Thursday, June 28, 2012

Comics Review: Invincible Iron Man #519

The Work
Written By Matt Fraction
Art By Salvador Larroca

Tony Stark has pissed somebody off. Imagine that. The Media again are all over Tony asking him who the new Iron Man is but he ain't saying. Hey, didn't this guy cause the whole Civil War deal a few years ago. Oh, well.

Zeke Stane breaks free of The Mandarins control. Sweet, sweet freedom. Well, until The Mandarin beats the hell out of him. But does The Mandarin kill him. No way. Why, you ask? Because Stane still has work to do for The Mandarin. Oh that Mandarin, always demadnig the best from all his employee's/people he has implanted bombs in.

Tony Stark is feeling all down and out. Even though all these problems are his fault. Bethany Cabe is pissed at him beacues he didn't give her the 411 on the security situation back when he first hired her. Tony then takes his name off his company naming it Resilent now. In fact, Tony leaves the company all together. I guess he doesn't want his nonsense to catch up with this company. Like that's never happened before. Oh Tony, for a guy who's super intelligent, you sure are a dumb ass.

At the end Tony holds a press conference to tell the media (Again with the media!) that he is stepping down from his company. A gunman leaps from the crowd and the new Iron Man shows up to save Tony Stark. By the way this issue is called The Work. I guess because Tony and Rhodey are "working" the media. (Really, again with the media?)

-Tash Moore

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