Friday, November 30, 2012

Tash's Pick of the Week: Amazing Spider-Man #698

Day In The Life
Written By Dan "The Man" Slott
Drawn By "Raunchy" Richard Elson

I love comics, I also love comics that have an awesome twist to them. While i did wait and i did stay away from the interwebs, i was totally caught off guard for what happened in this issue of Amazing. So the story starts of with our hero the Amazing Spider-Man (it's in the title people) getting for a normal day. I day that involves stopping robberies and designing new hi tech gizmo's that most (99%) can only dream about. I got a really good feeling seeing this go so well for Spidey.

Peter meets with his boss Max Modell and tells him that he has a new invention that will blow anything he's ever made out of the water. I like that Pete had confidence in himself was making just about everything he did end on a very positive note. He even went up to Mary Jane and put the moves on her. Hey, us fans from the 1990's did in fact enjoy a married Spider-Man ( i also loved Ben Reilly, so that shows how much i really know) Peter is tired of never taking life by the horns so he steps up to the plate. He and MJ even go to visit Aunt May in the hospital.

This is all touching and whatnot, but Peters duties as Spider-Man takes front and center. He gets a distress call from the other Avengers to meet with them at the raft. Nice touch for Slott to have Spidey say "What? Is there another breakout?". It's really just a cool little inside joke as to how Spider-Man joined up with the Avengers in the first place (See New Avengers #1.) Spidey gets to the raft to find Doctor Octopus on his deathbed. Ock keeps repeating over and over Peter Parker. Spidey takes off his mask to give us the big reveal.

Somehow Doc Ock has switched bodies with our Web Swinger!!! I yelled out at the injustice of it all as Ock laughed and walked away as my hero bite the big one in a body not of his own. But i wasn't upset. I just wanted to read more and i hope that Peter can somehow find his way out of this and come back as Spider-Man. But I'll say this was so well written i got no complaints whatsoever. It really felt like a throw back to the era of Lee and Romita and you really didn't know just what the hell was going to happen next. I'm hooked and just like and junkie i damn sure need more.

