Monday, June 18, 2012

Comics Review: Invincible Iron Man #518

You Ghosts Of Mine Both New And Old
Invincible Iron Man #518
Written By Matt Fraction
Art By Salvador Larroca

 stand back, it's Iron Man and Tony Stark in two different places. Wait...whaaaaaat? There is a mistake on the inside cover of this book. (My posts on this website is filled with them) This issue is listed at part two of the Long Way Down storyline, when it's really part three. Yo Marvel  and it's overlord Disney give me my damn no prize. While i wait by my mailbox by gawd, I'll hammer out this review.

 A new Iron Man is battling with pirates and The Mandarins new war device called the Dreadnought. Remember this creation first showed up in Invincible Iron Man #515. But the guy in the Iron Man is the thought dead War Machine. Using the new and i guess improved Iron Man armor, Rhodey easily beats the Dreadnought. So much for it being the ultimate weapon to kill Iron Man. I really hope that Mandarin kept the  receipt. If he did I'm sure that he'd be able to get a refund or at the least store credit.

 The dude who was once Detroit Steel kidnaps one of the Hammer girls, Sasha. Why? I don't really think they got around to that. And shit, I've been reading this book since issue twelve. Bethany Cabe and her high heels (with the help of Tony Stark's Secretary) finally kills Spymaster. I really enjoyed the scene in which Tony is at the FF building and the press is swarming him about the new Iron Man. Tony is coy but lets the media know that he and the new Iron Man are in two different places. Really Tony? I mean the media should not fall for this. Tony Stark is like the third smartest man in the Marvel U. And plus i guess the Marvel U press has never heard of a DAMN remote control! BAH! It's a metal suit!

 The story ends when Zeke Stane confronts The Mandarin and throws the small bomb that was implanted inside him since day one. Looks like it's a fight with the bad guys. I'd buy this book just to laugh at the stupidity of the reporters of the Marvel U. See this is what happens when J. Jonah Jameson leaves the Daily Bugle to be Mayor of New York.

-Tash Moore

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