Monday, June 4, 2012

Olivia's Pick of the Week: New Deadwardians #3

New Deadwardians #3
Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: I.N.J. Culbard

This is a mature readers book.

I must say, I've been enjoying every issue of this book so far. This issue should be subtitled: "Can a dead man get a boner?" That part of the story sets up an interesting environment and sub-plot, but we're still basically following the lead character Chief Inspector George Suttle on the murder investigation where previously there was found a dead Young man in Zone A. George is a Young, too, which is a dead person, like a vampire. He is different than the "Restless" (who look more like zombies) because he had taken the "cure." The "Brights" are normal people. George heads into Zone B in order to ask questions about who the dead Young man was. This is a rough place to be especially for someone like himself. He's rich and he has status, which is how he could afford to take the cure. George goes looking for the artist whom the dead Young man associated with and the issue ends with him crossing the path of a group of surly, tough guys.

I particularly liked this issue because we are getting a fuller understanding between the distinction of classes. We see that animals can't stand the Young. George is, also, a Christian who wears a cross, disproving the myth that his kind burns if touched by a cross. I wonder if the same holds true for garlic and a stake through the heart. The cover shows the brothel girls with stakes in their hands and a supposedly tied up George but that is misleading because there's nothing like that in the issue. The brothel in this issue is where George gets his information from and it's quite funny and also sad to see how overtly sexual the young lady acts in trying to rouse him. It's almost like she's desperate for his attention or at least desperate to prove she can persuade the "dead to rise" but in either case, it's desperate. George goes on his way after he finds out all he needs to.

The art's really nice. I love the line quality. It has a very straight-forward storytelling style. The panel to panel moments depict nice character nuances with sometimes only slight movements of the head or small actions that show how distant George is because he is Young. Given that not a whole lot happened in this issue it still felt very rich because of the expositions and all the information picked up from the characters.

This is a great book that everyone else should check out as well.

-O. Pelaez

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