Friday, December 7, 2012

Comics Review: All New X-Men #2

All New X-Men #2
written by Brian Michael Bendis
pencils by Stuart Immonen


How old is Kitty Pryde?!!!!!
"Potty" is something a toddler talks about. Not a grown woman. She could have said: bathroom, restroom, toilet, etc, but no. She thinks Beast is going "potty."

Wow. That was all in first page of this issue. Things can only go up from here.

As seen in the last issue, Beast has travelled back in time so he can recruit the help of the original X-Men team. Beast is dying. He wants Cyclops to come back and talk some sense into Cyclops of the future. There's a lot of info for the old X-Men to take in. The fact that Jean is dead. Cyclops is trying to start a mutant apocalypse. Scott killed Professor X. Not to mention how radically mutants have mutated. It's all a bit disconcerting. The old team decides to take a leap of faith, though, and agree to go forward in time with Beast. Beast is deteriorating so quickly. The current X-Men are there to monitor his condition and the old X-Men have taken the jet so that they can find Cyclops and see for their own eyes what has become of him and maybe put a stop to his revolution.

The art is lovely. I like the coloring by Marte Gracia and the inking by Wade Von Grawbadger. They compliment the storytelling. There's not a lot of action in this issue. It's lots of talking and setting the stage for what I'm sure will be an interesting confrontation of the two Cyclopses... Heheh..."Biclops."

Hopefully that is the last we hear of going "potty." Because Wolverine and all the kids are back in classes at the Jean Grey School, it makes me think about the Wolverine and the X-Men series where the teachers are under the control of Frankenstein's monster. Continuity? Who cares about continuity?


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