Saturday, October 13, 2012

New York Comic Con Day 3

Well, day three has come and gone. To be honest from all the time i spent running around and how many times my phone kept losing service, i am totally spent. We'll be on the floor this Sunday but not for long. So make your way out to say hi.

I hit the Creepy\Eerie panel. That was a pretty good time. Lord knows I love some horror comics. Director Chris Columbus was there and he spoke about modern day horror films and getting a Creepy film made. Turns out that in this day and age Hollywood doesn't want there to be a horror film that makes you laugh. I remember there being some films like that. Mostly in the 1980's. Sadly that time has past, but one man in the audience let it slip that Cabin In The Woods is that type of film. One night while I'm sitting alone with nothing to do I just might check that out.

Tons of people hitting the convention today and it was just crazy. People pushing and shoving each other. I have the feeling that New York will turn out to be the new San Diego. Folks, let me tell you that is not a good thing.

The last panel that i hit was the Kickstarter Panel. Turns out people are using the Internet to make money. Who knew? I wish i would have known about this. This panel was really about how a group of artist and writers came together to create a set of art books and get them out to the masses. It worked and now they have done very well for themselves. Kudos!

Well that's it for today. I'm going to once again lay in bed and get my strength back for the final day. Come over and see us at the Spider-Man with Dan Slott. Should be a zinger.

-Tash Moore

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