes I know. After stopping the gang Batman learns that the battle with the goat gang was nothing more than a ploy to lure Robin out into the open.

Looks like Talia put the hit out on her son for not taking her side in the war against Batman. I can't blame Robin, I mean Batman is his dad. Which now that I think about it is probably the coolest thing ever. Way better then having Aquaman as your dad. I mean, he can't even protect you. (Yeah Aquaman, Black Manta and your dead son are looking right at you.) Batman saves Robin's life and they rescue a cow in the slaughter house renaming him Bat Cow. I guess this one is the New 52 version. I think we all know what the real Bat Cow looks like. (He can be seen here.)

Also in this tale the whole crew from the original Batman Inc. are here and not dead. They were just hiding out. Hey, it's a Grant Morrison comic, deal with the plots holes. But the art makes up for any problem with the story. I mean the art is crisp and I can clearly tell what's going on in any panel. Which is a big plus in my book. Chirs Burnham has gone from a Frank Quiety clone to being his own man and that it totally not a bad thing. Burnham has found the right balance between real and cartoony with his work on Batman Inc.

I really enjoyed the cliffhanger where Batman gets shot in the face point blank and Robin is seemingly killed by an assassins bullets. I love all the drama. Fun for the whole family. Oh wait it's rated T for teens.

-Tash Moore

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