-Tash Moore

Comics Review:Indestrucible Hulk #1

Indestrucible Hulk Numbero 1
Written by: Mark Waid
Art by: Leinil Yu
    First off, Happy late Thanksgiving to the readers. Hope you all had some good food, read some good books, and had a safe holiday. To the fellow retail workers out there as I, stay strong, we'll make it through this season! And now, le review.
    Marvel continues their MARVEL NOW! campaign with this smashing new book. See what I did there? =] The Indestrucible Hulk! Which is another Hulk book and he has a low cut now, instead of that awkward for everyone baldy. It opens up in a small diner in Manchester Alabama, where S.H.I.E.L.D. director Maria Hill, with her frustration level one point higher than the town's population, is trying to track down this massive green rage monster booger man. She's IM'ing Agent Coulson following any lead she can. Tremor's in Brazil, hurricanes outside Kyoto. Anything that could be the Hulk making a mess. She desperately tells him that she needs to find Hulk before he ends up hurting people and how Banner'll never come and find them. And perfectly at that moment, Banner shows up behind Hill. She asks Banner where he's been and he tells her that he's been off thinking. He's not a child anymore, he's one of the smartest men on the planet and he pulls out this canister. Banner tells Hill that ever seen the accident, he's tried so hard to do nothing but get rid of the Hulk. Try and try and try he might, Banner let's her know that he's incurable. He flashes back to the Utopia battle at the end of AvX, and brings up that he, as Hulk was just a distraction for a "smart man" who was Tony Stark. Just talking about this upsets Banner. Stark, Richards, they use their brains and smarts to help the world over and over again and Banner would be lucky if his tombstone doesn't simply say "Hulk Smash". Which I don't know about you guys, but I wouldn't mind. And that's why I would be the wrong choice to hereld the Green Mean.
    How do we fix that? Asks Banner. First answer, manage the Hulk. Its something that can not be stopped, so instead of wasting time stopping it, might as well try to control it. Manage it. Second answer, start using Banner more productively. Which is a great idea, because everyone's just afraid of Banner because of the Hulk *sadface*. Bruce wants to start doing good for mankind, to balance out the scales. To prove what good he can do, Banner finally tells Hill what the canister is. Its a purification unit that can eliminate all waterborne diseases in the next five years if put into mass production. He promises to be able to break scientific ground like that at least once a week...IF he had the resources. And that's what Hill is for, he needs her to help him get in tight with S.H.I.E.L.D. and stop being hunted. He wants, a lab, privacy, a phat budget, and a good staff. In return, he spits out some sick ass science stuff. Yay science! Hill hints at another course of action. One that Banner already knows, she has one of the 12 agents scattered in town kill Bruce. So he shows her some incentive to treat him as a "pretty, pretty princess". Lucky =/. Hill calls it blackmail, Banner calls it insurance. Tomato-Tomahto.
    Now we talk about what the Hulk's role in S.H.I.E.L.D. will be. Banner tells Hill to stop thinking of the Hulk as a bomb, and start thinking of him as a cannon. Anxiety triggers the Hulk, and we live in anxious world. There's no stopping the Hulk from showing up and smashing the party, might as well use it. Banner says when he Hulk's out, it'll be S.H.I.E.L.D.'s job to point this new green cannon in the right direction. Let him break stuff, scream, yell, be scary, then collect when he's done. Simple right? Of course it is, it's only the Hulk. Banner suggests a trial run on a nearby guy who's supposedly building a W.M.D. Throughout the issue, Hill's been eyeing the clock on the wall. Banner notices this and guesses they have a 1:00pm strike time, which is a suicide run unless they're big, mean and green. Banner offers his services one last time, Hill responds with a whap to the head with a 2x4. I guess that means "yes" in comic book talk. The next page is in the bad guy's hideout. Doing some last minute checks, making sure all his little tweeks and such are all working. Alright, we're one step closer to destruction yay! And then there's a THOOM. Oh boy, THOOMS are never good.
    Turn the page and you get a whole two page spread of Hulk and a bunch of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents just so ready to eff stuff up. Bad guy activates his big robot looking guy thing conveniently as theres a big there to fight it back. The next couple pages are full of beautifully drawn and colors action. Bullets whizzing left and right, explosions going off up and down. Metal flying in all diagonal directions. This bad dude is called the Thinker and I'll give you 4 and a half guesses at what he does. As he's whopping the Hulk's green behind, he actually mocks him. "The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets." And well, that pisses Hulk off, rightfully so. It pushes Hulk to an incalculable level of strength and he rips Thinker's robot, with Thinker piloting it from inside, in half. And right when you think this issue can't possibly get any actionier, the bomb goes off. Hill and her troop of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents stand by as the building that Banner was just in goes into flames and a billion pieces. Somehow, luckily, Banner is alive under all that rubble. He barely pulls himself out and latches onto Hill. She hires Banner on the spot. She helps carry him off to get all the awesome paperwork done to make the Hulk and agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. The issue ends zooming in on Hill's green watch which is beeping.
    To everyone who thought this was just going to be another Hulk book where he's breaking stuff and yelling, were half right. But there's so much more to this series and I can see that right off the first issue. Hulk is finally going to be a big important part of what's going on and not just as an awesome strong force. We're gonna see Banner playing a part as important as the Hulk. Seeing them both work together is going to something amazing to see, and with DareDevil writer Mark Waid working on this, we're in for an incredible treat. See what I did there too? =D

Matt Milanes

The Verbal Mosh Episode 194

Captain America, you sure do look like Hit-Girl.
This is episode 194 of The Verbal Mosh, comic book podcast.
On this week's episode, we talk about:
Justice League #14, Wonder Woman #14, Supergirl #14, Nightwing #14, Hellblazer #297, Indestructable Hulk #1, Iron Man #2, Captain America #1, Daredevil #20, and Wolverine and the X-Men #21. Yo can totally tune in to hear the show right here or on our Facebook page.
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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Trade Central Station: Superman Earth One Vol. 2

To all our North American listeners, we hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We here at The Verbal Mosh are thankful to have you guys as fans, to entertain you with our wonderful nonsense.
This is the sequel to the original graphic novel Superman Earth 1.
Superman Earth 1 Volume 2 by J. Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis!
Superman fights gum disease! Not really. But listen to this episode to hear our review. You can check the review out here.
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Thor God of Thunder #1

Thor, God of Thunder #1
writer: Jason Aaron
artist: Esad Ribic

Thonan, the adventurer!

