Thursday, August 2, 2012

Comics Review: Balder The Brave #1

Writer: Walt Simonson
The Sword Of Frey
Artist: Sal Buscema

What fun i had reading this. This story is from the height of the Thor run that Simonson was on. It packs in romance and action and ties into what's going on in the Thor title. It's kind of sad how current mini series in the Marvel Universe don't do that anymore. Anyway Balder is done with Asgard and hangs about with Karnilla Queen Of The Norns. They lay about as lovers tend to do. But all this is undone when an Asgardian named Agnar shows up in Karnilla's kingdom.

Originally Agnar had a gripe with with Balder for killing his old man or something like that. Hey I read alot of comics. If you know the whole reason drop us an email at (Good looking.)
But after sometime speaking with Balder, Agnar sees the  folly of his ways and strikes up a friendship with our hero. Karnilla learns from Agnar that Thor is riding into Hel (with one L) to rescue some souls that have been stolen from Midgard (Earth).

Agnar was sent by Thor to retrieve Balder for only he knows the way to Hel (again with one L). Karnilla tries to trap Angar in her pit of doom. (Again with two o's.) Balder learns of this plot and breaks him out. Cuz Balder is brave and he also likes to keep it real. Karnilla wants Balder to stay because she is in love with him. But Balder being the man that he is feels honor bound to help Thor. Balder informs her of his intention to go help Thor.

The title of this story is not just for show. In the beginning the sword of Frey is shown to be one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. Kanilla has it but knows of it's awesome power. She frets back and forth over if she should give it to Balder to use on his way to hel. In the end after some training with Agnar, Balder asks for Kanillia blessing. She gives him a cold look and send him on his way hoping to Odin that Balder makes it back in one piece.

This was great all around and from start to finish. This story blended seamlessly with the main Thor book but also told it's own story. Truly a home run from two of the all time pros.

-Tash Moore

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