Thursday, October 11, 2012

New York Comic Con Day 1

Olivia and I took the train into the city and picked up our Press Badges. We got into the building and really just walked around to see what we might want to buy in the next few days. If I've learned anything from San Diego Comic Con is you should really wait until day three or four to make big purchases. You should be able to talk down some of the dealers to a better price.

We then went to the 25th Anniversary panel for Street Fighter 2. I'll be honest i like fighting games but it seems like modern gaming has really passed me by. Hell and I'm on 27. Funny note on the train ride over to NYC Olivia saw me beat Street Fighter 2 on my iPhone. It was really cool to see that some of the guys over at Capcom (the company that makes the Street Fighter games) make sure to get the fans involved with helping bring back some of the older titles.

I was really excited that they are re-releasing the Darkstalkers game. I had  a blast playing that game in the arcade 1996-1997. They also had the Executive Producer of the Street Fighter franchise on hand to speak to fans.

Moving along in the same room was the New 52 Superman panel. Editors and Creators were on hand and the gave out the news regarding the Superman family titles. They have the big H'el On Earth Crossover and the new Superman Earth One Vol. 2 due out "soon." Andy Diggle and Tony Daniel to take over Action Comics from Grant Morrison. New Duds in the form of a black suit are down the line for the Man of Steel. Then to cap it all off they snuck in Scott Synder and Jim Lee to talk about the new Superman book that they are working on.

All this was already confirmed by Bleeding Cool. Speaking of Bleeding Cool i got to meet Mr. Rich Johnston at the panel and yes ladies he sounds just like Harry Potter and he came across as a very awesome fellow. That's it. I'll leave you with some photos from Day one while i grab a shower and some rest, see you all tomorrow.

-Tash Moore

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