Marvel Now starts here for Thor in God of Thunder #1. Right off the bat, I love the creative team working on this. I'm a big fan of Esad Ribic's painted work, but the interiors have colors by Dean White, who also does good work. And I enjoy Jason Aaron's work on Wolverine and the X-Men. So, it's all looking up so far.

Thor starts off this issue, acting like a god does: drinking and having many women. There are flashbacks to a moment where a body is discovered in the water with blood everywhere. That was a god and the question that everyone asks is: who is the god-killer? It plays into the present because that same monster is what Thor is now going to have to face.

There was a strange moment when Thor reminded me of Superman. A small child on a distant planet is crying out for help. Thor hears this cry and comes to the rescue. Kinda like Superman saving the people on Mars in that last issue of Action Comics. Well, after Thor saves everyone he starts thinking that it is peculiar for someone of this race on this planet to call out to him for help. He is not their god. These beings should have their own gods to pray to who can help them when times are tough and there's the mystery to find out what happened to the gods here. Thor only had half the women to be had. There's still that other half he can have. He needs to get through this, chop chop.

Upon searching the surrounding area, Thor finds the home to the gods but the place looks deserted. There is one room yet which unlike all the other rooms is chained shut, so this looks very shifty. Inside, there is only horror. Thor and these locked rooms. Remember, Thor, what happened the last time you entered a locked "room"? You let out the Mares! But inside this place, Thor sees all of the gods dead. This is just like the flashbacks. Who can kill a god? It was all very methodical, too. The gods weren't ripped to shreds or anything. There were tools used. It's all very disquieting. And then Thor gets attacked! But this is only the guard dog and worst yet seems to be in line for Thor as he will eventually face the god-killer.

It's back to exciting tales of Thor! He's not chasing after Loki's misdeeds or fretting over the confusing ways of Odin. Not yet anyway. This issue was fun. There was the perfect set-up to this new story-line and for Thor's general character, which makes it easier if new readers want to check out the book. I like how there wasn't any crazy new, drastic re-design of Thor like when the DC New 52 launched. The storytelling was really clear. The art was fantastic. There was a clear set-up to where the story would be heading, but there's plenty of room in there for twists and turns to spring up and I am looking forward to reading more of Thor.

Marvel. It's not coming soon. It's happening NOW! teehee.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Comics Review: All New X-Men #1

