Thursday, December 6, 2012

Comics Review: Superman Family Adventures #7

Superman Family Adventures #7
By Art Baltazar and Franco

"Attack of the Toyman!"

This is yet another fun issue by the brilliant team of Art and Franco. I've been enjoying the running gag on the first page of each issue where there's usually some kind of meteorite heading to Earth... more specifically Metropolis. This time around it's a snowball that is colliding down and it's headed right for Beast Boy's head. Starfire, Superboy, Supergirl and Beast Boy are playing in the snow outside of the Fortress of Solitude. They're goofing around which sets up Superboy needing to stop playing because he has a loose tooth. Who knew that happened to Kryptonians, especially on Earth. What with all the powers they get from the sun that make them so "super", it's kinda weird yet also funny to see it happen.

Supergirl is going to throw a tooth fairy party, as is customary. There is an over-abundance of toys that mysteriously show up. These are left by the Toyman as a plot to attack Superman.

Toyman has an awesome laugh. I love it when villains laugh in comics and it's not just the typical "ha ha ha" kind of laugh but something with a little personality. It always makes me laugh.

Toyman wants revenge because Superman embarrassed him at the toy store. In one way you could see it as Superman being a loud mouthed jerk who doesn't know how to mind his own business. In another way, you could see Superman as sincerely wanting to help Toyman with his toy, but there's something just a little smug about Superman's expression.

Toyman's plan doesn't really work out. He gets put in jail but, once again, there's Lex Luthor, ever the criminal mastermind, ready to stir things up as the issue ends with him handing Toyman a small piece of Kryptonite to use in his toys.

There was also a little robot bug that sent out a beacon to some strange beings in space who are looking for the Superman Family.

There's a lot to love about this book. Batcow makes a guest appearance! And she says "moo."
What more could you ask for?


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