Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Invincible #94

Invincible #94
writer: Robert Kirkman
artists: Ryan Ottley and Corey Walker

The saga of Robot and Monster Girl's adventures in the Flaxan universe continues! Boy, does it get juicy. Take a look at that cover, it says it all right there. Juicy!

This was some good stuff. The Flaxan army is too strong to take down. We keep going down memory lane with Robot and Monster Girl because from their perspective, the Flaxans shouldn't be a problem. When they were in the Flaxan universe, they spent hundreds of years building a rebellion and trying to make the place better and friendlier. The two of them spent so much time together that they fell in love. And what do you know, they had a child together! And now that child is leading that Flaxan army trying to basically kill them all. Aw. Look at what love built. Even more interesting will be to see how they fell out of love. Something must have happened because when they came home, they were super-awkward around each other all those issues ago. It was probably about the pregnancy.

There's no Mark in this issue. I guess he's still fragile and whatnot or maybe he's comforting Eve because she's crying about something or other. Blincible is trying to hold the fort down, but being a super-hero in the Invincible universe is tough. These guys get their bones broken so often and are always getting torn to shreds.

I like Ottley and Walker working together. I think their work complements each other and it just suits the story since we keep getting pulled back into these flashbacks.

That child is BIG and he's been throwing one massive tantrum to get the attention of his parents. I think Monster Girl needs to whoop that kid's butt because obviously he's a-hankering for some spankering.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Comics Review: Invincible Iron Man #523

Written By Matt Fraction
Art By Salvador Larroca

I can't wait for the relaunch of this book. I can start running this book down on the podcast instead. Eh, i'm just kidding. Or am I? Only future Tash knows for sure. In this issue Tony Stark is still slaving away in Mandarin City. Tony is building giant robots to house whatever is living inside The Mandarin's rings. Tony finishes three out of ten and Mandarin tells Tony to hurry the hell up. If he's gonna take over the world it's got to be on a schedule. Some people just work better that way.

Back in the good ol' US of A, Pepper Potts and Resilient launch the Swarm which is really just the Marvel U. version of the Cloud. Hey, remember Split lip? The little elf that helped Iron Man during Fear Itself? No? Well shit, neither did Matt Fraction because in this issue he shows up. The day when you can't keep up with an elf that once lived in Asgard as a supporting character in your book is a sad day for comics in general.

Oh yeah, back to the comic. Pepper Potts in her Rescue armor runs into Iron Man 2.0 and pulls off his boot. His foot is black? Why is there only one black guy in the Iron Man corner of the Marvel Universe and it's Rhodey. Pepper put it all together (it really took ten panels to figure that one out) and concludes Tony and Rhodey have some master plan.

The ending sees that Zeke Stane is 100% with the help of Tony Stark and they get all of Iron Man's villains to agree to join them so they can team up and take down The Mandarin. I guess they can all agree that they don't want to be bossed around by an Asian guy with flowing hair and a ring on each finger. When you really think about it, The Mandarin comes across as a mean old pimp. That's it Mandarin, put Tony Stark on the corner and make you some money. True Story.

-Tash Moore

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Verbal Mosh Episode 181

Not a lot of books to talk about this week, but that's all right. We still bring the nonsense and hilarity. You can hear this episode here and on our Facebook page.
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Anywho. This week we review: Amazing Spider-Man #692, Before Watchmen Dr. Manhattan #1, Flash #12, and Superman #12
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Friday, August 24, 2012

The Verbal Mosh Episode 180

It's Paragon!!!!!!!
We're back with another new episode of The Verbal Mosh and you can hear it right here or on our Facebook page. We review comic books smiley
This week, we review:
Amazing Spider-Man #691, Avengers #29, Avengers vs. X-Men #10, Before Watchmen Rorschach #1, Crow #2, Green Lantern #12, Hellblazer #294, Nightwing #12, Supergirl #12, and Wonder Woman #12.
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tash's Pick Of The Week: Daredevil #17

The Great Divide
Written by Mark Waid
Art By Mike Allred

Welcome back to The Verbal Mosh and it's pick of the week. Often imitated, barely updated. Olivia was a little taken aback when i said that Daredevil #17 was my pick of the week. (Last week?) What can I say, when it's good, it's good. Mark Waid has been a god send for this book. I'm really excited to see what he has up his sleeve for the Hulk.

Back to ol' hornhead. As of late he has had a really bad time of it. First he is taken away to the homeland of Dr. Doom and had his radar sense taken away. Then Iron Man, Dr. Strange and Ant Man fixed it. The someone digs up the remains of his dear old dad and leaves it in a box at his law office for Foggy to find.

