Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Avengers #28

Avengers #28
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler: Walter Simonson

Who would have thunk it? My top pick of the week is Avengers #28, written by Brian Michael Bendis!

This book stood out because it took on a more literary style of storytelling. The first couple of pages had the artwork to one side and the text on the other side of the page. It kept to this layout, but further on, there was also use of dialogue balloons. This technique works well when you want to play up certain emotional cues.

The story is told through the perspective of the Red Hulk or as we like to call him, Rulk. He's a sympathetic character in this issue. He talks about how no one else on the Avengers seems to understand who he is behind the big red skin and the military experience he has. Everyone just sees... a Hulk, and so no one would stand behind him without Captain America saying so. With the layout and the absence of a lot of dialogue, we get a sense of the awkwardness of the characters' relationships without the story feeling awkward, itself.

Rulk takes it upon himself to infiltrate and try to take down the leader of the Phoenix Force/Rangers: Scott Summers. It would prove his worth to his team members. He doesn't go in blind or without a plan. He knows not to take any weapon that has any trace of metal because Magneto would find and kill him in an instant. He knows to attack Cyclops if only Emma Frost is nowhere near because she could sense him out and read his mind and discover his plot. This is a huge undertaking and it would be a big blow to the Rangers if he can get his plan to work. Unfortunately, it doesn't work out for him and he is discovered.

Walter Simonson and Scott Hanna (on inks) create fantastic artwork. There's lots of action and emotion in the lines. I think it was nice to focus on a single character for an issue. I was getting a little tired of those constant team attacks. It'll be interesting to see what will stop the Phoenix Force in the end. Strategies don't seem to ever work out, solo attacks don't work, team attacks don't work, and I think it'll still come down to the fate of Hope Summers.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Verbal Mosh Episode 177

They're good in the summer time smiley
On this week's episode of The Verbal Mosh, we review the following comics:
Amazing Spider-Man #690, American Vampire #29, Aquaman #11, Before Watchmen Comedian #2, Captain America #15, Flash #11, Green Lantern #11, Hit-Girl #2, Mighty Thor #17, Superman #11, Superman Family Adventures #3, Winter Soldier #8, and Wolverine and the X-Men #14. The show can be heard right here and on our Facebook page.
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Friday, July 27, 2012

Comics Review: Invincible Iron Man #521

Written By Matt Fraction
The Demolished Man
Art By Salvador Larroca

Starting to wrap up their run on Iron Man Matt Fraction (I'm pretty sure that's not his real name) and Salvador Larroca (I'm pretty sure that is his real name) bring up a tale where Tony Stark is a slave for the Mandarin. Good for him, i knew Mandarin would get his due. I mean he is Asian and works pretty damn hard. I'd say that he has earned a win every now and then.

Tony is now a slave to Mandarin and he has to live in Mandarin city. Man Mandarin must be doing pretty good. You know considering that he has a whole city in China named after him. Pretty well indeed.

Back in Seattle, the company formerly know as Stark Resilient creates an alternative to the Apple Cloud. It's called the Stark Swarm. Don't ask me i didn't write the damn thing. The purpose of The Swarm is to let you take your entire digital life with you no matter where you are. I'm pretty sure Alec Baldwin wish he had this thing.

Iron Man 2.0 stops a breakout at a super human prison in Colorado. He does battle with some lame ass villain named Vibro. Now it's not me who lets on that Vibro is lame. It's the writer of the book, Matt Fraction. Iron Man 2.0 hands Vibro his ass then runs up against Pepper Potts. They trade barbs (carbs?) with each other. Potts wants to know who's inside the suit. So Iron Man 2.0 does what i would do. Just fly away without answering the question. Ask Olivia, she'll tell you that's how i roll.

Back in Mandarin City Zeke Stane and Tony Stark work to make a new and improved Dreadnouts for Mandarin. Stane isn't really all that much help because he's had a large chunk of his brain removed. Well i for one think that he had this coming. Mandarin can only take so many smart ass remarks. That's why his Youtube page does NOT let you leave any comments. True story.

The story ends with Tony giving lip service to Mandarin and shows us (the reader) that he's really trying to repair the brain of Zeke Stane. Good luck Stark, you'll need it if your going to get it back from that jar in Mandarin's office.

All in all it was cool to see Tony have an issue where he didn't act like a total jerk ass. The more time that goes by makes me with that Mandarin will become the star of this comic. Hey, you never know. Marvel has been know for taking risk. Just ask Rocket Raccoon.

