Thursday, June 14, 2012

Comic Review: Invincible Iron Man #517

How To Make A Madman
Written By Matt Fraction
Art By Slavador Larroca

Back again with a review of Iron Man #517. What's up with Marvel. They seem to be churning an Iron Man comic every other week. I guess they are trying to wrap up the current storyline because the word around ( if you believe Bleeding Cool and i do) is that Kieron Gillen and Greg Land are set to be taking over the book soon.

So Tony Stark is all up in arms because the Government keeps using a device call the Governor that can block his ability to suit up. SO Tony goes to see the other smartest man i the Marvel U. One Reed Richards. Reed removes the Iron Man armor from Tony's body and hands it over the the Government. They then have no choice but to leave Tony Stark alone as he is now a private citizen. (Not Kane.)   Zeke Stane did some pretty cool and crazy stuff in this issue too. So the Mandarin gets the bright idea to put bombs into his employees. That'll keep them from stealing time while taking a break.

So Zeke lays himself down on a table and with the use of a laser removes the bomb planted deep inside his own stomach. Say what you will but that takes guts. Yes pun was intended. Bethany Cabe who is head of Stark security take down Spymaster in a cool little two page scene. Back at the Future Foundation headquarters Tony Stark has some new type of Iron Man armor and wants Reed Richard to install it into. Tony now being more machine then man.

The issue ends with the War Machine showing up in some oddball armor taking the fight to Detroit Steel over the ocean near Somalia. This issue had okay pacing and keep the story moving in a nice direction. No real confusing parts at all. Fraction did a good job with the writing while Salvador Larroca is the unsung hero of this comic. Can't wait to see how Tony sticks it the Government. Shit in real life the IRS would just audit Tony, but really who the hell would want to read that.

-Tash Moore

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