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Comics Review:Indestrucible Hulk #1

Indestrucible Hulk Numbero 1
Written by: Mark Waid
Art by: Leinil Yu
    First off, Happy late Thanksgiving to the readers. Hope you all had some good food, read some good books, and had a safe holiday. To the fellow retail workers out there as I, stay strong, we'll make it through this season! And now, le review.
    Marvel continues their MARVEL NOW! campaign with this smashing new book. See what I did there? =] The Indestrucible Hulk! Which is another Hulk book and he has a low cut now, instead of that awkward for everyone baldy. It opens up in a small diner in Manchester Alabama, where S.H.I.E.L.D. director Maria Hill, with her frustration level one point higher than the town's population, is trying to track down this massive green rage monster booger man. She's IM'ing Agent Coulson following any lead she can. Tremor's in Brazil, hurricanes outside Kyoto. Anything that could be the Hulk making a mess. She desperately tells him that she needs to find Hulk before he ends up hurting people and how Banner'll never come and find them. And perfectly at that moment, Banner shows up behind Hill. She asks Banner where he's been and he tells her that he's been off thinking. He's not a child anymore, he's one of the smartest men on the planet and he pulls out this canister. Banner tells Hill that ever seen the accident, he's tried so hard to do nothing but get rid of the Hulk. Try and try and try he might, Banner let's her know that he's incurable. He flashes back to the Utopia battle at the end of AvX, and brings up that he, as Hulk was just a distraction for a "smart man" who was Tony Stark. Just talking about this upsets Banner. Stark, Richards, they use their brains and smarts to help the world over and over again and Banner would be lucky if his tombstone doesn't simply say "Hulk Smash". Which I don't know about you guys, but I wouldn't mind. And that's why I would be the wrong choice to hereld the Green Mean.
    How do we fix that? Asks Banner. First answer, manage the Hulk. Its something that can not be stopped, so instead of wasting time stopping it, might as well try to control it. Manage it. Second answer, start using Banner more productively. Which is a great idea, because everyone's just afraid of Banner because of the Hulk *sadface*. Bruce wants to start doing good for mankind, to balance out the scales. To prove what good he can do, Banner finally tells Hill what the canister is. Its a purification unit that can eliminate all waterborne diseases in the next five years if put into mass production. He promises to be able to break scientific ground like that at least once a week...IF he had the resources. And that's what Hill is for, he needs her to help him get in tight with S.H.I.E.L.D. and stop being hunted. He wants, a lab, privacy, a phat budget, and a good staff. In return, he spits out some sick ass science stuff. Yay science! Hill hints at another course of action. One that Banner already knows, she has one of the 12 agents scattered in town kill Bruce. So he shows her some incentive to treat him as a "pretty, pretty princess". Lucky =/. Hill calls it blackmail, Banner calls it insurance. Tomato-Tomahto.
    Now we talk about what the Hulk's role in S.H.I.E.L.D. will be. Banner tells Hill to stop thinking of the Hulk as a bomb, and start thinking of him as a cannon. Anxiety triggers the Hulk, and we live in anxious world. There's no stopping the Hulk from showing up and smashing the party, might as well use it. Banner says when he Hulk's out, it'll be S.H.I.E.L.D.'s job to point this new green cannon in the right direction. Let him break stuff, scream, yell, be scary, then collect when he's done. Simple right? Of course it is, it's only the Hulk. Banner suggests a trial run on a nearby guy who's supposedly building a W.M.D. Throughout the issue, Hill's been eyeing the clock on the wall. Banner notices this and guesses they have a 1:00pm strike time, which is a suicide run unless they're big, mean and green. Banner offers his services one last time, Hill responds with a whap to the head with a 2x4. I guess that means "yes" in comic book talk. The next page is in the bad guy's hideout. Doing some last minute checks, making sure all his little tweeks and such are all working. Alright, we're one step closer to destruction yay! And then there's a THOOM. Oh boy, THOOMS are never good.
    Turn the page and you get a whole two page spread of Hulk and a bunch of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents just so ready to eff stuff up. Bad guy activates his big robot looking guy thing conveniently as theres a big there to fight it back. The next couple pages are full of beautifully drawn and colors action. Bullets whizzing left and right, explosions going off up and down. Metal flying in all diagonal directions. This bad dude is called the Thinker and I'll give you 4 and a half guesses at what he does. As he's whopping the Hulk's green behind, he actually mocks him. "The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets." And well, that pisses Hulk off, rightfully so. It pushes Hulk to an incalculable level of strength and he rips Thinker's robot, with Thinker piloting it from inside, in half. And right when you think this issue can't possibly get any actionier, the bomb goes off. Hill and her troop of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents stand by as the building that Banner was just in goes into flames and a billion pieces. Somehow, luckily, Banner is alive under all that rubble. He barely pulls himself out and latches onto Hill. She hires Banner on the spot. She helps carry him off to get all the awesome paperwork done to make the Hulk and agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. The issue ends zooming in on Hill's green watch which is beeping.
    To everyone who thought this was just going to be another Hulk book where he's breaking stuff and yelling, were half right. But there's so much more to this series and I can see that right off the first issue. Hulk is finally going to be a big important part of what's going on and not just as an awesome strong force. We're gonna see Banner playing a part as important as the Hulk. Seeing them both work together is going to something amazing to see, and with DareDevil writer Mark Waid working on this, we're in for an incredible treat. See what I did there too? =D

Matt Milanes

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