Foggy then promptly fires his bony ass (inside joke.) I think i like it better when Foggy totally didn't have a spine and just let Matt get away with whatever. Yeah those were the good ol' days. I call them the 1990's. When everybody had a ponytail and a  trenchcoat. Hell i did too. So Matt's felling down on his luck and thinks about to a time when he had his doubts about Foggy as a lawyer. By the by this story was drawn by the fantastic Mike Allred. It's just so awesome to look at.  Allred brings a since of type of look to the Man Without Fear not since seen since the late great Gene Colan. Kind of Cartoony but still grounded in realism.

This story is told as a throwback to when Matt and Foggy started practicing law in New York. Foggy is slipping when it comes to his share of the workload and is causing Nelson and Murdock to lose case after case. Matt finally gets Foggy to tell him just what hell has he attention. Turns out Foggy is working with a small start up that can allow blind people to see memories they have. Foggy takes Matt on a tour of the faculty and lets Matt use the machine.

While the technology is still pretty new it lets Matt see how his dad refused to throw a fight which cost him his life. Matt remembers how good Foggy was to him and he becomes even more determined to find out who dug up his fathers remains and who set him up to get fired by Foggy. The Man Without Fear is now The Man Who Is Pissed Off.

An amazing tale by two heavyweight in Waid and Allred. Truly any acclaim that this book gets totally deserves  it. Not like Justice League. All jokes aside ( did that last one count as a joke?) go out and buy all seventeen issues of this book. It's worth it's weight in gold i tells ya.

-Tash Moore

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Conan the Barbarian #7

Written by: Brian Wood
Art by: Becky Cloonan

Becky Cloonan returns! Though I enjoyed the work of James Harren, who filled in for a few issues, I though it was excellent to see her return to this title.

There's trouble in Cimmeria, where Conan is from. Someone is wreaking havoc, murdering and just causing destruction all over the country and acting in Conan's name. I liked seeing Conan's mother in this issue. You can tell that this is where he gets his love of tough, strong women. His mother takes no nonsense and certainly none from Belit. Normally, the depiction of Conan in this series has been a bit of a cissy boy, always yearning to be with his queen. Conan has a bit more machismo here and even confronts Belit when she wants to go all stabby on some of the local young women after they mock her. It's fascinating because we get more introspection on her since she is out of her element in this environment, which mimics the early issues about Çonan in foreign lands/waters. Everyone sees Belit as just a pretty little woman who should tend to her womanly duties and leave the mystery of the 'Conan impersonator' for the men to uncover. I don't know who he is. Nobody knows yet, but the issue ends with a grim look at the impersonator amidst another blaze of fire, which is pretty cool. Mhm, that's right.

The artwork was lovely all around. Dave Stewart did the colors. He's one of my top two favorite colorists. I'm, also, enjoying seeing the different aspects to the characters. The story was great. It's a new story-line, but it kind of picks up from the last issue where Conan and Belit left Messantia, and we see where they left to go towards. There are a lot more forests. There's even snow. There was a lot of traveling to get to Cimmeria and it was interesting to see how Belit handled such brutal weather. She came across as a bit spoiled/don't-you-know-who-I-am-bow-down-to-me-before-I-stab-you. It's good that she's out of her element because it will just help the character to grow and gain much more depth.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Verbal Mosh Episode 179

Oh, Marvel. You're zazzy. You're super zazzy since Marvel Now will eventually come in and it won't really matter what's happening in current storylines. So tune in to Episode 179 right here and over on our Facebook page.
This week, The Verbal Mosh reviews Batgirl #12, Batman #12, Batman and Robin #12, Before Watchmen Ozymandias #2, Captain America #16, Fantastic Four #609, Mighty Thor #18, Scarlet Spider #8, and Superboy #12.
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Comics Review: Invincible Iron Man #522

Written By Matt Fraction
Art By Salvador Larroca

What a strange story this was. We all know now that Tony Stark is now a slave to The Mandarin. Which means that Uncle Sam should step in and help out. Seems like only in the world of Marvel Comics does the sixteenth amendment to the constitution not apply.  Oh well, when you have a jerk ass like Tony Stark being held slave i wouldn't rush to help either. The Mandarin sends out all of Iron Man's D-list villains(aren't they all) to secure items that Tony needs to complete Mandarin's doomsday weapon.

Iron Man 2.0 is caught in a tough spot when fighting The Detroit Steel crew lead by Sasha Hammer. Good thing Pepper Potts showed up rocking her Rescue suit. They have a team up and Iron Man 2.0 gets all cryptic about his real identity. Pepper Potts even got in a TCH. Who does Matt Fraction think he is? Grant Morrison? This isn't a Batman and Robin comic.

The bright side for Tony Stark is that he is able to fix the brain of Zeke Stane. Tony takes out the bomb that was implanted in him by Mandarin. Zeke is good as new and wants to team up with Tony to take down that damn Mandarin once and for all (until the Iron Man relaunch). This issue comes to an end with Mandarin and Tony talking to each other.