-Tash Moore

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tash's Pick Of The Week: Supergirl #11

Written By Michae Michael Green & Mike Johnsonl Green & Mike Johnson
Art By Mahmud Asrar

Wow, what a beautiful book. Oh and the story ain't so bad too. I must admit that this is one of the hidden gems of the New 52. All eleven issues of the new Supergirl series have just so much fun to read. This takes the Supergirl we all know and kind of love and turns it on it ear. Kara is really an outsider in the fact that she has landed on earth and has had only one run in with her cousin. I also like the how this comic is set in New York City. I wonder when Kara will run into the Fantastic Four.

What's even better is that in the New 52 Supergirl's best friend is what was once her worst(and like only) enemy Silver Banshee. Seems like being Silver Banshee is a curse now, but it's doesn't make you all bitchy like it did in the old 52.

In this issue Supergirl and Silver Banshee's brother Tom go on a date. Which is a nice change of pace from most modern comics. It's pretty interesting to see Kara and Tom on the date and  Kara has no idea of the customs we use here on earth. While they are sitting in a pizzeria Kara gets hungry and totally take some pizza right out of the waiters hands for her and Tom.

But just like all modern comics, a simple date gets turned into a slug fest. Heh, nobody seems to use that one anymore. Anyway a dude wearing a suit man of living nanobots shows up to do battle with Supergirl. This villains name is Swarm and he's trying to take out Supergirl for his boss. He never says who his boss it but I'm pretty sure it's the jerk from the first issue who tried to kidnap Kara.

Supergirl is able to beat Swarm when she focuses her heat vision into his skull and knock him out cold. At the end Kara feels like she is endangering the only people she cares about and deiced to separate away them. You know, to keep them safe. Like that'll really work. I love how Mahmud Asrar draws Supergirl. I feel like he gets it. He understands that she is a teenager and not some top heavy hoe. He has a very clean line and i feel like this is a Supergirl that just about anybody can enjoy, she's attractive without being over the top.And yes we still don't like the non knee boots. So in closing Supergirl is a wonderful marriage of art and story.

-Tash Moore

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises

First of all, it is absolutely terrible news what happened in Colorado at the midnight screening for TDKR. The Verbal Mosh would like to express our condolences to all of the victims.


The Dark Knight Rises
Directed by Christopher Nolan
Starring Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman and many more.

We saw the movie Friday morning. We were the first ones in the theater, which was so cool, but it didn't take long for people to start filing in after us. The movie had so much going on in it. It's a lot to process. For the most part, the pacing was good. The action was great, and so was the plot.

Batman had retired after the death of Harvey Dent. He felt that Gotham didn't need him anymore. Crime was down because of the "Dent Act." Rumors of a mercenary named Bane was starting to reach Bruce Wayne, and he felt it was time to slowly get out of retirement. Another catalyst for his action was crossing paths with Selina Kyle aka Catwoman (though they never call her that in the movie. They do refer to her as a cat burglar), who had stolen his mother's pearl necklace and his fingerprints.

The point of the fingerprints was to gain access to Wayne Enterprises and the machine within that could harness nuclear energy and in the wrong hands, be turned into a bomb. They stated in the movie that this was a time bomb. That no matter what, even if Bane's "revolution to give Gotham back to the people" fails, the bomb would go off. The only way to stop it was to set it back into its reactor. So, it was confusing that there needed to be a trigger man. The trigger man was there as a threat that the bomb could go off at any time if anyone stepped a toe out of line (or out of Gotham, more to the point.) So, it was weird that the trigger needed to be pushed at the very end of the alloted time frame because at that point it seemed a little redundant.

Batman fights Bane and gets beaten to a pulp. The image of Bane holding Batman above his head was very reminiscent to the comics and it made me think of when Bane broke Batman's back and paralyzed him. Luckily, we didn't get an Azrael in his place and Bruce's back just needed a little realignment. There were a lot of cool characters. I enjoyed seeing Crane come back, this time as the judge sentencing either death or exile... which is basically death, too. Michael Caine as Alfred was fantastic. He nearly made me cry with his performance.  Ra's al Ghul came back, but more intriguing was seeing Talia. I was wary because I thought for film purposes, they were going to make Bane Ra's al Ghul's son, but thankfully that wasn't so. I'm happy to see more characters get introduced into the film. If only things worked out for Talia, there'd be the perfect set-up for Damian to eventually appear. Robin was there. He has a background that somewhat reflects Bruce's life. He realizes who Bruce Wayne/Batman is early on because they are similar and they both know what it is to pretend to smile and fit in to cover the anger they feel from the injustice of the world.

