Saturday, September 22, 2012

Comics Review: Balder The Brave #4

Written By Walt Simonson
Balder The Beautiful
Drawn By Sal Buscema

So i guess what Marvel is trying to get across is that Balder is good looking and you the reader is a total ug mo. Or maybe not. Who knows. In this issue Balder is still at war with the Frost Giants(not the San Francisco ones) because they kidnapped his woman Queen Karnilla. Balder defeats the smallest Frost Giant and regains to famed Sword Of Frey.

The King Frost Giants forces Balder the good looking without a shirt to drop his weapon. Balder tosses the sword to Agnar waiting in the wings and gives himself up to the Frost Giants. Agnar makes a run from the castle with the sword to tell the Asgardians that they will soon be under attack from the Giants.(not the football ones)

The king Frost Giant waves his hands and makes a snow storm engulf the land so Agnar will never reach Asgard. So that's how it works, you just need to wave your hands. Boy did Harry Potter lie to me. Karnilla is put into a glass bottle and watches the King Frost Giant do his thang when a shirtless Balder enters the room. Without shirt Balder fights the Frost Giants and frees Karnilla. The battle comes to an end when i kid you not, Balder makes things so hot and sexy the room castle start to melt. No I'm just kidding. Just about the sexy part. Balder is able to harness the power of the sun and heat up the realm of the Frost Giants and shrink them down to the size of small action figures.

Agnar is able to brave the winds and returns to the land of the Norns. Hogun the Grim arrives to tell Agnar to return to Asgard as they have chosen a new king.  They have chosen Balder The Brave. Damn it seems like just about everybody has been King of Asgard at some point. The throne of Asgard is sure a whore. Hogun leaves a note behind for the soon to be king.

Balder and Karnilla returns to her kingdom and Karnilla discovers the note left behind. She turns to throw the note away but she knows that this time she cannot. Karnilla passes the note to Balder. Balder must return to the Golden Realm at once to become king. Karnilla doesn't want him to leave but she knows that he can't run from his destiny anymore than she can. Karnilla will rebuild her realm and lets Balder leave. But not before giving him her ring. So that one day he might return to her. Balder rides off to take the Throne of Asgard after they share an embrace.

The mini series ends with a really cool double page spread of all the hero's and villains in the book. It's by the great Sal Buscema with inks by Simonson. When i got the mini series from C2-E2 in Chicago I was upset that it didn't feature Thor at all. But i was surprised by the story and i didn't miss The mighty one at all. It was a thrill ride that didn't leave you wanting for anything. It had action, romance and growth for everyone involved. Shows what I know. So go spend the money for these books. It's something every comic book fan should read.

-Tash Moore

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