Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tash's Pick of the Week: Animal Man #14

Written By Jeff Lemire
The Red Kingdom Part 2
Art By Steve Pugh, Timothy Green II and Joseph Silver

Damn Jeff Lemire is one fantastic writer. He's been the go to guy at DC for taking good characthers and making them great. Just go ask Superboy.
His body of work on Animal Man is becoming some of my favorite modern comics. Animal Man is back to the real world after he and Swamp Thing went after Arcane. Animal Man returns to find that The Rot has totally taken over and his family is dead and gone. After the first few issues you grew to enjoy the time Buddy Baker aka Animal Man has spent with his family. They are a very integral part of this comic.

Very few heroes are left after the coming of Arcane and The Rot. Beast Boy, Steel and John Constantine are really all that's left. They hang out and defend the Red Kingdom. Arcane has pretty much taken over the planet and almost all the DCnU heroes have been taking over as slaves. A group of DCnU second stingers attack the Red Kingdom. I had a really good time laughing at the undead version of Grifter and Hawk and Dove. Animal Man had this really awesome scene where his whole hand turns into a giant talon. Awesome stuff.

Arcane sends a powered up Felix Faust to take down The Red Kingdom. With the return of Animal Man, Faust is beaten and he gives Buddy Baker a message. His daughter is alive and Arcane has her. Push comes to shove you know that Baker is going to save his Littlewig. Constantine and the other Heroes team up with Animal Man to go through the overrun United States to rescue his daughter for the clutchs of Arcane.

Whoever said slow and steady wins the race was right. This has been from the very get go one of the best books that has a major major comic book label behind it. At times the art in this book is downright creepy and can keep you up at night. While I turn in my Spider-Man blanket.Yeah, I have Spidey sheets. Now they have been soiled.

-Tash Moore

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