Friday, October 26, 2012

Comics Review: Captain America #19

Captain America #19
Written by: Ed Brubaker
Drawn by: Steve Epting

Where to start with this book? Lets try November 2004. Brubaker took on this book being a true life long fan. Knowing the stories he enjoyed as a child and knowing what the fans wanted to read, he brought a new, much needed, breath into this title. A book being put out just for the name, after all you can't just stop putting out Cap! Right off the bat bringing back Bucky from the dead, turned into a villain, turned good guy, turned temp Cap, and I'm rambling. You see how much he's done! Anyway, I digress. This issue has us sitting in on a monologue spoken by Steve Rogers. He's talking to William Burnside who filled Caps shield in the 50's while Rogers was presumed dead. Rogers is still trying to understand why he's held up as this icon. He sees it as only serving his country. Over the years seeing what the symbol on that shield has represented and how it's changed over the years, he wants to open up to Burnside on some things that made HIM want to strap on the shield. Steve opens up about his younger days, the scrawny Steve, the death of his father, and the gripping fear that he'd come home to an empty home. Failed enlist after failed enlist, Rogers never had any intention of actually being on the front lines of the war, punching Hitler, he only wanted to help his country. To feel like he was worth something, anything. Then blowing up to becoming a symbol worth a lot, to a lot of people. It became more than short films and war posters, it got real. Becoming a beacon of hope for soldiers everywhere and to everyone back home, Rogers was sent to war. Took him down a peg or two on the inside, again not knowing he'd be the only one of his kind at the time. He ate it and stood up to the challenge, proving more and more why he deserves that star on his chest. He then goes on to tell Burnside that the shield became more of a job, a "burden" as he puts it. Like people HAVE to wear the shield. To protect and serve. And none like Burnside who had lost everything he was trying to be Captain America. This twisted image of what Cap should be forced Rogers to walk away from the shield for a bit. This leading to the death of a civilian wielding the shield. It shows Steve that if HE'S not going to be Cap, someone else will. He feels responsible, like he needs to be Cap. I guess you can call it his own Ben Parker Complex (Trademarking that). He ends the one sided convo by assuring Burnside he's going to have a better life with his new name at his new home when he's better. Tells him that William Burnside was laid to rest beautifully and deservingly and that his mission is over, he longer has to be Cap. The art in the book is as beautiful as Epting's first issue with Brubaker. Huge panels, intense action. Strong colors by Frank D'Armata, just like the first run. Great writing, as Brubaker's been doing for 8 long years. In short (after this long one!) what I'm saying is, if you only buy one issue of Cap in your entire life, make it this one. It's first time reader friendly, it's long time fan friendly, Joe Simon'd be proud.

Matt Milanes

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Wonder Woman #13

Writer: Brian Azzarello
Art: Tony Akins and Dan Green

My top Pick of the Week is Wonder Woman #13.

Wonder Woman remains one cool chic and one entertaining series. I like how she always has Zola's back. In this issue, there's a recap about how WW has got to try to find Zola's baby since Hermes stole it. A bunch of the gods are talking and scheming on Olympus and I like how it's a more natural environment than guys standing around a table, staring at each other and yelling. It's not all of the gods who are invited to this little shindig or even want to join it, only the ones fathered by Zeus. Athena isn't there though and I loved the line about Justice being absent. These guys are worried about the one destined to destroy them all. Is it WW? Quite possibly but we can't forget Zola's child and the big target on that kid either. 

WW is walking through the Middle East. When Hermes was on her side, it made her life easier. WW is only considered a demi-god. It helps to have the actual gods on her side. It makes traveling easier for one thing. Hermes was the one who helped WW travel to Hell. These guys are powerful allies and also powerful enemies. So WW's going to look for someone who might side with her. She comes across a small girl hiding in a giant vase from soldiers. The girl leads her to an underground temple. And surprise, surprise, that's no little girl, but the exact god she was looking for. Unfortunately, it looks like she wants to kill WW, too. WW seems to have stepped into a trap. 

There are a lot of characters, and more keep getting introduced but I never feel overwhelmed with everything that is happening because the story still clearly centers around WW. She's a nice heroic archetype. I like her courage, strength, and faith in her friends. She'd totally be in Gryffindor if she went to Hogwarts. 

