Saturday, November 10, 2012

Comics Review: Scarlet Spider #11

Scarlet Spider #11
Written by: Chris Yost
Art by: Reilly Brown and Khoi Pham

Wham! Zoom! Straight to the...Microverse! Picking up directly from the final panel of last month's Venom #26 with Carnage lunging at Kane Parker (as if he hasn't told you himself who he is in 10 short issues) and The Redeemer. A bloody zoom in collage of panels showing Kane getting stabbed, hit, burning Kasady, knocking him with that Rocky 1, 2! But a 2 page fight wouldn't be complete without the villain going into some kind of mini-monologue about how hell is a place you make, not a place you go to......right? Also, Kane seems like he's finally beginning to live up to the name Scarlet Spider. At first, hating it because it would remind him of Ben Reilly, the original Scarlet Spider and according to Kane a "better man". Its heart warming, yay! Then what looks like The Redeemer puking while on all 4's. This is all in just the first 3 pages, so right off the bat, this is gonna be a good issue. Yost then leaves us to check in on Venom, something a little unexpected, not gonna lie. And he opens up Venom's chapter with him introducing himself, in an oh-so Kane Parker style "My name is...". He's losing control of the symbiote in this Microverse. Its making the symbiote think for itself and get all...symbiote-y. Its on a rampage against the good guys, The Enigma Force, freedom fighters in the Microverse, AND the bad guys, The Marquis Radu's dudes, who're the group of mini-terrorists who broke Kasady out and brought him to the Microverse. Feeling hunger, hate and rage, right about to get ultra nasty and then Flare's song calms it down. Probably sounded like something out of Ocarina of Time. And with a moment of peace and quiet, Venom gets a gun pointed at his face, awesome. As if the tensions couldn't rise any higher, an alarm begins blaring. The ship has knocked into something and danger is setting in. Venom fades off thinking of Betty back home. Cut back to Kane vs Kasady. Carnage is loving the pain Parker's laying out on him. As the fight ensues, Katy tries to escape, running up to the sick looking Redeemer. He falls off his crumbling pedestal with Parker flinging himself to try and save him. Doesn't look so good, a very Cliffhanger feel to the panel. And right as it begins to get worse, the Marquis Radu's henchmen come to indirectly save Katy for the time being by taking Carnage into custody. Aaaaaaaand back to Venom again! Waking up from his little nap AT the Radu's shag pad, the Marquis shows himself, sorta, and tells Venom that he's gonna take a F in sharing when it comes to his Microverse and a god. This is shown in a great full page panel of this Dementor looking dude. Its eerily dark and stunningly bright all at once, brilliance. The Marquis is very happy to have TWO symbiotes in his Microverse, after only asking for one, Carnage. And just as Carnage breaks out of his hold with full intentions on killing the Marquis, he lands a nasty faceplant given by the Marquis himself. He then decides to have a chit-chat with Katy. Letting her a bit into his mind and his plan, showing her the true look of the chaotic Microverse he plans to take over. An odd ecplination of how the symbiotes first coming to the Microverse caused hell. They began to take over and consume its inhabitants. A destructive poison to the Microverse. OMG! Right before the symbiotes could bind themselves with god, the Enigma Force finally defeated them. The Marquis brought Carnage here to kill god himself so there'd be nothing in his way of complete rule. WHOOSH another cut to Scarlet Spider! Or...a cliff...then another more cliff...then a cliff with a hand clinging onto it! Kane was able to rescue the Redeemer, and the crowd goes wild! He's alive just in time to tell Kane that if Carnage and Venom stay, their symbiotes will unravel the Microverse, thus unraveling the Macroverse, thus completely raping all of existence. OH NO!!! The final page really leaves the reader on edge. After just finding out two symbiotes are bad for the Microverse, Thompson realizes that the Marquis Radu is making an army of Venom and Carnage. He must not have gotten the "complete destruction of the universe" memo that was floating around the office.

    So far, Minimum Carnage has been everything I thought it'd be. Violent, gritty, and obscure. Bunn and Yost have come up with one hell of a story so far and I can't wait to see where they take this for the two final issues! Great art in this issue too, clear panels, strong colors. If you haven't caught up on Minimum Carnage so far, or either of these series' for that matter, you are an evil human being and should be hung outside by your thumbs! =] 

Matt Milanes

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