Talia's death scene was really awkward. It felt abrupt but I think that had to do with the pacing of the film. They needed to keep the story moving, plus who would mourn over her? Bruce was already moving on to Selina. I'm still not crazy about Anne Hathaway's performance as Catwoman, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The reveal about Talia and Bane was fantastic. It was creepy and intimate.


Batman heals physically and is prepared mentally to fight Bane. It was weird how easily he got back into Gotham, but everyone was more concerned about making sure no one left, I guess they weren't going to pay any mind to someone trying to get in.

Batman's "Bat" and motorcycle were so cool. I liked how the wheels could turn and change direction so quickly. The Bat looked more like a bug, but I'm not complaining. It was cool.

I liked how Bane didn't look like some guy jacked up on steroids. He was a man. A ferocious fighter. It made the fight scenes between him and Batman more believable and captivating because it would seem like Batman should be able to take down this guy, but Bane was too fast, too powerful and too skilled. There were a lot of great lines in the film and one of my favorites was the one where Bane talks about how Bruce merely adopted the dark, while Bane was born in it.

This was a great film. My favorite comic book film of the year. I could go on and on because there are so many interesting details to note. I like how this film rounded out the trilogy. It felt complete. There was closure. And within itself, it came full circle with Alfred and Bruce (and Selina) at the restaurant finally "moving on" with Bruce's life. The Dark Knight Rises gets two thumbs up from me.


The Verbal Mosh Episode 176

So, apparently, the crowds in Gotham aren't saying: ?que paso? i.e. What's up?
They are saying "rise."
Yeah, that makes much more sense.
A full review of the Dark Knight Rises will be on our website soon enough: www.theverbalmosh.com and here Episode 176 here and on our Facebook page.
This week, The Verbal Mosh reviews: Avengers vs. X-Men #8, Before Watchmen Silk Spectre #2, Daredevil #15, Fantastic Four #608, Hellblazer #293, Justice League #11, Nightwing #11, and Wonder Woman #11.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Superboy #11

Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: R.B. Silva

Superboy #11 was such a good read. It was funny. There was lots of fighting in it. It's not a book that takes itself too seriously. It's not like the end of the world/universe/etc. is happening in every issue like in some titles.

Superboy clearly does not understand what it means to "borrow" money. He steals from a bank in order to live it up in this huge apartment in New York City!

Superboy gets tattooed! He gets the House of El symbol tattooed on his shoulder. That was a little weird but it helps to define more of his kind of character. I liked how he described Superman and Supergirl, since he is still barely familiar with them, and yet they all share the connection of this "S" symbol. There is a villain. This huge man/machine/monster called Detritus. His strength and power grows from absorbing machines, cars and stuff around him. I love the art of R.B. Silva. Superboy finally figures out how to stop Detritus with the help of Teen Titans member "Bunker". They would knock Detritus down and he would get back up, but once they got to the core of him, they were able to stop him. The story was told. It didn't get drawn out into a billion issues. It's not a head scratcher. Just some good clean fun. 

This was really good. Superboy should probably see some consequences from stealing all of that money, but we'll have to wait and see. This kind of reminds me of those issues ago when Superboy was back at N.O.W.H.E.R.E and he was in the simulation where he had to save, I think, the woman in the burning house but instead decided to keep walking and talking with the pretty girl. It's funny. 

Superboy is free from N.O.W.H.E.R.E and he's living it up.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

Squeaky, squeaky.

The Amazing Spider-Man movie was not very anticipated by myself. All the hype has been around the Dark Knight Returns a.k.a DKR (a.k.a what I refer to as Donkey Kong Returns since that has the same initials ^^.) Even one of the trailers to this new Spider-Man movie was that of the Dark Knight. And, if you've listened to any of our recent podcast episodes, you'll know that I have been 'affectionately' calling Spider-Man "Sneaker-Man" because of his new outfit. I remember seeing a trailer of this Spider-Man movie, recalling the less-than-great quality of the visual effects. It wasn't looking good.