All New X-Men #1
  Writen by Brian Michael Bendis
  Pencils by Stewart Immonen
    This week a writer I've tried to follow since I got into comics about 10 years ago, went from being a praised Avenger writer to an X-Men writer. That's right kids, Brian Michael Bendis has crossed over the pond and is tackling another Marvel team of heroes, and if this issue is any indication of how his run with the X-Men is going to be, I can tell you we're in for one hell of a ride. Full of Bendis twists and WTF? moments like we all know, love, and some of us hate. The cover of this book is amazing. The artistic creative team that worked on the book itself, also did the cover. Immonen laying out the pencils, Wade Von Grawbadger (if that's not the coolest name ever, I don't know what is) putting down the inks, and Marte Garcia finishing it up with colors. Its a wrap around cover with the front showing Charles Xavier's original 5 X-Men: (left to right) Angel, Marvel Girl, Cyclops, Iceman and crouching on the bottom, Beast. On the back we have Scott Summer's rogue team of fugitive Mutants. Magik, Magneto, modern day Cyclops, Emma Frost, and...that guy. We'll meet him later in the book, JUST WATCH. So let's do a quick catch up for those who haven't been following Avengers vs X-Men these last couple months. Cyclops was in a prison, Magneto broke him out COOL lets move on!
    The issue opens up with Hank McCoy, Beast in his lab at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. His having some kind of mutation caused panic attack. Hank's going through " mutation." He feels this one may just cause his heart to rupture, or his brain will seize due to the stress of it. Short on time, he refuses to kill himself cuse well, suicide aint cool, kids! This scene ends with Storm calling Hank over to see something she's looking at.
    Next we travel all the way to the land down under, two teenage girls are at a club type of place. One nervous and doubtfull about why she's there, the other egging her on and encouraging her to talk to this boy. Girl A finally walking over to Boy 1 and starts a conversation. Something straight out of an 80's teen movie, its beautiful really. But then the meathead, shirtless (porque) older brother shows up and starts hassling Boy 1. A couple macho yells later, and the brother decks Boy 1. CRACK!!! Well, there must just be air in that juice head of his, because Boy 2-5 begin to jump the brother. Girl A is screaming for them to get off her brother and stop the violence. Yelling at the top of her lungs, we see a half spread of her now glowing white and casting a blueish tint over the area. She finally comes down from this to find everyone and everything around her frozen still. The boys jumping her brother, her friend. She begins to cry in confusion before (turn the page) Scott, Ema, and Magneto arrive on the scene. Cyclops introduces himself, tells her that she's not alone. New mutants are popping up all over the world. Kids like her gaining powers by the minute (See AvX #12). Magneto gives her a quick guesstimate of her power, saying she's got a special power over time and space. The team tells her that she's frozen about a city block, and there's law enforcement waiting outside the field to arrest her. Scott lays some BS on this poor girl about joining his team, and learning to control and use her powers. He says he's taking it upon himself to make things right for the wrongs he's committed. Yeah yeah, yada yada (can you tell I don't like Cyclops?) The next two pages are the girl lowering her field and the X-Men fighting off the cops to help her escape.
    Back to the school, Storm, Kitty and Iceman are watching all about this on the news. Iceman is completely baffled by Scott's behavior. He understands why old villains would be out there doing what they're doing, but he's shocked at Scott. We then cut to an interrogation room. HEY! Its that kid from the back cover! He's being interrogated by a female cop. She wants to know how in the blue hell he was able to bring back someone from the dead. She saw him touch his dead friend and she magically came back to life. (Hint, he's a mutant.) There's another crash and in come the X-Men again to rescue another new mutant in distress. Scott looks into a security camera, knowing they'd be playing all footage all over the news, and sends out a message to all new mutants emerging all over the country. He let's them know that they're owed every single right as normal humans, calling them brothers and sisters of the atom. He throws up his gang sign to end the message.
    Back to the Jean Grey School. Same team as before and outside heading toward a plane, discussing the scene just witnessed. Bobby wants to bring Scott down, now not as big a threat as he was just a couple months ago. Storm ain't having that, she refuses to ignite a "mutant civil war". Kitty brings it to light saying he's destroying everything they've been fighting for all this time. Every time he attacks a human to save a mutant, he's going against the peacefull image that Charles wanted to show. The page ends with a great panel of a dark shadowy Storm bringing in some rain. Very intimidating, I don't think she's going to be holding back much longer by the looks of things here. A quiet Hank commends Bobby for being right when he says a younger Scott would be appalled at new Scott and would slap him up a bit. The next couple pages have been featured in previews for the series. Its of Xavier's first team back in time. We find Scott writing Jean a nice little love letter when Hank comes bursting in, yelling about how he's had it with humans hating and forming against the mutants. Even sympathizing with Magneto for a second and ultimately quitting the team. Scott gets up from the desk following Hank out to try and talk him out of it. They get right out the door to the hallway to find...Beast. In all his beardly, hairly glory! Skipping introductions, past Hank tells the group that's him, or what will become of him. Things get real when Scott tries to call the Professor. Present Hank tells him that he knows Xavier will look down on him being there. Saying he'll erase everyone's memory and send present Hank home. The issue ends with present Hank asking the team to come back to the present with him. He needs past Scott to talk to present Scott, to talk him out of committing mutant genocide. AND FIN!
    Not a bad intro issue at all. The mind can't help but explode with possibilities for the next couple issues. Everyone having a separate agenda, what can happen when all of them cross into each other?! HOW long will the past X-Men stay in the present? CAN Storm's team possibly be able to put a peaceful end to Scott's run? WILL Scott be able to escape everyone and continue his search for new mutants to help (and by help I meant train and mold into a new army cuse Scott's evil and crazy and NOW can you tell I don't like Scott?)? Find out next time on DragonBa......wait wrong thing, sorry. I'm excited for the next issue and especially where this series is gonna go. Good read, strong art. I hope its a lasting title! See you hooligans next week.

-Matt Milanes

The Verbal Mosh Episode 193

Who are we?
The Verbal Mosh.
This week on episode 193 we talk about time traveling, man-boobs, Bi-clops, martial arts and more as we discuss:
Invincible #97, Conan the Barbarian #10, Superboy #14, Batman #14, Batman and Robin #14, Batgirl #14, Thief of Thieves #10, All New X-Men #1, Fantastic Four #1, Amazing Spider-Man #697, and Wolverine and the X-Men #20. This new episode can be heard right here for free or on our Facebook page.
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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Movie Review: Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph
directed by Rich Moore
starring the voices of John C. Reilly, Jane Lynch, Sarah Silverman, and Jack McBrayer.

