Monday, June 25, 2012

Tash's Pich Of The Week: Daredevil #14

Written By Mark Waid
Damned if you do...Damned if you don't
Art By Chris Samnee

This is without question the best Spider-Man comic in the Marvel U. Oh wait, what? This isn't a Spider-Man comic? You could have fooled me. Hey, i kid. This is a fun comic in the throwback vain of the old school Daredevil. Like the Stan Lee and Gene Colan stuff. It's been a long time that ol' hornhead has been in a book that hasn't made you want to kill yourself at how depressing it is. (I blame Frank Miller and his bad haircut.)

 So DD wakes up in a glass case in Latveria, home of Darth Vade i mean Doctor Doom. In the beginning of this issue, we learn that it's not Doom who is holding Matt hostage but Chancellor Beltane ( I'm kinda mad we didn't just get a doom bot here.) Beltane is pissed that Daredevil stuck his nose in Doctor Doom's business by stealing the Omega Drive.

So as an act of revenge DD gets kidnapped and blasted with this goofy green gas. After taking in a lungful of the gas Chancellor Beltane simply let's the Man Without Fear go free. Letting him know that all debts are now paid in full. Once free Daredevil starts to kick ass and take names. Sensational art by Chris Samnee by sticking to his own art style and not trying to mimic any other former Daredevil artist like Marcos Martin.

Back in New York Foggy speaks to Matt's new flame Kirsten and they both wonder just where the hell Matt may have gone off to. Foggy does a half ass job covering for his boy. In seven awesome pages of DD running along side the Latveria countryside DD starts to lose his hyper sense. Turns out that green gas that he was stuck with releases nanobites into the body and heal any and all problems you might have. Like let's say having a built in radar sense. Quick somebody get me a radioactive goat and or bat.

As Daredvil loses his power he steals a horse and makes a break for Latveria boarder. With the last ounce of Radar sense DD jumps from the horse and lands safely on the train to freedom. Or so we think since his radar sense is kaput and he is beaten and captured by the minions of Doom. The ending of the book kind of is DD smiling being dragged back to castle Doom in a scene which can only be described as when Homer ate that spoonful of Baking Soda on The Simpsons.

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