Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tash's Pick Of The Week: Amazing Spider-Man #694

Welcome To Alpha Island
Written By Dan Slott
Pencils By Humberto Ramos
Inks By Victor Olazaba

Well this is my pick of the week and let me say I had a fun time reading this comic. I know that we (and I mean the two of us) here at The Verbal Mosh feel like reading comics is like a job. Sometimes it feels like it, but then you get a comic that reminds you why you read so many stories about dudes in spandex. This story continues on about Alpha, the teenage super hero sensation created by Peter Parker when Alpha and his classmates visited Horizon labs. Turns out the kid got his with a healthy (or unhealthy) dose of Parker Particles. Word on the street is that Hank Pym might sue.

This kid Alpha is going to continue to get stronger until he becomes the strongest hero in the Marvel U. Wait where have I heard that before? Quick hurry up and write this all down before Marvel tries to make you forget about The Sentry. Hell at New York Comic Con this year they might just try to pass Alpha off here as a creation from way back by Len Wein and George Perez.

Anyway Alpha is keeping it real in Tokyo when Terminus shows up in NYC to cause problems. Because with a name like Terminus you can only get so many employment opportunities. The Avengers put out the call and bring the web swinger into action with them. Spidey uses his aPhone to get in touch with Alpha to help out The Avengers.

Alpha gets back to NYC and starts a battle with Terminus. After deflecting a blast from Alpha Terminus causes an EMP that makes every plane in the area go down. Aunt May and JJJ Sr. are flying back to Boston when this happens. Spidey makes his way to the plane with the help of the new (not really) Captain Marvel. Using up all his webbing to close the giant gaping hole that he made in the plane Spider-Man finds May and John Sr. trying to land the plane at an airport.

I really dug the scene when the wall crawler steps out to use his powers to hold the landing gear in place. Humberto Ramos did a fantastic job bringing this panel to life. Hell even at the end Mayor Jameson give Spidey some props. Hmm I guess things do change. Spidey sees the way that Alpha handled himself during the fight with Terminus. He didn't care for Alpha's devil may care attitude. Using all the alien tech that he finds on Terminus, Spidey builds a chamber that will slowly drain all the powers out of Alpha. Spidey lets Alpha know that what happened was part of a test and the way he handled himself put innocents at risk.

The issue ends with Alpha going back to a normal life with tears in his eyes. Aunt May and JJJ Sr. move back to New York and the real Hobgoblin makes his long awaited return to the book. Dan Slott had a lot going on in this issue but it felt like a fast paced story that hit all the right notes just when you need them to. Dan Slott is really only one of the few guys who know how to write Spider-Man and how to do it right.

-Tash Moore

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