Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tash's Pick Of The Week: Daredevil #17

The Great Divide
Written by Mark Waid
Art By Mike Allred

Welcome back to The Verbal Mosh and it's pick of the week. Often imitated, barely updated. Olivia was a little taken aback when i said that Daredevil #17 was my pick of the week. (Last week?) What can I say, when it's good, it's good. Mark Waid has been a god send for this book. I'm really excited to see what he has up his sleeve for the Hulk.

Back to ol' hornhead. As of late he has had a really bad time of it. First he is taken away to the homeland of Dr. Doom and had his radar sense taken away. Then Iron Man, Dr. Strange and Ant Man fixed it. The someone digs up the remains of his dear old dad and leaves it in a box at his law office for Foggy to find.

Foggy then promptly fires his bony ass (inside joke.) I think i like it better when Foggy totally didn't have a spine and just let Matt get away with whatever. Yeah those were the good ol' days. I call them the 1990's. When everybody had a ponytail and a  trenchcoat. Hell i did too. So Matt's felling down on his luck and thinks about to a time when he had his doubts about Foggy as a lawyer. By the by this story was drawn by the fantastic Mike Allred. It's just so awesome to look at.  Allred brings a since of type of look to the Man Without Fear not since seen since the late great Gene Colan. Kind of Cartoony but still grounded in realism.

This story is told as a throwback to when Matt and Foggy started practicing law in New York. Foggy is slipping when it comes to his share of the workload and is causing Nelson and Murdock to lose case after case. Matt finally gets Foggy to tell him just what hell has he attention. Turns out Foggy is working with a small start up that can allow blind people to see memories they have. Foggy takes Matt on a tour of the faculty and lets Matt use the machine.

While the technology is still pretty new it lets Matt see how his dad refused to throw a fight which cost him his life. Matt remembers how good Foggy was to him and he becomes even more determined to find out who dug up his fathers remains and who set him up to get fired by Foggy. The Man Without Fear is now The Man Who Is Pissed Off.

An amazing tale by two heavyweight in Waid and Allred. Truly any acclaim that this book gets totally deserves  it. Not like Justice League. All jokes aside ( did that last one count as a joke?) go out and buy all seventeen issues of this book. It's worth it's weight in gold i tells ya.

-Tash Moore

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