Thursday, July 12, 2012

Comics Review: Invincible Iron Man #520

The Dead And The Dying
Written By Matt Fraction
Art By Salvador Larroca

Don't let the cover of the story fool you. This whole comic is full of lies.Anywhoo to pick up where we last left the hero with the heart of metal he was leaving his company so he could keep it safe from attacks from his old villains. But as we saw last issue Tony Stark was in the middle of a press conference when some old villains of his (who suck) showed up to kill him. Tony is then saved by the new Iron Man. Tony and the new Iron Man then start making out right in front of the media.Or not.

The two villains, Mauler and Chemistro take chase after Iron Man 2.0 and Tony Stark. I got a kick out of tony telling Iron Man that he was going to sue him for everything he has.Like we don't know it's Tony's boy Rhodey in the armor. We know but the media doesn't. Stupid media. I think Bleeding Cool broke that story but just got ignored. Iron Man 2.0 looks to be done for when Pepper Potts shows up and saves the day wearing her rescue armor. A woman saves the male hero, who says this isn't the Marvel age of comics.

The former pilot of Detroit Steel breaks into Hammer industries and take back his armor. Man that place seems easy to break into. But i mean he did have Sasha Hammer as his hostage so it makes sense. Well once Dougie boy has the armor Sasha hammer's drugging wears off and kills him. Good luck with that whole revenge for taking my spotlight/armor thing. Hey we can't all be winners.

The ending is what really saved this book from being goofy. Tony Stark is working in his lab when he gets a call from The Mandarin. Turns out The Mandarin has put Zeke Stane back in his place as his bitch and tells Stark a little secret. HE has control over Tony from when he re booted himself with Mr. Fantastic. He tells Tony to punch himself and Tony does it!

The story ends with The Mandarin telling Tony that his friends will be safe so long as Tony gets down on his knees and call him master. To my total surprise Tony drops down and calls The Mandarin the one true ruler of the ring....i mean master.

Not bad but not great, I'm ready to see this story end but hey i gotta review something. Right?  Be back next  week as I'm sure that Tony and Mandarin order take out. What will Tony order? Only time will tell.

-Tash Moore

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