There's a funny scene with Zola and the newly turned mortal Hera. They don't like each other and tussle a bit. 

The art remains fantastic and I love that cover by Cliff Chiang. There are nice twists and turns to the story. And this is a light, fun book to read. I can't wait to see what kinds of obstacles WW will continue to face. 


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Comics Review: Invincible Iron Man #526

Written By Matt Fraction
Independence Day
Drawn By Salvador Larroca

Hey gang I just saw the new Trailer for Iron Man 3. It's looks like it's going to be a fun and dark film. (Not grim and gritty.) It was so good I had more fun watching that than reading this comic. The big thing going on here is that the guy working at Resilient totally reboots Tony Stark. I guess Tony has his own OS and he expels any trace of The Mandarin from controlling him. Tony, Zeke Stane, Whirlwind and the Living Laser take the fight to Mandarin and his giant robots.

No they don't look like Transformers, but in my mind they should. Wow I'm really all over the place. So other things going down in this issue. Pepper Potts breaks up with her Rescue armor. In a really strange scene Pepper tells the armor that she was happy to have it but it's time to say goodbye. The armor starts to complain and then Pepper Potts even gives the Rescue armor a kiss. I'll have to remember that the next time I go on vacation my desktop will miss me. I'll give it a smooch before I shut it down. Maybe that's going too far.

The Calvary arrives in the form of Bethany Cabe and the Triumph Division (the super group of the Philippines) and The Dynasty (The Avengers of China). A really big battle breaks out with the giant non-transformers and the good guys. Mandarin tells Tony and the readers that the rings that he's been wearing this whole time are really alien beings who landed on earth. They want the  Mandarin to use the core of the earth to power their ship to go back home. (It's never said where but I'm pretty sure it's near Cybertron.)

Tony Stark blows up the robots and saves the earth. Zeke Stane then kills The Mandarin. Tony Stark freaks out about there are rules the good guys don't kill the bad guys. Tony goes off on Zeke Stane and Zeke retorts that Tony may have killed an intelligent alien race so what's the big deal. Tony then ponders this and looks sad. No really, he did. Or not. I like my version better. It's not a great ending but hey, it's and ending. Next month, an ending.

-Tash Moore

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Verbal Mosh Episode 189

Almost getting back on schedule, here we are with episode 189 of The Verbal Mosh. We like to talk about comics, and this week we go over:
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #3, Chew #29, Before Watchmen Minutemen #4, Justice League #13, Supergirl #13, Nightwing #13, Hellblazer #296, Mighty Thor #21, and Daredevil #19. This Newest Episode can be heard right here or on our Facebook Page.
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Comics Review:AvX: Consequences #2

AvX: Consequences 2
Written by: Kieron Gillen
Drawn by: Steve Kurth

We finally see the first conversation between Logan and Scott since the disaster at Utopia. If you're anything like me, or the normal population, you were rooting for the Avengers this summer and finally seeing an Avenger confront the war criminal is hair raising. The conversation is calm, and hard hitting at the same time. Logan getting straight to the point dumping Chucks death on Scott and Scott taking every last hit. That is until he drops the atom bomb. The J bomb. Causing Wolvie to almost kill Scott before realizing, that's what the Boy Scout wants. And where's the fun in killing something that wants to be killed? To add salt on the wound, Scott doesn't wanna call in his rouge team of mutants, pissing Logan off more, and making the Avengers job harder. It closes with the meeting of a new mutant, and a cliff hanging panel of an upcoming fight. These last two issues have been heavily focused on Scott, and that's not a problem at all. After all, he almost single handedly destroyed earth. I'm anxious to see where else this mini series goes, and who else it effects other than Scott and Logan.

Matt Milanes

Tash's Pick Of The Week: Uncanny Avengers #1

New Union
Written By Rick Remender
Art By John Cassaday

I know what your thinking. Another team book? I know, I know. But to be honest with you dear reader this book was pretty fun to read. Oh, how i remember the days when that would happen all the time. Anyway this issue takes place like 5 minutes after Avengers Vs. X-Men. Captain America talks to Havok about how he and the Avengers have never really been there for the mutants. Well Cap that only took you about 30 years to get on point. Crap, lets hope we don't have to wait that long for Captain America to get behind the Civil Rights Act.

