Thursday, December 6, 2012

Comics Review: Talon #2

First Strike
Written By Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV (sounds fancy)
Art By Juan Jose Ryp (sounds ethnic)

Scott Snyder continues to expand on the world of Batman with the second issue of Talon. Which really is the third issue since it all started with #0. Wait, nobody really cares what I think. Hey, don't blame me. Blame basic math. Ahem, on to the review. Calvin Rose is the only person to get away from the evil Court of Owls. You know for a group of guys who are super evil you'd think that they'd come up with a better name for themselves.

Calvin makes a pact with a man named Sebastian Clark to topple the Court. Calvin goes to to a place hidden in Gotham named Eden. The Court has a great deal of priceless artifacts stashed in Eden. Calvin does a great job of getting into the building unnoticed by the regular guards. Once inside Eden is when things get really interesting.

There is a Talon guarding Eden. But this Talon has a really cool back story. He's the son of the man who created Eden. He ran away as a small boy and joined the circus. Man and I the only one to notice that kids who join the circus end up getting a shit deal? Yay mommy and me are in the circus!!! Aw man, now she's dead. Now I gotta live with this rich old white dude who never seems to have a girlfriend. This can only end badly. Anyway the son of the guy who created Eden is turned into a Talon for running away. He could have just given him a spanking.

Calvin plants some explosives around Eden while getting into a really cool few pages of fighting with the Talon. Calvin steals a solid gold mask that Sebastian wanted and leaves blowing the place up. The Talon won't leave because it's a place that his father built and he won't leave behind his dad's legacy a second time. The Talon is then covered from head to toe in melting gold from the ceiling of Eden.

The ending was really exciting to read. The Court now decides to handle Calvin ASAP. So they enter the tomb of the unworthy. The Court wakes up a Talon named The Gotham Butcher. He's a Talon from the 1860's who went into business for himself and just started killing for the fun of it. The Court wakes him up and sends him after Calvin.

This issue was good. Not great. The tale was largely forgettable with the exception of The Gotham Butcher. I really wanna see how this guy gets taken down. I mean the book IS called Talon. So don't expect the hero to get killed anytime soon. But I do expect him to run around naked for a bit. (See Talon #1)

-Tash Moore

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