Well, oh well. This movie was FAR better than what I was expecting. Credit goes to the two leads who played Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy: Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. They did a fantastic job epitomizing these characters. Sally Fields was wonderful as May Parker, too.

The main plot is that Peter wants to find out more about his father (who disappeared a long time ago). He visits the workplace of Dr. Curt Conners who worked with him, gets bit by a radioactive spider, discovers equations in his father's notes that help Conners turn himself into the Lizard and then he has to stop the Lizard from trying to turn the rest of New York City into lizard people, too.

I gotta say, I still wasn't impressed by the visuals that switch to Spider-Man's perspective as he swings through the city. They were much better than what was in the Amazing Spider-Man trailer, much more polished and refined, but something about it still felt clunky and out of place.

My favorite moments reflected the awkwardness of the characters: When Peter gets bullied by Flash and when he asks Gwen to go out- it was so awkward but believable because of that. I liked how Peter had a bit of a smart mouth. He can be a talkative character that cracks a lot of jokes in the comics and there was a nice reflection of that.

The main villain is Dr. Curt Conners, a.k.a. the Lizard. He was a decent villain. There is a parallel to the recent Amazing Spider-Man comics where Peter is trying to save Curt Conners, too, and turn him back into his normal self, but in both instances, nothing ever works out exactly the way Spidey hopes it would.

It was kind of weird to have the establishment of Uncle Ben's death in and near this convenience store, but it actually ties in with the later visited moment of Peter needing to pick up eggs for his aunt and the theme of learning to become responsible. Peter didn't want to pay for his milk shake but eventually he bought the carton of eggs.

The fight scenes were cool. I especially liked the one that happened in the sewer. This was a really good movie. I was a complete sap and cried when each character died. I laughed at the jokes. All around, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie and I recommend you see it too.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Verbal Mosh Episode 175

So many books to talk about this week, so I'm just gonna jump right into it.
On this episode, we review: Batgirl #11, Batman #11, Batman and Robin #11, Before Watchmen MInutemen #2, Captain America #14, Chew Secret Agent Poyo #1, Conan the Barbarian #6, Lil Depressed Boy #12, Scarlet Spider #7, Swamp Thing #11, and Wolverine and the X-Men #13 This episode is going to be heard here and our Facebook page.
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Comics Review: Invincible Iron Man #520

The Dead And The Dying
Written By Matt Fraction
Art By Salvador Larroca

Don't let the cover of the story fool you. This whole comic is full of lies.Anywhoo to pick up where we last left the hero with the heart of metal he was leaving his company so he could keep it safe from attacks from his old villains. But as we saw last issue Tony Stark was in the middle of a press conference when some old villains of his (who suck) showed up to kill him. Tony is then saved by the new Iron Man. Tony and the new Iron Man then start making out right in front of the media.Or not.

The two villains, Mauler and Chemistro take chase after Iron Man 2.0 and Tony Stark. I got a kick out of tony telling Iron Man that he was going to sue him for everything he has.Like we don't know it's Tony's boy Rhodey in the armor. We know but the media doesn't. Stupid media. I think Bleeding Cool broke that story but just got ignored. Iron Man 2.0 looks to be done for when Pepper Potts shows up and saves the day wearing her rescue armor. A woman saves the male hero, who says this isn't the Marvel age of comics.

The former pilot of Detroit Steel breaks into Hammer industries and take back his armor. Man that place seems easy to break into. But i mean he did have Sasha Hammer as his hostage so it makes sense. Well once Dougie boy has the armor Sasha hammer's drugging wears off and kills him. Good luck with that whole revenge for taking my spotlight/armor thing. Hey we can't all be winners.

The ending is what really saved this book from being goofy. Tony Stark is working in his lab when he gets a call from The Mandarin. Turns out The Mandarin has put Zeke Stane back in his place as his bitch and tells Stark a little secret. HE has control over Tony from when he re booted himself with Mr. Fantastic. He tells Tony to punch himself and Tony does it!

The story ends with The Mandarin telling Tony that his friends will be safe so long as Tony gets down on his knees and call him master. To my total surprise Tony drops down and calls The Mandarin the one true ruler of the ring....i mean master.

Not bad but not great, I'm ready to see this story end but hey i gotta review something. Right?  Be back next  week as I'm sure that Tony and Mandarin order take out. What will Tony order? Only time will tell.

