Friday, October 19, 2012

Tash's Pick Of The Week: Uncanny Avengers #1

New Union
Written By Rick Remender
Art By John Cassaday

I know what your thinking. Another team book? I know, I know. But to be honest with you dear reader this book was pretty fun to read. Oh, how i remember the days when that would happen all the time. Anyway this issue takes place like 5 minutes after Avengers Vs. X-Men. Captain America talks to Havok about how he and the Avengers have never really been there for the mutants. Well Cap that only took you about 30 years to get on point. Crap, lets hope we don't have to wait that long for Captain America to get behind the Civil Rights Act.

Cap wants Havok to step up and be the leader and face of the new mutant population. I guess because he has the last name Summers. Not a really good idea if you ask me.But Havok does step up when old school X-Men villain Avalanche hits the streets of NYC. Well he really just starts to break them up. Havok, Thor and Captain America take him to task. Great artwork here from John Cassaday. It's been sometime since this guy has drawn a regular comic. It's worth it because he did a superb job drawing this book. The fight scenes were all spot on. Never really read much from Rick Remender during his stint at Marvel. But if this book is any indication i think i buy more books with his name on it.

At the site of where Professor X is buried Scarlet Witch is paying her last respects. Rouge then shows up and starts a fight. Gezz you think that Rouge would totally be the last person to hold a grudge against Scarlet Witch. So she took out and great chunk of the mutant population. But didn't she just jump start a new mutant population revolution? Also didn't somebody in this book originally start out as a bad guy (girl). Rouge I'm totally looking at you.

The book ends with a pretty sweet cliffhanger where the Red Skull is back. He has some new henchmen that look like animal/human hybrids. The beat and kidnap the Scarlet Witch then they steal the frigging brain of Charles Xavier. You know Chuck being the worlds most power telepath they really should have taken that thing and hid it somewhere. Maybe next time they'll learn their lesson. If there is a next time. Hey, who am i kidding? Of course there will be.

-Tash Moore

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