Cap wants Havok to step up and be the leader and face of the new mutant population. I guess because he has the last name Summers. Not a really good idea if you ask me.But Havok does step up when old school X-Men villain Avalanche hits the streets of NYC. Well he really just starts to break them up. Havok, Thor and Captain America take him to task. Great artwork here from John Cassaday. It's been sometime since this guy has drawn a regular comic. It's worth it because he did a superb job drawing this book. The fight scenes were all spot on. Never really read much from Rick Remender during his stint at Marvel. But if this book is any indication i think i buy more books with his name on it.

At the site of where Professor X is buried Scarlet Witch is paying her last respects. Rouge then shows up and starts a fight. Gezz you think that Rouge would totally be the last person to hold a grudge against Scarlet Witch. So she took out and great chunk of the mutant population. But didn't she just jump start a new mutant population revolution? Also didn't somebody in this book originally start out as a bad guy (girl). Rouge I'm totally looking at you.

The book ends with a pretty sweet cliffhanger where the Red Skull is back. He has some new henchmen that look like animal/human hybrids. The beat and kidnap the Scarlet Witch then they steal the frigging brain of Charles Xavier. You know Chuck being the worlds most power telepath they really should have taken that thing and hid it somewhere. Maybe next time they'll learn their lesson. If there is a next time. Hey, who am i kidding? Of course there will be.

-Tash Moore

The Verbal Mosh Episode 188

We're back from New York Comic Con. Olivia has got some sniffles, but that ain't holdin' us back! We're talking about some awesome and not so awesome books this week including: Listen to this awesome episode here or on our Facebook page.
Morning Glories #22, Conan the Barbarian #9, Before Watchmen Dr. Manhattan #2, Superboy #13, Batman #13, Batman and Robin #13, Batgirl #13, Captain America #18, Fantastic Four #611, and Wolverine and the X-Men #18
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012

Another year, another New York Comic Con. A lot of people cosplaying as Bane.

This convention seems to get more crowded every year. That's why, hands down, Thursday was the best day to walk around and get to check out the Show Floor.

Tash and I arrive in the afternoon. We walk around to scope out where the best deals are going to be and just familiarize ourselves with the layout. There weren't many panels we wanted to see. We did check out the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter panel and the DC New 52: Superman panel. The racism in the Street Fighter panel was not cool. They showed a couple of videos from the Street Fighter tournaments they hold around the world, and after they showed the clip from Japan, the people in the back of the room were laughing and mocking the Japanese commentators from that video. Nobody was out and pulling their eyes back into slits but it was still irksome behavior. The game, itself, looked decent. The graphics were cool in how they captured real movement; flab bouncing around as it got punched. It was also interesting to note how the updated game was a free upgrade.

The Superman panel was awesome. It featured Jim Lee, Scott Snyder, Grant Morrison, Mahmud Asrar, and more. The H'el on Earth story-line is going to be starting up. All of the covers they showed looked fantastic. I especially will look forward to the Supergirl and Superman/Justice League titles. In regards to costume changes, Jim Lee said he just wants to keep moving/looking forward. The characters need to keep up with the changing times. Even though the older versions are nice and nostalgic, I guess they don't fit the vision of the future. Grant Morrison really likes writing one issue stories, which was interesting to note too since he tends to write really complex arcs.

Friday came. There were a ton of panels we wanted to check out, but didn't get around to all of them with our crazy schedule. This day was just hectic. I checked out the Editors on Editing panel featuring Ben Abernathy, Scott Allie, and Filip Sablik, moderated by Comic Book School. They were talking about breaking into the comic book industry and how to stay in once you've broken in. Really all they kept saying was "be awesome." That's how you can make it with a career in comics.

Friday was so crowded but Saturday was ridiculous. It was a sea of people and a lot of them were really rude and pushy. Once again, we didn't make it to all of the panels on our itinerary. We stopped in the Creepy and Eerie Reborn and Undead panel. Chris Columbus was there talking about a new project of his, but he just couldn't seem to get away from that magical little boy, Harry Potter. Chris Columbus did direct the first two movies in that series after all. It was awesome though. They handed out a lot of free swag.