-Tash Moore

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Trade Central Station: Batman Earth One

We're bringing our Trade Central Station to town with our first ever audio version of the written review segment from our website:www.theverbalmosh.com
On this episode, we discuss Batman Earth One by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. Hear  it here.  Also on our Facebook Page.
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Movie Review: Brave

Brave has been out in theaters for a while now. This is Pixar's first movie with a lead female character. The people at Pixar are great at creating these characters with a lot of heart and courage. The lead character is a princess named Merida. Opposed to the classic Disney Princesses, Merida is not the type to stare out a window, waiting for prince "Charming" to come along. In a contest to select her groom, she even tries to win her own hand. She just can't seem to outrun her fate, which as her mother sees it, is to get married. The Will o' the wisps have a very cute design. They lead Merida through the forest. They vaguely remind me of the forest spirits in Princess Mononoke. Within the forest, she crosses the home of a witch. She is my favorite character in this movie, along with Merida. She's quite infatuated with bears, and I don't know why it didn't click after seeing them all over her shop, that the potion she gives Merida to change her mother would in fact change her into a bear. It's obvious now, looking back on it.

Merida wants to undo the magic and get her mother back but it will only happen when the 'bond that was broken with pride is fixed.'

Merida's younger brothers are absolutely adorable. They're little rascals who, also, turn into bears. 

I think it's really cool that even though there is a lot of magic going on in this movie, the villain is just a bear. I mean, he wasn't a bear at first, but after the alloted time had passed, he truly became a bear... That is until he died. The different clans squabble with each other, but there aren't any malicious people that purposely try to instigate any problems in this world. There's some confusion when everyone tries to kill the queen, but it gets sorted out. In the end, Merida cries a la Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" where instead of the Beast transforming back into his normal handsome self, it's Merida' mother, the queen, who transforms after we get a close-up of tears falling down Merida's cheek. 

I liked this movie a lot. It had a lot of fun and quirky characters. It had a heart-warming message about family and really funny jokes throughout. 

There was a really annoying and noisy family sitting next to us at the theater, but that's another story.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Tash's Pick Of The Week: Before Watchmen: Ozymandias #1

Written By Len Wein
Art By Jae Lee

Well I guess we can't complain about Before Watchmen anymore. Wait, what, we can? Oh well, this book made my jaw drop at how well written and illustrated this book was. I can imagine Alan Moore somewhere reading this book and enjoying it. Or not.

This book tells the story of Adrian Veidt, the man who would save us all by killing a few million of us. Hitler be damned. You would think this was really nothing more than an origin story but it feels like so much more. The story has Adrian and his family come to America during the height of WWII. Adrian is born in the US as his mother left Europe before giving birth. His parents have grand plans for their son. By the age of four, it's easy to tell that Adrian is bright and gifted.

After enrolling in school he scores so high on his test that his parents are called into the school. They are told that Adrian's test scores may be from cheating somehow. Once home Adrian's father lets him know that he is indeed special but for the time being he must keep a low profile. There is a cool part in the book where a very young Adrian is being bullied by a group of kids and instead of fighting back right then and there, he waits.

Adrian starts using the money that his parents give him for allowance and uses it to learn Martial Arts. After a few months of lessons he takes the school yard bullies to task. Even going as far to break the leg of the largest bully. Adrian is about to be expelled when his father offers to build the school a new library. Ah, money solves everything. At the age of 14 Adrian graduated high school and three years later winds up in Harvard. With the death of his parents (which I always suggested foul play) Adrian gives away his family's fortune and sets off to see the world.  He's fascinated by the life of Alexander The Great and decides to walk in his footsteps. While on the Black Sea Coast Adrian takes some  hashish and sees a vision of him uniting the world. His fate placed before Adrian, he returns to the states where he meets a redhead named Miranda St. John.

They begin a relationship and Adrian begins buying stock and grows his company and becomes rather wealthy in his own right. ( I always liked reading about self made men.) Miranda feels slighted by the fact that Adrian is so focused and driven and turns to drugs. But hey, it's not just any drug dealer, it's Moloch The Mystic. Wait, you mean to tell me that the only drug dealer in the Watchmen universe is Moloch. Damn this guy must be loaded with cash. Hell, with all the money he should be able to at least get Uncle Sam to look the other way.

Anyway Miranda overdoses (ain't that the way it always is). Her death greatly upsets Adrian and, with taking a cue from masked heroes of the day aka Nite Owl and Comedian, Adrian takes up an identity as a masked hero known Ozymandias. He vows to bring Miranda's killer to justice. I mean so long as he doesn't involve the law..........huh?

