Thursday, August 9, 2012

Comics Review: Invincible Iron Man #522

Written By Matt Fraction
Art By Salvador Larroca

What a strange story this was. We all know now that Tony Stark is now a slave to The Mandarin. Which means that Uncle Sam should step in and help out. Seems like only in the world of Marvel Comics does the sixteenth amendment to the constitution not apply.  Oh well, when you have a jerk ass like Tony Stark being held slave i wouldn't rush to help either. The Mandarin sends out all of Iron Man's D-list villains(aren't they all) to secure items that Tony needs to complete Mandarin's doomsday weapon.

Iron Man 2.0 is caught in a tough spot when fighting The Detroit Steel crew lead by Sasha Hammer. Good thing Pepper Potts showed up rocking her Rescue suit. They have a team up and Iron Man 2.0 gets all cryptic about his real identity. Pepper Potts even got in a TCH. Who does Matt Fraction think he is? Grant Morrison? This isn't a Batman and Robin comic.

The bright side for Tony Stark is that he is able to fix the brain of Zeke Stane. Tony takes out the bomb that was implanted in him by Mandarin. Zeke is good as new and wants to team up with Tony to take down that damn Mandarin once and for all (until the Iron Man relaunch). This issue comes to an end with Mandarin and Tony talking to each other.

Mandarin tells Tony that when he was a young man he found the ten rings that he now wears in a cave in Asia. But the rings aren't really rings. They are but they aren't. The rings are really vessels for some long dead warrior of cosmic legend. WHAT? So a comic based on futuristic technology has a cosmic warrior god?!? Eh when you really think about it Thanos made his first appearance in this book. Not bad but this issue was kind of strange. It was a swing.....and a miss.

-Tash Moore

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