Friday, October 12, 2012

New York Comic Con Day 2

Well day two of New York Comic Con has come and gone and boy was it a long day. I argued with some people and then my damn phone died. So as I learned after today it is a good idea to bring my charger.

First Panel was the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. I had no idea how many creators and fans were being hit with obscenity charges for comics. Thanks to the Creation of the Comics Code, EC Comics had to shut it's doors. Hell people even once believed that if you read Tarzan it would make you some sort of sex fiend.  But I've heard some awesome stories how the fund helps tons of people out. And it's not just comic creators. A gentleman who was 25 years old was caught comic from Canada with Manga and the Canadian Government thought it was child porn. This guy was locked up and held for days without being able to see a lawyer. The Canadian government even tried to have him labeled as a sex offender. But thanks to the good folks at the fund he was able to be cleared of all charges. It's something you should donate to soon. I know I will.

At the Vertigo panel they spoke to Scott Snyder and he said that just for a little while American Vampire was going away. He and Rafael Albuquerque will be going to do some awesome project in the DCnU proper. No word on what that is but Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy have a book called The Wake that's horror themed for next year. Jeff Lemire also has a new project called Trillium and it's a 10 issue maxi series. Now not too many details were given but you better believe that I am going to pick this up. Neil Gaiman and J.H. Williams III have a prequel (what is it with DC and prequels) to Sandman planned for next year. Perhaps Before Sandman?

The last panel before I got into an argument with a fellow pod caster was the Archie Panel. Holy crap how does Archie sell so much? Joe Quesada and Dan Didio need to find out how these guy are thriving. Plus they had way better swag at their panel. Tons of Free Archie trades and digest for everybody. All they really did here was push the best of Archie Vol.2 along with an Archie and Glee crossover and the 50th anniversary of Sabrina The Teenage Witch. The comic looked fine but boy did the cartoon that will air on the HUB channel look like crap.

That's it, I'm off to grab some rest and report in to Bleeding Cool. Find me tomorrow and ask me questions. I won't mind.

-Tash Moore

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