Friday, July 27, 2012

Comics Review: Invincible Iron Man #521

Written By Matt Fraction
The Demolished Man
Art By Salvador Larroca

Starting to wrap up their run on Iron Man Matt Fraction (I'm pretty sure that's not his real name) and Salvador Larroca (I'm pretty sure that is his real name) bring up a tale where Tony Stark is a slave for the Mandarin. Good for him, i knew Mandarin would get his due. I mean he is Asian and works pretty damn hard. I'd say that he has earned a win every now and then.

Tony is now a slave to Mandarin and he has to live in Mandarin city. Man Mandarin must be doing pretty good. You know considering that he has a whole city in China named after him. Pretty well indeed.

Back in Seattle, the company formerly know as Stark Resilient creates an alternative to the Apple Cloud. It's called the Stark Swarm. Don't ask me i didn't write the damn thing. The purpose of The Swarm is to let you take your entire digital life with you no matter where you are. I'm pretty sure Alec Baldwin wish he had this thing.

Iron Man 2.0 stops a breakout at a super human prison in Colorado. He does battle with some lame ass villain named Vibro. Now it's not me who lets on that Vibro is lame. It's the writer of the book, Matt Fraction. Iron Man 2.0 hands Vibro his ass then runs up against Pepper Potts. They trade barbs (carbs?) with each other. Potts wants to know who's inside the suit. So Iron Man 2.0 does what i would do. Just fly away without answering the question. Ask Olivia, she'll tell you that's how i roll.

Back in Mandarin City Zeke Stane and Tony Stark work to make a new and improved Dreadnouts for Mandarin. Stane isn't really all that much help because he's had a large chunk of his brain removed. Well i for one think that he had this coming. Mandarin can only take so many smart ass remarks. That's why his Youtube page does NOT let you leave any comments. True story.

The story ends with Tony giving lip service to Mandarin and shows us (the reader) that he's really trying to repair the brain of Zeke Stane. Good luck Stark, you'll need it if your going to get it back from that jar in Mandarin's office.

All in all it was cool to see Tony have an issue where he didn't act like a total jerk ass. The more time that goes by makes me with that Mandarin will become the star of this comic. Hey, you never know. Marvel has been know for taking risk. Just ask Rocket Raccoon.

-Tash Moore

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