Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Invincible #94

Invincible #94
writer: Robert Kirkman
artists: Ryan Ottley and Corey Walker

The saga of Robot and Monster Girl's adventures in the Flaxan universe continues! Boy, does it get juicy. Take a look at that cover, it says it all right there. Juicy!

This was some good stuff. The Flaxan army is too strong to take down. We keep going down memory lane with Robot and Monster Girl because from their perspective, the Flaxans shouldn't be a problem. When they were in the Flaxan universe, they spent hundreds of years building a rebellion and trying to make the place better and friendlier. The two of them spent so much time together that they fell in love. And what do you know, they had a child together! And now that child is leading that Flaxan army trying to basically kill them all. Aw. Look at what love built. Even more interesting will be to see how they fell out of love. Something must have happened because when they came home, they were super-awkward around each other all those issues ago. It was probably about the pregnancy.

There's no Mark in this issue. I guess he's still fragile and whatnot or maybe he's comforting Eve because she's crying about something or other. Blincible is trying to hold the fort down, but being a super-hero in the Invincible universe is tough. These guys get their bones broken so often and are always getting torn to shreds.

I like Ottley and Walker working together. I think their work complements each other and it just suits the story since we keep getting pulled back into these flashbacks.

That child is BIG and he's been throwing one massive tantrum to get the attention of his parents. I think Monster Girl needs to whoop that kid's butt because obviously he's a-hankering for some spankering.


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