Monday, July 2, 2012

American Vampire #26 and Olivia's Pick: American Vampire #28

American Vampire #28
Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Rafael Albuquerque

"The Black List" Part 1 of 6.

Pearl is looking for help to save her husband Henry after he was viciously attacked by a vampire a couple of issues ago. Agent Poole leads her to the V.M.S, the Vassals of the Morning Star, because these vampires keep running into them and Henry needs some serious medical care if he's to live.

I like Pearl a lot. She's very feminine and feral. She refuses to turn Henry into a vampire because he had made her promise a long time ago that if that ever was to happen, it couldn't be because she was afraid of losing him.

After Henry gets moved to the West Coast Headquarters of the V.M.S in Los Angeles, Pearl agrees to take on the task of hunting down this large vampire coven that has resurfaced, and is connected to the coven Pearl and Henry had eliminated in 1925. She won't be alone, though. She'll be working with Skinner Sweet, who makes an awesome return to the story-line. I love the detail of the little candy canes in his jacket pocket.

So, the Black List is the list of names of producers, actors, directors, etc. that may or may not have a connection to the re-surging vampires. Pearl and Skinner now have to check out each of these names and if they are a vampire, they need to kill them.

These guys are so cool. :D

As always, I love Dave McCaig's colors. His choice of lighting is brilliant in how it highlights the action and makes the character's emotions that much more evocative.
All of the artwork is fantastic and so is the writing.

I enjoyed the famous line from Mark Twain when Skinner Sweet talks about the "rumors of his death," though it's more blunt and vulgar with Skinner's take on it.

Now, I want to briefly talk about American Vampire #26. It was missing from one of our comic packages which is why we didn't talk about it after it came out. We didn't have it. This is the introduction to Agent Calvin Poole. It's a tale about racism, but everything isn't as it seems. We're led to believe these young, Caucasian males want to kill Poole and his brother's band, but they're really trying to warn them. The old veterans in the town kill any integrated bands that come to town. And this is the introduction to the new species of vampire that we see more of in issue 27. This breed is probably similar to the ones in Los Angeles that Pearl and Skinner will need to confront. Everything ties back together which is why I like these sub-plots, yet it's all not so overly complicated. It's good reading.


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