Monday, November 12, 2012

Comics Review: Invincible Iron Man #527

Written by Matt Fraction
The Stars My Destination
Art by Salvador Larroca

This is the final issue of the Fraction and Larroca run on Iron Man. It's the last issue of Invincible Iron Man. I feel so bad that this book is coming to an end. Blah, don't feel too bad dear reader. You can totally go pick up a copy of the NEW (NOW?) Iron Man #1 on sale as i type this. I think it would have been cooler for Tony Stark to just disappear then in a one year time gap then a new issue of Iron Man. The first 12 issues would clue us in to where he's been and so on. But hey that makes way too much sense so sorry you don't get that.

What we get here is an ending. In comics? You don't say. Zeke Stane and his honey boo boo kill her mother Justine Hammer. But really over reasons I'm not really sure of. After Justine Hammer is dead, Zeke Stane and Sasha Hammer laugh to each other in the back seat of her car. They then proceed to doing it. OK well that's just really my guest. 

Tony Stark takes time away from being a hero to relax. His down time is interrupted when Maria Hill and SHIELD (that rhymed and you know that rhymed, Olivia) get all up in his face. They ask him about how he became a slave for the Mandarin and if he's sure that he's really dead. Tony Stark makes a big deal and asks for his Lawyer which sends SHIELD running and lets Tony go.

Tony avoids everybody, including Pepper Potts. Tony then hooks up with a bimbo blond. Tony tells Pepper that she is a wonderful person and that as the new head of Resilient she'll do just fine. Tony tells Pepper that he has a great deal of faith in her.The book ends with Tony throwing a big party telling all his friends that he'll be going away. He then blast off into the sky in a shiny new suit of Iron Man armor.

Well this run of Iron Man is over. Not crappy but at times not all that good. I got a kick out of how little Iron Man really was in this stint. But Marvel got my money and i guess that's what really matters. Oh I'm kidding. The run started out strong then just ran out of gas but it's was a hoot to see Iron Man kiss Mandarin's ring.

-Tash Moore

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