I saw "Wreck-it Ralph" the other night. This is Disney's animated film about a bad guy from the video game Fix It Felix, Jr. who wants to prove to all the other game characters that he can be a good guy, too.

Right off the bat, I had sympathy for Ralph because his life is very lonely. All he wants to do is enjoy sleeping in his stump, but the city bulldozers push his stump to the landfill. So, he gets a bit angry and wrecks the nearby building complex. Felix saves the day with his magical hammer and Ralph is thrown in the mud.

I absolutely loved the animation. I loved the way the characters walked and moved, especially the residents and when they sipped their little cocktails. This was a really great movie. If I wasn't laughing, I was getting emotional and teary-eyed. Nobody likes feeling left out. Ralph tries to go to a support group for bad guys, but it doesn't work out because he's looking for a quick fix. The group is all about 'one game at a time' and working on loving yourself. Ralph just wants everyone else to love him as much as they love Felix. He would like some pie.

But nobody is giving him pie, so he decides to game jump in order to win a gold medal. This is trouble because when the girl in the arcade wants to play Fix It Felix Jr., there's no Ralph, all the characters are panicking and the dreaded Out of Order sign gets put up on the screen. If Ralph isn't found, the game will get unplugged and all of the characters will become homeless. Felix goes out to find and bring back Ralph.

The story took some surprising turns. It was a lot of fun. A touch of frightening. The "bad guy" in this film is scary, in my opinion. The cameos by other game characters were cool, but the main story-line was better. I was surprised by how I didn't find Vanellope von Shweetz an annoying character, which from the previews I thought I would, but she, like Ralph, has a lot of endearing qualities too. She was also living alone amongst garbage as an outcast.

This movie was fantastic. I'm not spoiling it because you have to check it out for yourself. It's a good time all around with a wonderful message at heart. "There's nobody I'd rather be than me."


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tash's Pick of the Week: Animal Man #14

Written By Jeff Lemire
The Red Kingdom Part 2
Art By Steve Pugh, Timothy Green II and Joseph Silver

Damn Jeff Lemire is one fantastic writer. He's been the go to guy at DC for taking good characthers and making them great. Just go ask Superboy.
His body of work on Animal Man is becoming some of my favorite modern comics. Animal Man is back to the real world after he and Swamp Thing went after Arcane. Animal Man returns to find that The Rot has totally taken over and his family is dead and gone. After the first few issues you grew to enjoy the time Buddy Baker aka Animal Man has spent with his family. They are a very integral part of this comic.

Very few heroes are left after the coming of Arcane and The Rot. Beast Boy, Steel and John Constantine are really all that's left. They hang out and defend the Red Kingdom. Arcane has pretty much taken over the planet and almost all the DCnU heroes have been taking over as slaves. A group of DCnU second stingers attack the Red Kingdom. I had a really good time laughing at the undead version of Grifter and Hawk and Dove. Animal Man had this really awesome scene where his whole hand turns into a giant talon. Awesome stuff.

Arcane sends a powered up Felix Faust to take down The Red Kingdom. With the return of Animal Man, Faust is beaten and he gives Buddy Baker a message. His daughter is alive and Arcane has her. Push comes to shove you know that Baker is going to save his Littlewig. Constantine and the other Heroes team up with Animal Man to go through the overrun United States to rescue his daughter for the clutchs of Arcane.

Whoever said slow and steady wins the race was right. This has been from the very get go one of the best books that has a major major comic book label behind it. At times the art in this book is downright creepy and can keep you up at night. While I turn in my Spider-Man blanket.Yeah, I have Spidey sheets. Now they have been soiled.

-Tash Moore

The Verbal Mosh Episode 192

Back already with another new episode of The Verbal Mosh. We love talking about comics, and this week, we discuss:
Action Comics #14, Green Lantern #14, Swamp Thing #14, Sweet Tooth #39, and Iron Man #1 Now- gasp! Yes, Iron Man is coming back into our regular rotation. It's no longer exiled to written reviews on our website, which you can still check out by visiting:
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Monday, November 12, 2012

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Wolverine and the X-Men #19

Wolverine and the X-Men #19
writer: Jason Aaron
penciler: Nick Bradshaw
inker: Walden Wong

It's another day at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Headmistress Kitty Pryde is looking to hire a new teacher since the school will be expanding with the influx of students or rather new mutants who were created from the most recent dealings with the Phoenix. The variety of applicants have very narrow specialties and appear very inept. There is one woman who applies, and funnily enough, she actually has a degree in teaching but no mutant powers so the job won't go to her. Deadpool continues to apply despite continually being rejected. One of my favorites, though, was Ghost Rider who didn't list any kind of curriculum or department he could join in place at the school, but had a short list of the things he likes including "burning."