We checked out the Kickstarter panel. It featured artists and writers from the Benign Kingdom, a really successful group that put out a couple of art books with the help of Kickstarter. It was inspirational to see how much support and how many funds they were able to raise. I even received a free iron-on patch from that panel.

Sunday was going to be our day to chill and just enjoy that last of the convention. Sundays at any convention tends to be the family day when lots of younger children come out. It's kind of upsetting to see more rude, pushy people knock little kids around because they're not moving fast enough out of their way. I went to see the Tom Felton Q&A. Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy. It had to be cut short because Tom had a signing in about 30 minutes that he needed to be at. This panel was a blast though. He shared a couple of embarrassing anecdotes about being famous. It was personal and funny and the kind of stuff I would have talked about if I was in his place. Somebody asked about his marriage to Daniel Radcliff and it was hilarious because he went along with the gag. He said Dan was going to be the one wearing the dress in the relationship. He squashed the rumor about him owning a boat. Look at that. Something that came from Wikipedia and it wasn't the truth. Gasp. And, he talked briefly about some upcoming movies/made-for-tv-movies he will be in that will be coming out next year including the made-for-tv Labyrinth movie.

We went to the DC Batman- Death Comes to Gotham panel. There was Scott Snyder, Grant Morrison, Greg Capullo, FCO, Kyle Higgins, and many more. I screamed myself hoarse. Never again will I do that. The Nightwing cover by Eddy Barrows looked so creepy and cool. All of the art looked twisted and awesome as I would expect since the Joker is making his reappearance.

While waiting for the Drawing DC panel, we sat and watched some tv shows in one panel room presented by the Ceebeebies. It was a bunch of shows for pre-schoolers from the BBC. It was kinda cute.

The Drawing DC: kids edition panel was so much fun. It would have been even more awesome if I were a little kid because then I too could ask questions and get free books/sketches. It featured Franco and Christopher Jones. I had no idea Franco was an art teacher, on top of working on his comics with Art Baltazar.

There was such good energy in that last panel. It was a perfect way to end our time at NYCC. I picked up a copy of Cowboy Ninja Viking Vol. 2. I bought some buttons and some Kool-Aid. I ate a Korean hotdog.

Not a bad time at all.

P.S. Check out more photos from our NYCC trip on our Facebook page and be sure to Like us!

Monday, October 15, 2012

New York Comic Con Day 4

Tired and worn out is totally how I feel right now. But New York Comic Con is always a blast. Sure there is a great deal of people being assholes but hey, that's just the way it is. I really had a great time.....eating all the food that I did. This seems to be the best part of comic con. Olivia went to a few panels and the Amazing Spider-Man panel was awesome.

During the Spidey panel we learned that Peter Parker will no longer be Spider-Man after issue #700. The following month Dan Slott launches a new book called Superior Spider-Man. It's been a long time since I was really excited about a story line. I hope that the new Spider-Man is Ben Reilly. Maybe not but i can still hope so.

Next up was the Batman: death comes to Gotham panel. Boy does the story with the Joker seems interesting. It's been sometime since we've seen The Joker in the New 52 universe. I think that every time when The Joker shows up it should be a special event, but that's just me. It was nice to see the entire Batman creative team in the stage. Greg Cappullo has a very loud personality. He's also very candid which is real in the industry. He spoke about how he really is having a good time working on Batman.

The last panel was the Drawing for DC panel. My hats off to DC for trying to bring in younger readers to the fold. I feel like DC goes out of its way to cultivate new, younger readers. Marvel then scoops them up as adults. (true story)

Then we went home to see the Giants crush the 49ers. It was a really good day and I can't wait for next year.

-Tash Moore

Saturday, October 13, 2012

New York Comic Con Day 3

Well, day three has come and gone. To be honest from all the time i spent running around and how many times my phone kept losing service, i am totally spent. We'll be on the floor this Sunday but not for long. So make your way out to say hi.

