Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Justice League #0

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Gary Frank

Lightening is leaking out of his eyeballs! That cover is crazy. :)

Billy Batson is the focus of this issue. About time, too. His story has been building in back-ups of Justice League for some time. Here he finally comes face to face with this old wizard, who tells billy the magical word that will transform him and give him new powers. Billy isn't the perfect candidate. The wizard had been looking for such a long time for the absolute perfect candidate and had never found one. Billy points out that it is because no such person exists. There is no such thing as an absolutely good person. Everyone has faults. As long as there was some good within, that was all that mattered. The wizard agreed with this point and saw the good in Billy. So, with the magic word: SHAZAM! Billy the boy turns into Billy the muscular man, and what does Billy decide to do? He decides to get a little payback. He acts without regard to any kind of consequences. Billy wrecks the car that belongs to that rich blonde man with the little jerk kids. He's got a lot of power in his hands and he needs to learn how to control it. Especially if he's going to eventually confront Black Adam, which is what it's looking like.

Considering all these issue 0 comics have been covering the origins of their respective main characters, it was a little surprising that the issue wasn't one of how all the various Justice League members met. But, the regular Justice League stories haven't been so great recently, that I preferred this change.

The back-up featured a story involving a woman named Pandora. I guess this is the purple cloaked woman who appeared in the backgrounds of the early issues of the new 52. The story of Pandora is, and mind, I'm roughly paraphrasing, Pandora has a box. Pandora opens that box. The seven deadly sins are released into the world. In this story, illustrated by Ethan Van Sciver, she also confronts the old wizard who gave powers to Billy. She wants to undo what opening her box had done. It's all going to tie together. When Billy was walking toward the wizard, he passed a bunch of relics that represented the seven deadly sins.

It was an okay introduction to Pandora. I enjoyed the main story with Billy more. It had more of a build-up and more intriguing parts to the character. The art was fantastic by Gary Frank, as usual. Ethan Van Sciver's work was good, too. Definitely check it out for yourself. It was an enjoyable read.


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