Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Olivia's Pick: Invincible #92

Invincible #92
Writer: Robert Kirkman
Artist: Ryan Ottley and Corey Walker

I'm enjoying all the new information that's starting to get revealed in Invincible #92. The relationship between Robot and Monster Girl was something I wanted to know more about immediately after they came back to their own dimension. Holy cow!!!! They've been together for over seven hundred years. While in the Flaxan dimension, they didn't age, or at least they aged very slowly but all Robot was left with was a scruffy beard. Monster Girl is more woman now. This issue doesn't get into detail about why that is so. Always leaving the reader wanting more. But, we are starting to see how complex their relationship is.

Mark is no longer invincible... hopefully that is only a temporary effect from the scourge virus he was infected with. They'd have to call the book something else... he doesn't have much going on for himself without that power and I don't want Blincible replacing him permanently. He's got some kinky fetish with Atom Eve. Did you see that nude painting of her?!!!! How can Blincible's girlfriend be cool with that. The story became weird at that point, where he's having dinner with his parents.

I'm not a fan of the portrayal of these women, crying over their men. I had a problem when Eve did that with Mark when he disappeared in space. Blincible's girlfriend is jealous and needy in this issue. Then again, the guy did previously cheat on her. She should dump him. That's another reason why I dislike Blincible. Monster Girl is nagging Robot about his video games. It's all pretty stereotypical. It'd be funny if Tina Fey wrote Invincible. She could blame all that behavior on their periods.

But I really did enjoy this issue. There's always a lot of action going on in Invincible. There were some weird squid and octopus monsters. It was really funny because the octopus wanted to continue speaking English despite how poorly he did it because 'practice makes perfect.'

I barely registered that there were two artists working on this book while I was reading it, but that's because the styles further the storytelling. One artist works on the present narrative and the other artist works on the flashback sequences. It's great. Way better than when books randomly alternate artists from page to page.

There's so much happening in Invincible but I never feel overwhelmed by all of the various plots and sub-plots like I can in some series. This issue was entertaining. You should all check it out for yourselves.


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