Saddest of all in this issue is Broo and the terrible condition he's in after being left for dead in the last issue by the Hellfire Club. Those twisted kids need a good spanking. Wolverine and Rachel Summers are trying to find them but they're being sent on a goose chase.

Angel takes back control of his company with the help of Daredevil and Husk leaves the school as a teacher because of her mental sanity. There's something crazy going on because she's part rock, part lizard, part flaming, molten rock on her face. Toad is really unhappy with her leaving. She was the one good thing about his job.

I really like the new mutants that show up at the school. It's nice to get a bit of fresh blood in the place and shake things around.

Frankenstein and his circus train are rolling into town by the end of this issue. They're looking for something or someone which will probably lead them to the Jean Grey School.

Lots of fun things happening in this issue. I just realized right now, there's a scene with Kid Omega picking his nose. The details in the art are fantastic. The writing is funny and well paced with a couple of emotional cues that gives this book really nice depth. The characters have great expressions. I really enjoyed this issue. I hope Broo gets better.


Comics Review: Invincible Iron Man #527

Written by Matt Fraction
The Stars My Destination
Art by Salvador Larroca

This is the final issue of the Fraction and Larroca run on Iron Man. It's the last issue of Invincible Iron Man. I feel so bad that this book is coming to an end. Blah, don't feel too bad dear reader. You can totally go pick up a copy of the NEW (NOW?) Iron Man #1 on sale as i type this. I think it would have been cooler for Tony Stark to just disappear then in a one year time gap then a new issue of Iron Man. The first 12 issues would clue us in to where he's been and so on. But hey that makes way too much sense so sorry you don't get that.

What we get here is an ending. In comics? You don't say. Zeke Stane and his honey boo boo kill her mother Justine Hammer. But really over reasons I'm not really sure of. After Justine Hammer is dead, Zeke Stane and Sasha Hammer laugh to each other in the back seat of her car. They then proceed to doing it. OK well that's just really my guest. 

Tony Stark takes time away from being a hero to relax. His down time is interrupted when Maria Hill and SHIELD (that rhymed and you know that rhymed, Olivia) get all up in his face. They ask him about how he became a slave for the Mandarin and if he's sure that he's really dead. Tony Stark makes a big deal and asks for his Lawyer which sends SHIELD running and lets Tony go.

Tony avoids everybody, including Pepper Potts. Tony then hooks up with a bimbo blond. Tony tells Pepper that she is a wonderful person and that as the new head of Resilient she'll do just fine. Tony tells Pepper that he has a great deal of faith in her.The book ends with Tony throwing a big party telling all his friends that he'll be going away. He then blast off into the sky in a shiny new suit of Iron Man armor.

Well this run of Iron Man is over. Not crappy but at times not all that good. I got a kick out of how little Iron Man really was in this stint. But Marvel got my money and i guess that's what really matters. Oh I'm kidding. The run started out strong then just ran out of gas but it's was a hoot to see Iron Man kiss Mandarin's ring.

-Tash Moore

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Comics Review: Scarlet Spider #11

