Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Thor God of Thunder #1

Thor, God of Thunder #1
writer: Jason Aaron
artist: Esad Ribic

Thonan, the adventurer!

Marvel Now starts here for Thor in God of Thunder #1. Right off the bat, I love the creative team working on this. I'm a big fan of Esad Ribic's painted work, but the interiors have colors by Dean White, who also does good work. And I enjoy Jason Aaron's work on Wolverine and the X-Men. So, it's all looking up so far.

Thor starts off this issue, acting like a god does: drinking and having many women. There are flashbacks to a moment where a body is discovered in the water with blood everywhere. That was a god and the question that everyone asks is: who is the god-killer? It plays into the present because that same monster is what Thor is now going to have to face.

There was a strange moment when Thor reminded me of Superman. A small child on a distant planet is crying out for help. Thor hears this cry and comes to the rescue. Kinda like Superman saving the people on Mars in that last issue of Action Comics. Well, after Thor saves everyone he starts thinking that it is peculiar for someone of this race on this planet to call out to him for help. He is not their god. These beings should have their own gods to pray to who can help them when times are tough and there's the mystery to find out what happened to the gods here. Thor only had half the women to be had. There's still that other half he can have. He needs to get through this, chop chop.

Upon searching the surrounding area, Thor finds the home to the gods but the place looks deserted. There is one room yet which unlike all the other rooms is chained shut, so this looks very shifty. Inside, there is only horror. Thor and these locked rooms. Remember, Thor, what happened the last time you entered a locked "room"? You let out the Mares! But inside this place, Thor sees all of the gods dead. This is just like the flashbacks. Who can kill a god? It was all very methodical, too. The gods weren't ripped to shreds or anything. There were tools used. It's all very disquieting. And then Thor gets attacked! But this is only the guard dog and worst yet seems to be in line for Thor as he will eventually face the god-killer.

It's back to exciting tales of Thor! He's not chasing after Loki's misdeeds or fretting over the confusing ways of Odin. Not yet anyway. This issue was fun. There was the perfect set-up to this new story-line and for Thor's general character, which makes it easier if new readers want to check out the book. I like how there wasn't any crazy new, drastic re-design of Thor like when the DC New 52 launched. The storytelling was really clear. The art was fantastic. There was a clear set-up to where the story would be heading, but there's plenty of room in there for twists and turns to spring up and I am looking forward to reading more of Thor.

Marvel. It's not coming soon. It's happening NOW! teehee.


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