Monday, September 10, 2012

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Action Comics #0

Superman Action Comics #0
writer: Grant Morrison
artist: Ben Oliver

The Superman in Action Comics #0 is really cool. I wasn't a fan of his new "costume" at first but it's starting to grow on me. And Ben Oliver's art was fantastic and made me like it more. I liked this issue a lot.

There was a bit more of the same of what we had seen in previous issues with Clark going to the one shop to get his t-shirts printed up. It's funny how it focuses on that one shop because I liked it even more in one of the previous issues where every shop around was claiming to be the place Superman shops at. I won't call foul considering this issue takes place before the other one but I liked the other take better. Jimmy and Lois want to break the story about Superman but they as yet don't have any proof that the guy even exists. In an incident, Superman gets shot at on the roof of a building and falls to the ground. He is of course unscathed but a small child grabs his cloak which, unlike the rest of his outfit, is Kryptonian and therefore not easily damaged. The child uses the cloak to protect himself and a sibling from abuse. They run away and unluckily land themselves on a track with a train headed straight for them. Superman comes in and saves the small child. It was a weird moment when the child asks Superman what the "S" on his shirt stands for because it's a little cocky to call yourself super but it works because we don't see him say it. We see it in the headlines in the paper. The child had given back the cape. It was sweet.

The issue had a lot to do about the symbolism of Superman and how he is perceived. My two favorite moments were 1.) when the child yells at the abusive man about how he won't be able to hurt him or his family any more. The child has the courage and the strength that he gets from the stolen cape to stand up to injustice. And 2.) I liked when Superman stops the train from killing the children. That scene was just very classic and heroic and it's nice to get back to that for a moment and take a break from getting caught up in a character's own perspective.

It was a great story and had some wonderful art.

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