Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012

Another year, another New York Comic Con. A lot of people cosplaying as Bane.

This convention seems to get more crowded every year. That's why, hands down, Thursday was the best day to walk around and get to check out the Show Floor.

Tash and I arrive in the afternoon. We walk around to scope out where the best deals are going to be and just familiarize ourselves with the layout. There weren't many panels we wanted to see. We did check out the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter panel and the DC New 52: Superman panel. The racism in the Street Fighter panel was not cool. They showed a couple of videos from the Street Fighter tournaments they hold around the world, and after they showed the clip from Japan, the people in the back of the room were laughing and mocking the Japanese commentators from that video. Nobody was out and pulling their eyes back into slits but it was still irksome behavior. The game, itself, looked decent. The graphics were cool in how they captured real movement; flab bouncing around as it got punched. It was also interesting to note how the updated game was a free upgrade.

The Superman panel was awesome. It featured Jim Lee, Scott Snyder, Grant Morrison, Mahmud Asrar, and more. The H'el on Earth story-line is going to be starting up. All of the covers they showed looked fantastic. I especially will look forward to the Supergirl and Superman/Justice League titles. In regards to costume changes, Jim Lee said he just wants to keep moving/looking forward. The characters need to keep up with the changing times. Even though the older versions are nice and nostalgic, I guess they don't fit the vision of the future. Grant Morrison really likes writing one issue stories, which was interesting to note too since he tends to write really complex arcs.

Friday came. There were a ton of panels we wanted to check out, but didn't get around to all of them with our crazy schedule. This day was just hectic. I checked out the Editors on Editing panel featuring Ben Abernathy, Scott Allie, and Filip Sablik, moderated by Comic Book School. They were talking about breaking into the comic book industry and how to stay in once you've broken in. Really all they kept saying was "be awesome." That's how you can make it with a career in comics.

Friday was so crowded but Saturday was ridiculous. It was a sea of people and a lot of them were really rude and pushy. Once again, we didn't make it to all of the panels on our itinerary. We stopped in the Creepy and Eerie Reborn and Undead panel. Chris Columbus was there talking about a new project of his, but he just couldn't seem to get away from that magical little boy, Harry Potter. Chris Columbus did direct the first two movies in that series after all. It was awesome though. They handed out a lot of free swag.

We checked out the Kickstarter panel. It featured artists and writers from the Benign Kingdom, a really successful group that put out a couple of art books with the help of Kickstarter. It was inspirational to see how much support and how many funds they were able to raise. I even received a free iron-on patch from that panel.

Sunday was going to be our day to chill and just enjoy that last of the convention. Sundays at any convention tends to be the family day when lots of younger children come out. It's kind of upsetting to see more rude, pushy people knock little kids around because they're not moving fast enough out of their way. I went to see the Tom Felton Q&A. Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy. It had to be cut short because Tom had a signing in about 30 minutes that he needed to be at. This panel was a blast though. He shared a couple of embarrassing anecdotes about being famous. It was personal and funny and the kind of stuff I would have talked about if I was in his place. Somebody asked about his marriage to Daniel Radcliff and it was hilarious because he went along with the gag. He said Dan was going to be the one wearing the dress in the relationship. He squashed the rumor about him owning a boat. Look at that. Something that came from Wikipedia and it wasn't the truth. Gasp. And, he talked briefly about some upcoming movies/made-for-tv-movies he will be in that will be coming out next year including the made-for-tv Labyrinth movie.

We went to the DC Batman- Death Comes to Gotham panel. There was Scott Snyder, Grant Morrison, Greg Capullo, FCO, Kyle Higgins, and many more. I screamed myself hoarse. Never again will I do that. The Nightwing cover by Eddy Barrows looked so creepy and cool. All of the art looked twisted and awesome as I would expect since the Joker is making his reappearance.

While waiting for the Drawing DC panel, we sat and watched some tv shows in one panel room presented by the Ceebeebies. It was a bunch of shows for pre-schoolers from the BBC. It was kinda cute.

The Drawing DC: kids edition panel was so much fun. It would have been even more awesome if I were a little kid because then I too could ask questions and get free books/sketches. It featured Franco and Christopher Jones. I had no idea Franco was an art teacher, on top of working on his comics with Art Baltazar.

There was such good energy in that last panel. It was a perfect way to end our time at NYCC. I picked up a copy of Cowboy Ninja Viking Vol. 2. I bought some buttons and some Kool-Aid. I ate a Korean hotdog.

Not a bad time at all.

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