Thursday, November 15, 2012

Movie Review: Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph
directed by Rich Moore
starring the voices of John C. Reilly, Jane Lynch, Sarah Silverman, and Jack McBrayer.

I saw "Wreck-it Ralph" the other night. This is Disney's animated film about a bad guy from the video game Fix It Felix, Jr. who wants to prove to all the other game characters that he can be a good guy, too.

Right off the bat, I had sympathy for Ralph because his life is very lonely. All he wants to do is enjoy sleeping in his stump, but the city bulldozers push his stump to the landfill. So, he gets a bit angry and wrecks the nearby building complex. Felix saves the day with his magical hammer and Ralph is thrown in the mud.

I absolutely loved the animation. I loved the way the characters walked and moved, especially the residents and when they sipped their little cocktails. This was a really great movie. If I wasn't laughing, I was getting emotional and teary-eyed. Nobody likes feeling left out. Ralph tries to go to a support group for bad guys, but it doesn't work out because he's looking for a quick fix. The group is all about 'one game at a time' and working on loving yourself. Ralph just wants everyone else to love him as much as they love Felix. He would like some pie.

But nobody is giving him pie, so he decides to game jump in order to win a gold medal. This is trouble because when the girl in the arcade wants to play Fix It Felix Jr., there's no Ralph, all the characters are panicking and the dreaded Out of Order sign gets put up on the screen. If Ralph isn't found, the game will get unplugged and all of the characters will become homeless. Felix goes out to find and bring back Ralph.

The story took some surprising turns. It was a lot of fun. A touch of frightening. The "bad guy" in this film is scary, in my opinion. The cameos by other game characters were cool, but the main story-line was better. I was surprised by how I didn't find Vanellope von Shweetz an annoying character, which from the previews I thought I would, but she, like Ralph, has a lot of endearing qualities too. She was also living alone amongst garbage as an outcast.

This movie was fantastic. I'm not spoiling it because you have to check it out for yourself. It's a good time all around with a wonderful message at heart. "There's nobody I'd rather be than me."


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