Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Movie Review: Brave

Brave has been out in theaters for a while now. This is Pixar's first movie with a lead female character. The people at Pixar are great at creating these characters with a lot of heart and courage. The lead character is a princess named Merida. Opposed to the classic Disney Princesses, Merida is not the type to stare out a window, waiting for prince "Charming" to come along. In a contest to select her groom, she even tries to win her own hand. She just can't seem to outrun her fate, which as her mother sees it, is to get married. The Will o' the wisps have a very cute design. They lead Merida through the forest. They vaguely remind me of the forest spirits in Princess Mononoke. Within the forest, she crosses the home of a witch. She is my favorite character in this movie, along with Merida. She's quite infatuated with bears, and I don't know why it didn't click after seeing them all over her shop, that the potion she gives Merida to change her mother would in fact change her into a bear. It's obvious now, looking back on it.

Merida wants to undo the magic and get her mother back but it will only happen when the 'bond that was broken with pride is fixed.'

Merida's younger brothers are absolutely adorable. They're little rascals who, also, turn into bears. 

I think it's really cool that even though there is a lot of magic going on in this movie, the villain is just a bear. I mean, he wasn't a bear at first, but after the alloted time had passed, he truly became a bear... That is until he died. The different clans squabble with each other, but there aren't any malicious people that purposely try to instigate any problems in this world. There's some confusion when everyone tries to kill the queen, but it gets sorted out. In the end, Merida cries a la Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" where instead of the Beast transforming back into his normal handsome self, it's Merida' mother, the queen, who transforms after we get a close-up of tears falling down Merida's cheek. 

I liked this movie a lot. It had a lot of fun and quirky characters. It had a heart-warming message about family and really funny jokes throughout. 

There was a really annoying and noisy family sitting next to us at the theater, but that's another story.


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