I hit the Creepy\Eerie panel. That was a pretty good time. Lord knows I love some horror comics. Director Chris Columbus was there and he spoke about modern day horror films and getting a Creepy film made. Turns out that in this day and age Hollywood doesn't want there to be a horror film that makes you laugh. I remember there being some films like that. Mostly in the 1980's. Sadly that time has past, but one man in the audience let it slip that Cabin In The Woods is that type of film. One night while I'm sitting alone with nothing to do I just might check that out.

Tons of people hitting the convention today and it was just crazy. People pushing and shoving each other. I have the feeling that New York will turn out to be the new San Diego. Folks, let me tell you that is not a good thing.

The last panel that i hit was the Kickstarter Panel. Turns out people are using the Internet to make money. Who knew? I wish i would have known about this. This panel was really about how a group of artist and writers came together to create a set of art books and get them out to the masses. It worked and now they have done very well for themselves. Kudos!

Well that's it for today. I'm going to once again lay in bed and get my strength back for the final day. Come over and see us at the Spider-Man with Dan Slott. Should be a zinger.

-Tash Moore

Friday, October 12, 2012

New York Comic Con Day 2

Well day two of New York Comic Con has come and gone and boy was it a long day. I argued with some people and then my damn phone died. So as I learned after today it is a good idea to bring my charger.

First Panel was the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. I had no idea how many creators and fans were being hit with obscenity charges for comics. Thanks to the Creation of the Comics Code, EC Comics had to shut it's doors. Hell people even once believed that if you read Tarzan it would make you some sort of sex fiend.  But I've heard some awesome stories how the fund helps tons of people out. And it's not just comic creators. A gentleman who was 25 years old was caught comic from Canada with Manga and the Canadian Government thought it was child porn. This guy was locked up and held for days without being able to see a lawyer. The Canadian government even tried to have him labeled as a sex offender. But thanks to the good folks at the fund he was able to be cleared of all charges. It's something you should donate to soon. I know I will.

At the Vertigo panel they spoke to Scott Snyder and he said that just for a little while American Vampire was going away. He and Rafael Albuquerque will be going to do some awesome project in the DCnU proper. No word on what that is but Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy have a book called The Wake that's horror themed for next year. Jeff Lemire also has a new project called Trillium and it's a 10 issue maxi series. Now not too many details were given but you better believe that I am going to pick this up. Neil Gaiman and J.H. Williams III have a prequel (what is it with DC and prequels) to Sandman planned for next year. Perhaps Before Sandman?

The last panel before I got into an argument with a fellow pod caster was the Archie Panel. Holy crap how does Archie sell so much? Joe Quesada and Dan Didio need to find out how these guy are thriving. Plus they had way better swag at their panel. Tons of Free Archie trades and digest for everybody. All they really did here was push the best of Archie Vol.2 along with an Archie and Glee crossover and the 50th anniversary of Sabrina The Teenage Witch. The comic looked fine but boy did the cartoon that will air on the HUB channel look like crap.

That's it, I'm off to grab some rest and report in to Bleeding Cool. Find me tomorrow and ask me questions. I won't mind.

-Tash Moore

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New York Comic Con Day 1

Olivia and I took the train into the city and picked up our Press Badges. We got into the building and really just walked around to see what we might want to buy in the next few days. If I've learned anything from San Diego Comic Con is you should really wait until day three or four to make big purchases. You should be able to talk down some of the dealers to a better price.

We then went to the 25th Anniversary panel for Street Fighter 2. I'll be honest i like fighting games but it seems like modern gaming has really passed me by. Hell and I'm on 27. Funny note on the train ride over to NYC Olivia saw me beat Street Fighter 2 on my iPhone. It was really cool to see that some of the guys over at Capcom (the company that makes the Street Fighter games) make sure to get the fans involved with helping bring back some of the older titles.

I was really excited that they are re-releasing the Darkstalkers game. I had  a blast playing that game in the arcade 1996-1997. They also had the Executive Producer of the Street Fighter franchise on hand to speak to fans.

Moving along in the same room was the New 52 Superman panel. Editors and Creators were on hand and the gave out the news regarding the Superman family titles. They have the big H'el On Earth Crossover and the new Superman Earth One Vol. 2 due out "soon." Andy Diggle and Tony Daniel to take over Action Comics from Grant Morrison. New Duds in the form of a black suit are down the line for the Man of Steel. Then to cap it all off they snuck in Scott Synder and Jim Lee to talk about the new Superman book that they are working on.

