Friday, November 30, 2012

Tash's Pick of the Week: Amazing Spider-Man #698

Day In The Life
Written By Dan "The Man" Slott
Drawn By "Raunchy" Richard Elson

I love comics, I also love comics that have an awesome twist to them. While i did wait and i did stay away from the interwebs, i was totally caught off guard for what happened in this issue of Amazing. So the story starts of with our hero the Amazing Spider-Man (it's in the title people) getting for a normal day. I day that involves stopping robberies and designing new hi tech gizmo's that most (99%) can only dream about. I got a really good feeling seeing this go so well for Spidey.

Peter meets with his boss Max Modell and tells him that he has a new invention that will blow anything he's ever made out of the water. I like that Pete had confidence in himself was making just about everything he did end on a very positive note. He even went up to Mary Jane and put the moves on her. Hey, us fans from the 1990's did in fact enjoy a married Spider-Man ( i also loved Ben Reilly, so that shows how much i really know) Peter is tired of never taking life by the horns so he steps up to the plate. He and MJ even go to visit Aunt May in the hospital.

This is all touching and whatnot, but Peters duties as Spider-Man takes front and center. He gets a distress call from the other Avengers to meet with them at the raft. Nice touch for Slott to have Spidey say "What? Is there another breakout?". It's really just a cool little inside joke as to how Spider-Man joined up with the Avengers in the first place (See New Avengers #1.) Spidey gets to the raft to find Doctor Octopus on his deathbed. Ock keeps repeating over and over Peter Parker. Spidey takes off his mask to give us the big reveal.

Somehow Doc Ock has switched bodies with our Web Swinger!!! I yelled out at the injustice of it all as Ock laughed and walked away as my hero bite the big one in a body not of his own. But i wasn't upset. I just wanted to read more and i hope that Peter can somehow find his way out of this and come back as Spider-Man. But I'll say this was so well written i got no complaints whatsoever. It really felt like a throw back to the era of Lee and Romita and you really didn't know just what the hell was going to happen next. I'm hooked and just like and junkie i damn sure need more.

-Tash Moore

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