Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Wonder Woman #13

Writer: Brian Azzarello
Art: Tony Akins and Dan Green

My top Pick of the Week is Wonder Woman #13.

Wonder Woman remains one cool chic and one entertaining series. I like how she always has Zola's back. In this issue, there's a recap about how WW has got to try to find Zola's baby since Hermes stole it. A bunch of the gods are talking and scheming on Olympus and I like how it's a more natural environment than guys standing around a table, staring at each other and yelling. It's not all of the gods who are invited to this little shindig or even want to join it, only the ones fathered by Zeus. Athena isn't there though and I loved the line about Justice being absent. These guys are worried about the one destined to destroy them all. Is it WW? Quite possibly but we can't forget Zola's child and the big target on that kid either. 

WW is walking through the Middle East. When Hermes was on her side, it made her life easier. WW is only considered a demi-god. It helps to have the actual gods on her side. It makes traveling easier for one thing. Hermes was the one who helped WW travel to Hell. These guys are powerful allies and also powerful enemies. So WW's going to look for someone who might side with her. She comes across a small girl hiding in a giant vase from soldiers. The girl leads her to an underground temple. And surprise, surprise, that's no little girl, but the exact god she was looking for. Unfortunately, it looks like she wants to kill WW, too. WW seems to have stepped into a trap. 

There are a lot of characters, and more keep getting introduced but I never feel overwhelmed with everything that is happening because the story still clearly centers around WW. She's a nice heroic archetype. I like her courage, strength, and faith in her friends. She'd totally be in Gryffindor if she went to Hogwarts. 

There's a funny scene with Zola and the newly turned mortal Hera. They don't like each other and tussle a bit. 

The art remains fantastic and I love that cover by Cliff Chiang. There are nice twists and turns to the story. And this is a light, fun book to read. I can't wait to see what kinds of obstacles WW will continue to face. 


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