Mandarin tells Tony that when he was a young man he found the ten rings that he now wears in a cave in Asia. But the rings aren't really rings. They are but they aren't. The rings are really vessels for some long dead warrior of cosmic legend. WHAT? So a comic based on futuristic technology has a cosmic warrior god?!? Eh when you really think about it Thanos made his first appearance in this book. Not bad but this issue was kind of strange. It was a swing.....and a miss.

-Tash Moore

Monday, August 6, 2012

Tash's Pick Of The Week: Avengers Vs. X-Men #9

Yeah, like this story has a title
Written By Jason Aaron
Pencils By Adam Kubert
Inked By John Dell

Hey it's an Avengers Vs. X-Men comic that has Spider-Man in it. And no it did not suck. The cover really stands out and that makes sense because it's by the ultra talented Jim Cheung. So The Avengers are all upset because they can't seem to beat the Phoenix Rangers. Hell even Thor got bitched.

There was a really cool scene in this book where Spider-Man is talking to Hope and she is complaning about all the training she is forced to do. By the way Hope, Spider-Man and The Avengers are holed up in the mystical city of K'un L'un (for years i called it KUNG LUNG). They best part I felt was when Hope was talking to Spider-Man, she says to not be so bent out of shape because the good guys always win in the end. Spidey replies to tell that to his Uncle Ben. That's a simple and powerful reminder that there is always a price to pay in the hero game.

We only see two of the Phoenix Rangers in this issue, Colossus and his sister Magik. Here you can see the seeds being planted for what will bring the Phoenix Rangers down in the fact that the more time they spend with the power of a god the more it corrupts them. The Avengers decide to go and rescue Thor and the others who are being held by Colossus and Magik.

Using the mystical (not the rapper) portal The Avengers sneak into Cape Dezhnev to save Thor and get ambushed by Magik and Colossus. Spider-Man steps up to the plate and allows the other Avengers to get away while he fights Magik and Colossus. To say that our wall crawler is outmatched is an understatement as he gets his web swinging ass handed to him. And quite badly I might add. I think it's totally safe to say that Jason Aaron has a much better handle in Spider-Man then Bendis does.

Before he gets totally beaten to paste, Spidey convinces Colossus and Magik to fight each other to gain more of the Phoenix Force. Magik and Colossus take each other out giving their share of the Phoenix to Cyclops and Emma Frost. The Avengers go back and pick up Spider-Man. (Good thing Captain America is back. If Tony Stark was still leading the team he would have left Parker's bony ass behind.) When The Avengers get back to K'un L'un, the super powered up Cyclops shows up to take back Hope. (Quick somebody get Obama in this issue.) Great story from Mr. Jason Aaron and it looks like Adam Kubert gave somewhat of a damn while drawing this. My hats off. But my socks stay on.

-Tash Moore

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Verbal Mosh Episode 178

Good golly, Miss Molly! It's another Avengers vs. X-Men tie-in that makes it to this week's pick of the week. Wanna know what it is? Well, you're going to have to check out our website to find
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The Verbal Mosh is a comic book podcast. This week, we review: Action Comics #12, Animal Man #12, Before Watchmen Nite Owl #2, Daredevil #16, Swamp Thing #12, and Sweet Tooth #36.
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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Comics Review: Balder The Brave #1

Writer: Walt Simonson
The Sword Of Frey
Artist: Sal Buscema

What fun i had reading this. This story is from the height of the Thor run that Simonson was on. It packs in romance and action and ties into what's going on in the Thor title. It's kind of sad how current mini series in the Marvel Universe don't do that anymore. Anyway Balder is done with Asgard and hangs about with Karnilla Queen Of The Norns. They lay about as lovers tend to do. But all this is undone when an Asgardian named Agnar shows up in Karnilla's kingdom.

Originally Agnar had a gripe with with Balder for killing his old man or something like that. Hey I read alot of comics. If you know the whole reason drop us an email at (Good looking.)
But after sometime speaking with Balder, Agnar sees the  folly of his ways and strikes up a friendship with our hero. Karnilla learns from Agnar that Thor is riding into Hel (with one L) to rescue some souls that have been stolen from Midgard (Earth).

Agnar was sent by Thor to retrieve Balder for only he knows the way to Hel (again with one L). Karnilla tries to trap Angar in her pit of doom. (Again with two o's.) Balder learns of this plot and breaks him out. Cuz Balder is brave and he also likes to keep it real. Karnilla wants Balder to stay because she is in love with him. But Balder being the man that he is feels honor bound to help Thor. Balder informs her of his intention to go help Thor.

The title of this story is not just for show. In the beginning the sword of Frey is shown to be one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. Kanilla has it but knows of it's awesome power. She frets back and forth over if she should give it to Balder to use on his way to hel. In the end after some training with Agnar, Balder asks for Kanillia blessing. She gives him a cold look and send him on his way hoping to Odin that Balder makes it back in one piece.

This was great all around and from start to finish. This story blended seamlessly with the main Thor book but also told it's own story. Truly a home run from two of the all time pros.

-Tash Moore

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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