Saturday, November 17, 2012

Comics Review: All New X-Men #1

All New X-Men #1
  Writen by Brian Michael Bendis
  Pencils by Stewart Immonen
    This week a writer I've tried to follow since I got into comics about 10 years ago, went from being a praised Avenger writer to an X-Men writer. That's right kids, Brian Michael Bendis has crossed over the pond and is tackling another Marvel team of heroes, and if this issue is any indication of how his run with the X-Men is going to be, I can tell you we're in for one hell of a ride. Full of Bendis twists and WTF? moments like we all know, love, and some of us hate. The cover of this book is amazing. The artistic creative team that worked on the book itself, also did the cover. Immonen laying out the pencils, Wade Von Grawbadger (if that's not the coolest name ever, I don't know what is) putting down the inks, and Marte Garcia finishing it up with colors. Its a wrap around cover with the front showing Charles Xavier's original 5 X-Men: (left to right) Angel, Marvel Girl, Cyclops, Iceman and crouching on the bottom, Beast. On the back we have Scott Summer's rogue team of fugitive Mutants. Magik, Magneto, modern day Cyclops, Emma Frost, and...that guy. We'll meet him later in the book, JUST WATCH. So let's do a quick catch up for those who haven't been following Avengers vs X-Men these last couple months. Cyclops was in a prison, Magneto broke him out COOL lets move on!
    The issue opens up with Hank McCoy, Beast in his lab at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. His having some kind of mutation caused panic attack. Hank's going through " mutation." He feels this one may just cause his heart to rupture, or his brain will seize due to the stress of it. Short on time, he refuses to kill himself cuse well, suicide aint cool, kids! This scene ends with Storm calling Hank over to see something she's looking at.
    Next we travel all the way to the land down under, two teenage girls are at a club type of place. One nervous and doubtfull about why she's there, the other egging her on and encouraging her to talk to this boy. Girl A finally walking over to Boy 1 and starts a conversation. Something straight out of an 80's teen movie, its beautiful really. But then the meathead, shirtless (porque) older brother shows up and starts hassling Boy 1. A couple macho yells later, and the brother decks Boy 1. CRACK!!! Well, there must just be air in that juice head of his, because Boy 2-5 begin to jump the brother. Girl A is screaming for them to get off her brother and stop the violence. Yelling at the top of her lungs, we see a half spread of her now glowing white and casting a blueish tint over the area. She finally comes down from this to find everyone and everything around her frozen still. The boys jumping her brother, her friend. She begins to cry in confusion before (turn the page) Scott, Ema, and Magneto arrive on the scene. Cyclops introduces himself, tells her that she's not alone. New mutants are popping up all over the world. Kids like her gaining powers by the minute (See AvX #12). Magneto gives her a quick guesstimate of her power, saying she's got a special power over time and space. The team tells her that she's frozen about a city block, and there's law enforcement waiting outside the field to arrest her. Scott lays some BS on this poor girl about joining his team, and learning to control and use her powers. He says he's taking it upon himself to make things right for the wrongs he's committed. Yeah yeah, yada yada (can you tell I don't like Cyclops?) The next two pages are the girl lowering her field and the X-Men fighting off the cops to help her escape.
    Back to the school, Storm, Kitty and Iceman are watching all about this on the news. Iceman is completely baffled by Scott's behavior. He understands why old villains would be out there doing what they're doing, but he's shocked at Scott. We then cut to an interrogation room. HEY! Its that kid from the back cover! He's being interrogated by a female cop. She wants to know how in the blue hell he was able to bring back someone from the dead. She saw him touch his dead friend and she magically came back to life. (Hint, he's a mutant.) There's another crash and in come the X-Men again to rescue another new mutant in distress. Scott looks into a security camera, knowing they'd be playing all footage all over the news, and sends out a message to all new mutants emerging all over the country. He let's them know that they're owed every single right as normal humans, calling them brothers and sisters of the atom. He throws up his gang sign to end the message.
    Back to the Jean Grey School. Same team as before and outside heading toward a plane, discussing the scene just witnessed. Bobby wants to bring Scott down, now not as big a threat as he was just a couple months ago. Storm ain't having that, she refuses to ignite a "mutant civil war". Kitty brings it to light saying he's destroying everything they've been fighting for all this time. Every time he attacks a human to save a mutant, he's going against the peacefull image that Charles wanted to show. The page ends with a great panel of a dark shadowy Storm bringing in some rain. Very intimidating, I don't think she's going to be holding back much longer by the looks of things here. A quiet Hank commends Bobby for being right when he says a younger Scott would be appalled at new Scott and would slap him up a bit. The next couple pages have been featured in previews for the series. Its of Xavier's first team back in time. We find Scott writing Jean a nice little love letter when Hank comes bursting in, yelling about how he's had it with humans hating and forming against the mutants. Even sympathizing with Magneto for a second and ultimately quitting the team. Scott gets up from the desk following Hank out to try and talk him out of it. They get right out the door to the hallway to find...Beast. In all his beardly, hairly glory! Skipping introductions, past Hank tells the group that's him, or what will become of him. Things get real when Scott tries to call the Professor. Present Hank tells him that he knows Xavier will look down on him being there. Saying he'll erase everyone's memory and send present Hank home. The issue ends with present Hank asking the team to come back to the present with him. He needs past Scott to talk to present Scott, to talk him out of committing mutant genocide. AND FIN!
    Not a bad intro issue at all. The mind can't help but explode with possibilities for the next couple issues. Everyone having a separate agenda, what can happen when all of them cross into each other?! HOW long will the past X-Men stay in the present? CAN Storm's team possibly be able to put a peaceful end to Scott's run? WILL Scott be able to escape everyone and continue his search for new mutants to help (and by help I meant train and mold into a new army cuse Scott's evil and crazy and NOW can you tell I don't like Scott?)? Find out next time on DragonBa......wait wrong thing, sorry. I'm excited for the next issue and especially where this series is gonna go. Good read, strong art. I hope its a lasting title! See you hooligans next week.

-Matt Milanes

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