Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tash's Pick Of The Week: Sweet Tooth #34

The Ballad Of Johnny and Abbot
Sweet Tooth #34
Story and Art By Jeff Lemire

 This is my pick of the week and let me say that I am a sucker for the work of Jeff Lemire. But that's because he's got to be one of the best creators in comics. But back to this issue of Sweet Tooth. It's awesome and the title character isn't even in it. To me that's a testament to a great creator.

 This issue takes a break from Sweet Tooth and his journey to get to Alaska and gives us brothers Johnny and Doug. You can say that they have been an integral part to the story since the first few issues. Doug and Johnny grew up with their dad who is abusive. Johnny doesn't have the courage to stand up to him but whenever their father goes on the warpath Doug is there to stand up for his brother. Even as kids Doug lets Johnny know that he won't always be around to protect him.

 Fast forward to the outbreak to the plague. Johnny is stuck at home and Doug fresh back from the army comes to save his little brother. Johnny hates how his dad abuses him but won't leave him in his weakened state. Doug knows that even though their father is a total dick, Johnny just can't help but be chained to him. Doug then takes it upon himself to shoot his own father in the head. I felt that was a great way to show that Doug had no real emotional attachment to anyone but his kid brother. Again after the father has been shot in the head Doug lets Johnny know that he won't always be there for him.

In the present time, Doug has Johnny tied down asking where Sweet Tooth and Jeppard have gone to. Johnny keeps his mouth shut and Doug warns him. Johnny says that Doug won't hurt him afterall. Johnny knows that he is Doug's one weakness.  Doug with great regret shoots his baby brother in the head and for the last time repeats that "I won't always be around to protect you."

Doug then has Johnny buried somewhere nice and heads out in search of Sweet Tooth and that damn Jeppard. Another great part was that the whole time this was going on, the little beaver boy Bobby was watching and crying. I tell you folks that comic don't get any better than this.

-Tash Moore

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