Well first off the writing by Len Wien is fantastic. Len had a hand in the original Watchmen serving as an editor. This book fills like it could really fit into the Watchmen trade as a backup that wasn't found until just now. Adrian is written with in a way that you really want to root for him to kill all those people in New York. You know for the greater good and all that. I haven't seen Jae Lee's work for awhile and you can tell he really took his time drawing this comic. The panel to panel layouts are not the traditional nine page grids buts they have this really awesome oval and spheres layout to it. I went back and marveled at how damn cool the pages looked . I'm convinced that only Darwyn Cooke and Len Wein should have worked on these books as writers. Amanda Connor too! But for what it's worth if you liked Watchmen at all you'll be floored by this story that is way way way way way way way way way better than expected.

-Tash Moore

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Verbal Mosh Episode 174

"Watch out, Radioactive Man!"
We saw the Amazing Spider-Man movie today and will have a written review of it up on our website:www.theverbalmosh.com along with the review for Brave... it's coming. You can hear Ep. 174  of The Verbal Mosh here or on our Facebook page.
This week on the Verbal Mosh, we discuss: Action Comics #11, Amazing Spider-Man #689, Animal Man #11, Avengers vs. X-Men #7, Earth 2 #3, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #1, Morning Glories #20, Sweet Tooth #35, and Thief of Thieves #6.
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Monday, July 2, 2012

American Vampire #26 and Olivia's Pick: American Vampire #28

American Vampire #28
Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Rafael Albuquerque

"The Black List" Part 1 of 6.

Pearl is looking for help to save her husband Henry after he was viciously attacked by a vampire a couple of issues ago. Agent Poole leads her to the V.M.S, the Vassals of the Morning Star, because these vampires keep running into them and Henry needs some serious medical care if he's to live.

I like Pearl a lot. She's very feminine and feral. She refuses to turn Henry into a vampire because he had made her promise a long time ago that if that ever was to happen, it couldn't be because she was afraid of losing him.

After Henry gets moved to the West Coast Headquarters of the V.M.S in Los Angeles, Pearl agrees to take on the task of hunting down this large vampire coven that has resurfaced, and is connected to the coven Pearl and Henry had eliminated in 1925. She won't be alone, though. She'll be working with Skinner Sweet, who makes an awesome return to the story-line. I love the detail of the little candy canes in his jacket pocket.

So, the Black List is the list of names of producers, actors, directors, etc. that may or may not have a connection to the re-surging vampires. Pearl and Skinner now have to check out each of these names and if they are a vampire, they need to kill them.

These guys are so cool. :D

As always, I love Dave McCaig's colors. His choice of lighting is brilliant in how it highlights the action and makes the character's emotions that much more evocative.
All of the artwork is fantastic and so is the writing.

I enjoyed the famous line from Mark Twain when Skinner Sweet talks about the "rumors of his death," though it's more blunt and vulgar with Skinner's take on it.

Now, I want to briefly talk about American Vampire #26. It was missing from one of our comic packages which is why we didn't talk about it after it came out. We didn't have it. This is the introduction to Agent Calvin Poole. It's a tale about racism, but everything isn't as it seems. We're led to believe these young, Caucasian males want to kill Poole and his brother's band, but they're really trying to warn them. The old veterans in the town kill any integrated bands that come to town. And this is the introduction to the new species of vampire that we see more of in issue 27. This breed is probably similar to the ones in Los Angeles that Pearl and Skinner will need to confront. Everything ties back together which is why I like these sub-plots, yet it's all not so overly complicated. It's good reading.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Verbal Mosh Episode 173

The fire rises...
And it's the Pheonix Rangers coming at us once again!
Check out www.theverbalmosh.com for our written reviews and the latest Pick of the Week comic also here The Verbal Mosh Ep. 173 here or on our Facebook Page.
On Episode 173, The Verbal Mosh reviews Hit-Girl #1, Amazing Spider-Man #688, Aquaman #10 (a.k.a. the face of Aqua-Ohs), Batman Incorporated #2, Before Watchmen Nite Owl #1, Flash #10, Justice League #10, Mighty Thor #16, Superman #10, Superman Family Adventures #2, and Wolverine and the X-Men #12.
The heat and humidity can't stop us!
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