Scarlet Spider #11
Written by: Chris Yost
Art by: Reilly Brown and Khoi Pham

Wham! Zoom! Straight to the...Microverse! Picking up directly from the final panel of last month's Venom #26 with Carnage lunging at Kane Parker (as if he hasn't told you himself who he is in 10 short issues) and The Redeemer. A bloody zoom in collage of panels showing Kane getting stabbed, hit, burning Kasady, knocking him with that Rocky 1, 2! But a 2 page fight wouldn't be complete without the villain going into some kind of mini-monologue about how hell is a place you make, not a place you go to......right? Also, Kane seems like he's finally beginning to live up to the name Scarlet Spider. At first, hating it because it would remind him of Ben Reilly, the original Scarlet Spider and according to Kane a "better man". Its heart warming, yay! Then what looks like The Redeemer puking while on all 4's. This is all in just the first 3 pages, so right off the bat, this is gonna be a good issue. Yost then leaves us to check in on Venom, something a little unexpected, not gonna lie. And he opens up Venom's chapter with him introducing himself, in an oh-so Kane Parker style "My name is...". He's losing control of the symbiote in this Microverse. Its making the symbiote think for itself and get all...symbiote-y. Its on a rampage against the good guys, The Enigma Force, freedom fighters in the Microverse, AND the bad guys, The Marquis Radu's dudes, who're the group of mini-terrorists who broke Kasady out and brought him to the Microverse. Feeling hunger, hate and rage, right about to get ultra nasty and then Flare's song calms it down. Probably sounded like something out of Ocarina of Time. And with a moment of peace and quiet, Venom gets a gun pointed at his face, awesome. As if the tensions couldn't rise any higher, an alarm begins blaring. The ship has knocked into something and danger is setting in. Venom fades off thinking of Betty back home. Cut back to Kane vs Kasady. Carnage is loving the pain Parker's laying out on him. As the fight ensues, Katy tries to escape, running up to the sick looking Redeemer. He falls off his crumbling pedestal with Parker flinging himself to try and save him. Doesn't look so good, a very Cliffhanger feel to the panel. And right as it begins to get worse, the Marquis Radu's henchmen come to indirectly save Katy for the time being by taking Carnage into custody. Aaaaaaaand back to Venom again! Waking up from his little nap AT the Radu's shag pad, the Marquis shows himself, sorta, and tells Venom that he's gonna take a F in sharing when it comes to his Microverse and a god. This is shown in a great full page panel of this Dementor looking dude. Its eerily dark and stunningly bright all at once, brilliance. The Marquis is very happy to have TWO symbiotes in his Microverse, after only asking for one, Carnage. And just as Carnage breaks out of his hold with full intentions on killing the Marquis, he lands a nasty faceplant given by the Marquis himself. He then decides to have a chit-chat with Katy. Letting her a bit into his mind and his plan, showing her the true look of the chaotic Microverse he plans to take over. An odd ecplination of how the symbiotes first coming to the Microverse caused hell. They began to take over and consume its inhabitants. A destructive poison to the Microverse. OMG! Right before the symbiotes could bind themselves with god, the Enigma Force finally defeated them. The Marquis brought Carnage here to kill god himself so there'd be nothing in his way of complete rule. WHOOSH another cut to Scarlet Spider! Or...a cliff...then another more cliff...then a cliff with a hand clinging onto it! Kane was able to rescue the Redeemer, and the crowd goes wild! He's alive just in time to tell Kane that if Carnage and Venom stay, their symbiotes will unravel the Microverse, thus unraveling the Macroverse, thus completely raping all of existence. OH NO!!! The final page really leaves the reader on edge. After just finding out two symbiotes are bad for the Microverse, Thompson realizes that the Marquis Radu is making an army of Venom and Carnage. He must not have gotten the "complete destruction of the universe" memo that was floating around the office.

    So far, Minimum Carnage has been everything I thought it'd be. Violent, gritty, and obscure. Bunn and Yost have come up with one hell of a story so far and I can't wait to see where they take this for the two final issues! Great art in this issue too, clear panels, strong colors. If you haven't caught up on Minimum Carnage so far, or either of these series' for that matter, you are an evil human being and should be hung outside by your thumbs! =] 

Matt Milanes

Monday, November 5, 2012

Tash's Pick of the (Last) Week: Amazing Spider-Man #696

Key To The Kingdom
Written By Dan Slott
Pencils By Giuseppe Camuncoli
Inks By Dan Green

Well this is late because the Hurricane know as Sandy knocked out my power for over a week. Needless to say there were times when i i had to sleep in my jacket to stay warm. See so you can't give me any complaints as to why this is late. OK you could but then that would make you a cold cold bastards.

In this issue Peter has been taken hostage by Hobgoblin and the Kingpin. They want the case that was stolen from them by Peter when he was Spidey last issue. Tiberius Stone has built a device that renders Peters spider sense useless. Not useless that it doesn't work, but useless because it keeps going off for every little thing.

The Original Hobgoblin breaks into Phil Ulrich's apartment to gather Intel on him. The original Hobgoblin learns what we already know. Phil is kind of a total dumbass other than the fact that he has a sonic scream.
Props to artist Giuseppe Camuncoli does a really good job of making Hobgoblin look downright creepy.

