Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Verbal Mosh @ New York Comic Con

Well it's about damn time.

The Verbal Mosh will be at New York Comic Con all 4 days this week, So below are just some of the panels that Olivia and I will be going to. So if you see me don't think twice to come over and say hi. Also don't try to rob me. I only carry disney dollars and you really don't want those.

5:15 PM Street Fighter 25th Anniverary
6:30PM  DC Comics The New 52: Superman

11 AM CBLDF: The History Of Comics Censorship
12:15 Marvel NOW! All New X-Men
1:30 PM: Vertigo: A view from the cutting edge of comics
2:45 PM Archie Comics: The hottest publisher in the industry
4:15 PM DC Comics: All Access: Before Watchmen

1:30 PM DC comics The New 52
2:45 PM Marvel Right Now!!: The Avengers
4 PM Kickstarter and Indie Comics
5:30: Marvel Cup o Joe (everybody will be at this)

10:45 AM Amazing Spider-Man and Beyond
12:15 PM Batman; Death comes to Gotham
1:15PM Marvel The Next Big Thing (sounds sexy)

See you on the floor and i hope your feet don't hurt to bad.

-Tash Moore

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