All this was already confirmed by Bleeding Cool. Speaking of Bleeding Cool i got to meet Mr. Rich Johnston at the panel and yes ladies he sounds just like Harry Potter and he came across as a very awesome fellow. That's it. I'll leave you with some photos from Day one while i grab a shower and some rest, see you all tomorrow.

-Tash Moore

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Verbal Mosh @ New York Comic Con

Well it's about damn time.

The Verbal Mosh will be at New York Comic Con all 4 days this week, So below are just some of the panels that Olivia and I will be going to. So if you see me don't think twice to come over and say hi. Also don't try to rob me. I only carry disney dollars and you really don't want those.

5:15 PM Street Fighter 25th Anniverary
6:30PM  DC Comics The New 52: Superman

11 AM CBLDF: The History Of Comics Censorship
12:15 Marvel NOW! All New X-Men
1:30 PM: Vertigo: A view from the cutting edge of comics
2:45 PM Archie Comics: The hottest publisher in the industry
4:15 PM DC Comics: All Access: Before Watchmen

1:30 PM DC comics The New 52
2:45 PM Marvel Right Now!!: The Avengers
4 PM Kickstarter and Indie Comics
5:30: Marvel Cup o Joe (everybody will be at this)

10:45 AM Amazing Spider-Man and Beyond
12:15 PM Batman; Death comes to Gotham
1:15PM Marvel The Next Big Thing (sounds sexy)

See you on the floor and i hope your feet don't hurt to bad.

-Tash Moore

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Comics Review: Invincible Iron Man #525

Beating Down The Transhuman Condition
Written By Matt Fraction
Drawn By Salvador Larroca

Ol' Mandarin is in for it now. Well not really. But he will be. Isn't that the way these stories go.In Mandarin City Tony Stark, Zeke Stane,Blizzard, Living Laser and Whirlwind cause a riot. Just how do they do that? They got all new armor from Tony Stark. Seems like Stark does his best work when he's up against the clock and stuck in a god forbidden place. I'm sure The Mandarin won't take it well to hear of his awesome Asian city as a dump. But hey what can you really do about it.

Iron Man 2.0 aka Rhodey's mom is visited by Pepper Potts and Bethany Cabe. They spill the beans that they know that Rhodey is alive and well. They also know that he's the new Iron Man running around the Marvel U. If this was the 80's and 90's everything that is going on in ol' shell heads book would be reflected in the other titles in the line. Iron Man 2.0 would totally be on Avengers Vs. X-Men. But it's a comic book. No need for continuity here.Matt Fraction must be taking a page out of WWE and Vince McMahon's playbook.

The newly reformed bad guys go into The Mandarins armory and destroy all the weapons of mass destruction. This joke is way to easy to make so I'll leave it be. Pepper Potts and Bethany Cabe gather a group of (wannabe) heroes called "Triumph Division" and "The Dynasty" to go and rescue Tony Stark from the hands of The Mandarin. Tony and Zeke Stank come face to face for a final showdown with The Mandarin. Man that was a lot of F's in there. Turns out the giant robots that Mandarin wanted Stark and Stane to build are really weapons of mass destruction. Mandarin plans to crack a huge hole in the center of the planet to kill us all. Oh No! So it's Tony's last stand. Not bad but not great. I have the feeling that this title is on cruise control. Maybe Tony dies next issue and we get young Iron Man back. But i doubt it.

-Tash Moore

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Verbal Mosh Episode 187

We're counting down the days to New York Comic Con.
The Verbal Mosh will be there all four days, October 11-14 at the Jacob Javitz Center. It's gonna be Legen.... wait for it... dairy! Isn't that right, Moo-tilda? winking Also you can hear Episode 187 right here or on our Facebook page.
This week, we talk about Before Watchmen Rorschach #2, Action Comics #13, Green Lantern #13, Animal Man #13, Swamp Thing #13, Sweet Tooth #38, Crow #4, Thief of Thieves #9, and Amazing Spider-Man #695.
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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Avengers Vs. X-Men #12

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Adam Kubert

Well, who would have thunk it. Avengers vs. X-Men is my pick of the week!