Using Pete as bait, Kingpin gives Max Modell a ring via face time. Kingpin wants the case that was taken from him last issue in exchange for Peter Parkers life. We all know that that can't happen. Why dear reader? Cause Peter and Spider-Man are the same person. Gasp! We never saw it coming. Who knew.

Modell totally wimps out and brings that case. It was great that we didn't have to wait thirty issues to find out what was inside the case. Inside is the Goblin key. The key holds the secret to all of Norman Osborn's secrets from his time as the Green Goblin and head of H.A.M.M.E.R

The old and new Hobgoblins take to battling each other. Peter and Max Modell break the device in shadowland (where Kingpin pays little to no taxes.) that sends Peter's spider sense into a frenzy. Peter and Max run away but the two Hobgoblins decided to team up to kill Peter then they'll kill each other over the goblin key.

It's got action, tons of wit and Kingpin wearing just a vest. Truly Stan Lee and Steve Ditko ain't got nothing on this. OK they did it better and for a better price point but for this week Amazing Spider-Man #696 was the best damn thing i read this week.

-Tash Moore

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Trade Central Station: The Unwritten Volume 6

The Unwritten Volume 6: Tommy Taylor and the War of Words
Mike Carey
Peter Gross
M.K. Perker

Hurricane Sandy hit us here in New Jersey. We're still recovering. There are still lots of places without electricity and trying to get gas is a nightmare. So, Episode 191 of The Verbal Mosh podcast is running a little late. Because of the storm, and before I got power back, during the daylight hours, I was able to find time to read the latest Unwritten trade paperback.

Script, story, art is by Mike Carey and Peter Gross, with finishes by M.K. Perker, Dean Ormston and Vince Locke.

Tom/Tommy is starting to get to the source of who the Cabal is. We learn about the Grid, more on Leviathan, and we finally find out the back-story to Pullman.

Tom is becoming Tommy. At points, Tom finds himself pulling out glasses to wear and he's really trying to get a handle on his magical abilities, which at times, he looses grip on. He really needs to learn more about his powers. Lizzie Hexam believes this information can be found in Wilson Taylor's old journals, but Tom is a man of action. He doesn't want to sit around giving more time to the Cabal to hide from him as he's hot on their trail.

The stories of Leviathan and Pullman seem to be really entwined. The Leviathan is a creature, not of any world, but would travel between the solid world and the world of shadow that was created at the beginning of all time. Being neither bound, it was difficult to find any kind of sustenance and it seemed like Leviathan would die. But then, it found that it could feed on stories. When he takes a particular fondness to any one story, it seems like he never wants to let it go. That is what happens with Pullman and what happens with Tom, too. They are stories that Leviathan is fixated on, and so can never disappear. Tom will be Tommy.

Another character we find out a lot about is Rausch, the old woman with the marionettes. She also has an interesting relationship to Leviathan in that she can create stories that actually take shape.

By the end, the headquarters of the cabal becomes quite a mess as Tommy fights his way through and Lizzie and Richie follow up as back-up to protect Tom. Tommy becomes separated from them and comes face to face with Pullman. As a truce to stop the stories and put an end to Pullman's life, they switch stories so as to gain Leviathan's attention in order to kill it. Things don't go to plan. Pullman just doesn't want to die, but he also wants Tommy to die and in turn, Leviathan. The interesting thing to note is the line told in the earlier Pullman back-up: what would happen to such a man as Pullman if he were set free? If he weren't tied to his story? It looks like he does die. Lizzie seems to disappear to nothingness, Richie saves Tommy, the building all around is destroyed, but I doubt that will be the last trouble Tommy has with the cabal.

These are great stories and I love the way they connect. Tommy is such a good guy but he can also be stubborn with lots of faults. Rausch had such a troubled past and it's interesting to see how that plays into her character as an adult. I wouldn't call her a good or bad person. She was in a lot of pain as a child. I love the pacing. The magical bits are fun but far more intriguing is seeing how the stories take hold of people. There's a point where the Grid is being used to counter Tommy's magic by reading aloud stories about Tommy as a disease, a murderer, an all round villain.

Highly entertaining. The art is fantastic and I just love the covers by Yuko Shimizu. This is one of the best comic book series, through and through. If you're not reading it, you should check it out for yourself.