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Comics Review: Avengers #1

Avengers #1
Marvel NOW! continues its hard hitting big name title relaunch with The Avengers!!! *crowd goes wild* I had some mixed feelings going into this book, naturally the first being "ZOMG ITS THE AVENGUUURS YOU JUST HAVE TO BUY IT CUSE ITS DEM!" Others being more calmed and normal. I thought this was going to be an ego boosting intro issue where a background voice was going to talk about how amazing the team has been since its beginning's and how awesome its going to be in future days, and I was wrong. In the best way to be wrong =D First off, we'll start with the cover page, its an awesome floor show of some iconic Avengers, new and old, walking forward. We got the leader of the pack, Captain America fearlessly walking toward any threat in his way, and creepily looking down at us. Wolverine, Hulk, Captain Marvel, a leg at the top right. A great cover by Dustin Weaver, and its part of a three issue connecting image, which is something Marvel's done already with All New X-Men (see review from two weeks ago!...Now I feel like an editor!) Okay, enough about that. Now let's crack this book open and get to this review!
    So I was almost right about the background voice gassing up The Avengers, theres just a voice. "There was nothing...Followed by everything." The voice opens with that, then talking about life-giving suns, and how a "we" raced to the light. The voice says that there was a telling of a legend and some rumored starting points of this telling. But AHA they were all wrong, it happened before the light, before the war, and before the fall. Great panels here of Hawkeye and Thor shielding their eyes from a bright light, a bunch of spaceships, and what looks like a bunch of dead Iron Men. We're then told "it" started with two men, on a panel of Tony Stark (2 guesses at who those two men are!) He's at a workstation probably somewhere hidden deep in his own basement looking a big ol' screen with a nice big ol' A on it. He wakes up Steve Rogers from his own sleep since Tony can't sleep. Cap's was having an odd nightmare about the Illuminati branch of the Avengers from a while back. Specifically Reed Richards, Namor, Black Bolt, and the Black Panther. As to why, the world may never now O_O. Next comes a touching walk with Tony and Steve. Tony's telling Steve how he's got this burning idea in his head BECAUSE of Steve, just like the day Steve was found. Awwwww ^_^ The simple idea being "We have to get bigger."
    Cut to planet Mars one month after this Steve-Tony conversation. We got this awesome looking yellow demon looking type thing. He's got two horns coming out the side of his face, his right one longer than the left. A big Omega symbol on his chest. He's turning the red planet Mars into a jungle with planets, leafs, trees, flowers. Seems like a great idea on paper. Not so much a little later. There's also a cyborg being there with this yellow man. His name is Aleph, he's giving Mr. Yellow (sue me Tarantino) a warning about razing the planet. We now learn the yellow man's name, Ex Nihilo. You miss the point, Ex Nihilo tells Aleph, he's sending origin BOMBS toward Earth, not fire. Cuse, you know, THOSE are so much better for us. Ex Nihilo wants to build worlds, full of happy life and nourishment, not destroy them. I've heard that before, only just EVERYWHERE. This weirdo's even got actual human looking life forms inside these bubble holder things. Aleph ain't buying it, still thinks Ex Nihilo's razing the world. A third voice tells Ex Nihilo that he's wasting his time trying to convince Aleph otherwise. His eye will not be averted. This woman's name is Abyss, and Ex Nihilo asks her what she sees. She says she sees things for how they are, the "men" on the planet Ex Nihilo is sending the bombs to are clever animals (Thanks!). We've learned to make tools, and we threaten everything because we have taught ourselves to be dangerous. She actually suggests that we shouldn't be spared in any way. Well, that kinda sucks for us. She even seens that we've sent our best to Mars to stop them, Aleph detects it, calls us apes. Great =/
    Next page has got The Avengers in a ship of sorts, blowing up that last origin bomb that was on its way to Earth. Well, Hawkeye to be exact. Cap's a bit confused by the vegetation on Mars, Iron Man's impressed, Thor's a bit jealous I'd say. Bruce don't have much to say, he just wants to Hulk out and put in work. There's a shot of him and it uncomfortably looks like an ape but we'll look beyond that. A huge fight ensues between the Avengers lineup of Cap, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Black Widow (since I guess the movie lineup is the official one now?). Against Ex Nihilo, Aleph, and Abyss on planet Mars. Hulk immediately gets trapped in this nasty black bubble and we'll see what happens to him in there in a bit. Iron Man gets all tangled up in a bunch of weird living vines that's actually crushing his armor. Right as Yellow Man is about to finish off Shell Head, he gets a nice arrow to the neck. Its Hawkeye and Widow YAY, well they get dealt with quickly. Finally back in the bubble Abyss is whispering into Hulk's ear. She's putting some kind of mind numbing spell on him with her words. She convinces Hulk to attack Thor, saying he's the only one who thinks himself stronger than the Hulk.
    So now 5 of the 6 Avengers are assed out somewhere. And here comes the most likely and least likely at the same time to make a stand, Captain America (National Anthem playing in the back.). Launches his shield at Ex Nihilo and Abyss, smacking them both with the disk of metal. Now Aleph comes into the ring. Actually asking Cap to yield. Yeah, cuse he's gonna say yes. This results in a ground pounding from Aleph to Cap. After every hit, commanding Cap to stand down, and Cap never giving him the satisfaction he desires. Finally Ex Nihilo stops Aleph from potentially killing the Sentinal of Liberty. He decides to send Cap back to Earth, beaten and broken, as a message. An example. Showing the Earth how easily he and his crew took out the Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
    Skip to 3 days later. Steve gets up from his hospital bed and goes to Tony's workplace from the beginning of the issue. A narrating voice repeating the line from earlier "We have to get bigger." Not sure who is talking in the background, but they're talking about how simple it would be to get together a team. For the simple reason that it was Captain America asking you to. Saying the words that made the mission real "Assemble at dawn."and everyone within earshot coming together. The issue ends with an inspiring full page shot of Cap raising his shield, bandage still visible on his face, in front of a bunch of Avengers that only 2 or 3 most people would recognize. Assembling a new team to take to Mars and bust up some Martian rump!
    Definitely a good kick off issue. A lot more packed into here than I expected. And what a great ending! Makes me wanna watch the movie again, and skip till two weeks from now so I can see how this all continues! I can comfortably say this is one of my favorite series' so far from the Marvel NOW! project. Next issue, Thor gets center stage on the cover and I can't wait. Be back in a week with another one of my lengthy opinions on another wonderful 24 page book =D

-Matt Milanes

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