The Phoenix Rangers are plural no more. Since the last issue, Cyclops absorbed all of the Phoenix power himself. There was a bit of back-tracking in the story to talk about how the Avengers/X-Men are going to stop Scott. It took these guys long enough to try to work together. And that was the key. One Avenger and one X-Man: Scarlet Witch and Hope Summers. When their powers combine... they create... Captain Planet!? No, but it would've been cool.

Wanda packs the most punch and Hope mimics her. Scott hallucinates Jean Grey telling him that it's okay that this is the end. Of course, he doesn't die and join her spirit. He just gets locked up. The Phoenix doesn't die either. It can't. Otherwise there would be no balance in the world. In mythology, the Phoenix is born from it's own ashes. The power of the Phoenix just consumes any host it connects with that the cycle becomes all about destruction and that is where the balance gets out of whack. Hope gives a cool little speech about her destiny because the Phoenix was destined for her all along. She will take that power and use it for only good. But wisely, Wanda with Hope recite for there to be no more Phoenix, just like how Wanda once cast the spell for "no more mutants". The Phoenix breaks into many, many, tiny pieces and finally creates life, after all the destruction. Mutants. New mutants are popping up all over the place. It was pretty awesome. A nice twist for a book that sometimes became a little stale with the excessive fighting that happened in some of the earlier issues.

It came. It went. Things are looking up. Well, not for Scott, but that's okay. Great work by Jason Aaron. I'm not really a fan of Adam Kubert, but he did all right. This issue was good.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tash's Pick Of The Week: Amazing Spider-Man #694

Welcome To Alpha Island
Written By Dan Slott
Pencils By Humberto Ramos
Inks By Victor Olazaba

Well this is my pick of the week and let me say I had a fun time reading this comic. I know that we (and I mean the two of us) here at The Verbal Mosh feel like reading comics is like a job. Sometimes it feels like it, but then you get a comic that reminds you why you read so many stories about dudes in spandex. This story continues on about Alpha, the teenage super hero sensation created by Peter Parker when Alpha and his classmates visited Horizon labs. Turns out the kid got his with a healthy (or unhealthy) dose of Parker Particles. Word on the street is that Hank Pym might sue.

This kid Alpha is going to continue to get stronger until he becomes the strongest hero in the Marvel U. Wait where have I heard that before? Quick hurry up and write this all down before Marvel tries to make you forget about The Sentry. Hell at New York Comic Con this year they might just try to pass Alpha off here as a creation from way back by Len Wein and George Perez.

Anyway Alpha is keeping it real in Tokyo when Terminus shows up in NYC to cause problems. Because with a name like Terminus you can only get so many employment opportunities. The Avengers put out the call and bring the web swinger into action with them. Spidey uses his aPhone to get in touch with Alpha to help out The Avengers.

Alpha gets back to NYC and starts a battle with Terminus. After deflecting a blast from Alpha Terminus causes an EMP that makes every plane in the area go down. Aunt May and JJJ Sr. are flying back to Boston when this happens. Spidey makes his way to the plane with the help of the new (not really) Captain Marvel. Using up all his webbing to close the giant gaping hole that he made in the plane Spider-Man finds May and John Sr. trying to land the plane at an airport.

I really dug the scene when the wall crawler steps out to use his powers to hold the landing gear in place. Humberto Ramos did a fantastic job bringing this panel to life. Hell even at the end Mayor Jameson give Spidey some props. Hmm I guess things do change. Spidey sees the way that Alpha handled himself during the fight with Terminus. He didn't care for Alpha's devil may care attitude. Using all the alien tech that he finds on Terminus, Spidey builds a chamber that will slowly drain all the powers out of Alpha. Spidey lets Alpha know that what happened was part of a test and the way he handled himself put innocents at risk.

The issue ends with Alpha going back to a normal life with tears in his eyes. Aunt May and JJJ Sr. move back to New York and the real Hobgoblin makes his long awaited return to the book. Dan Slott had a lot going on in this issue but it felt like a fast paced story that hit all the right notes just when you need them to. Dan Slott is really only one of the few guys who know how to write Spider-Man and how to do it right.

-Tash Moore